Ascension Community College



Originally a small town community college, offering basic training and night courses to the youth of Ascension City, giving them the tools to face the rest of the world. As tools like accounting and business management became less relevant to the survival of the people inhabiting the city, so did the college, until it served as nothing more than a squat house for the desperate.

The College Today:

Ascension City Community College is in dire straits. It does its best to teach those that wish to advance themselves in the city, fighting hard to create the elite of tomorrow, but it’s continuously on the edge of being closed down due to lack of financing, lack of instructors and at times lack of students.

Given the lack of oversight from the rest of the country, the college has put together an eclectic series of theoretical classes about life, the universe and everything in it. Mixing classes like “Ancient Demonic Philosophy” with more modern practical classes like “How to wrestle a mutant alligator”.


Just like a real community college, the ACC is rather informal in it’s activities. It is mainly a diverse location for all races and factions to get together and mingle in the pursuit of bettering themselves or others.

On the surface, all activities are community minded and for the good of the students, but each person has their own reason for being here from the selfish psychopath looking for his next victim to the ‘altruistic’ Romani who wants to recruit his fellow students for his war against vampires.

OOC we welcome conflict in the college, but if you do not want IC repercussions from staff or law enforcement, keep it ‘private’ as the Dean and Chancellor take seriously the reputation and private financing of the establishment.

The IC rules will be displayed in the college next to the IC applications.


College Student - This is anyone who enrolls themselves in a series of classes in the college. Being a registered student is not required to take a class, but registering means the student is alerted to all class schedules and is not required to pay upon arrival at each class.

College Staff - Non teaching workers for the college. The janitor or councilor are perfect examples of staff roles. Staff are paid for their work.

Professor - The regular teaching staff for the college. It’s their job to administer and prepare their own classes, make certain that students participate adequately and to evaluate the students and recommend them for ‘official’ certification when done. Professors are paid for their work.

College Assistant - Often but not always a student who does the secretarial and menial preparation work for a professor. Usually an assistant only helps a specific professor. Assistants are either paid or given course credit for their work.

College Lecturer - An expert for the college who gives lectures on a specific subjects. The main difference between the lecturer and the professor, is the lecturer need not be involved with the students, once his class or lecture is done, he leaves them without evaluation.

College Dean - The head of college life. It’s the deans job to make certain that life at the community college runs smoothly. Not necessarily implicated in the financial and political dealings outside the college, the deans’ job is to associate with the teaching staff and students and make sure their needs are met.

College Chancellor - The head of the college. It’s the chancellors job to make certain that all classes and building use are coordinated, to promote student enrollment and encourage experts of various fields to work for the college as teaching staff.


Students need not be enrolled with the college to attend a class, but they must pay the fee upon entry into the class.

Basic tuition for a single class is around $50 (prices may be higher if materials are needed).
Tuition for a full session class is around $300.
Tuition for a full semester is around $2000.

Scholarships, loans and other financial aid are available to students on demand by appealing to the Dean or Chancellor.

⊱✦§~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Remember OOC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§✦⊰

a) First, we are here to have fun and roleplay.  No OOC drama please.  

b) If there are OOC disagreements, please bring them to the attention of Micalia Elytis first if she is available, and if she is not Stephan Frontenac.

⊱✦§~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Remember (IC)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§✦⊰

a) The words of the Chancellor and Dean are final, they have your future in their hands, do not disappoint them.

b) You are here to better yourself, this college can make your future if you are dedicated to it, but it will ruin you if you show it dishonor.

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