Race Group Information 


The following is a list of races that we allow.  We are constantly updating and changing based on the needs of our community. We realize some people are not fond of having SO many choices, but we actually prefer it. There may not be as much cohesion in a given race due to the number allowed, but it also allows players much more freedom in choosing their character. 

*IMPORTANT* Do not create any race group or faction with Ascension or Ascension City in the title without approval or you will be asked to break it down or leave the sim. We don't want unapproved races, groups, or otherwise giving people the wrong idea of what is and isn't allowed on sim. Thank you. 



If you are interested in playing a character of a race not listed above, you must submit the custom race application. Please look at the information contained in the official race pages to get an idea of the depth of creativity we are looking for in a race app. The same tips apply for races as for the custom character applications: make them fair and balanced or they will not be approved.

We truly want to allow a complex variety of races/options to our players, and encourage you to submit your ideas. Staff will work with you extensively to edit/revise your submissions as needed in order to get the concept to a playable state. However, there are certain things that will just not fit with sim lore.

These include, but are not limited to:
-Religious angels (winged races may be allowed)
-Full/cartoonish furries
-Copyrighted/popular fictional characters
-Sim-filling macros (ancient dragons)


If you would like to start an unofficial race group for anything other than the races already listed (each has their own group or "generalized" group such as the Undead), your idea still must be approved before playing it. If your race idea/character is approved, you are free to organize your group however you wish, but unless you apply and are accepted for official status, you may not use Ascension or AC or any variation thereof in your group title.

Please do not create race groups where one already exists. (For example, we can't have 5 vampire groups). If there is any question about race groups already on the sim, please contact staff -before- making a new group. Thank you! Again, you may not use Ascension or AC or any variation in your group title. If you would like to become an official race group at any time, you can follow the instructions below. 


*Unofficial races will not receive headquarters/territory, and cannot "claim" exclusivity to an area
*To apply for official status, a race group must have a MINIMUM of 8 active players who are consistently present on sim.
*After application, the group must remain active for at least one month before official status can be granted.
*There is no guarantee that a race will ever be accepted as an official group.


If your proposal is accepted, your group will be given an official Ascension City group and I will migrate all members over to co-own the group with the leader. The group will have information placed in the official races portion of the website to help draft players. You may or may not get some sort of fort to play in, depending on prim/space availability. You will get notice rights in the main group to advertise events and recruit (limited to two per week).  However, there will be a little more oversight of the group and activities if it is made official. And if you choose to leave the sim, the group will stay and new leadership can be assigned.

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