The ISMA (International Society for Magical Advancement) is an organization charged with overseeing chantries (schools and research facilities for magic) the world over. While they are primarily a scholarly organization, they also host competitions and research magical anomalies in the hopes of better understanding the supernatural occurrences of the world around them. 

While respected for their skill and usually-good intentions, Chantries are often mistrusted by the "mundane" humans, and sometimes viewed as pointless by the supernatural beings who have abilities of their own which do not require magical channeling. 

Mage Chantries tend to have a tenuous relationship with the local government and authorities - IE the Council and Sheriff, because while they are helpful in defending against magical mayhem and can be useful in investigating mages gone bad... they often are suspected to be the cause of said magical mishaps, even when it is proven it was an outside force. Many mundane humans assume the chantries do a lot of cover-up work, which is not always false. It largely depends on the regent and may vary city to city.


The Ascension Chantry was without a head for quite some time, but at the request of the Seattle Chantry, has been re-established. They work out of the Ascension Community College. 

While there are three major disciplines - Witch, Wizard and Warlock - there are many universal practices that can be taught to all disciplines such as: 

- Meditation

- Channeling

- Casting under Duress (aka Combat casting)

- Focus Preparation

- Component Preparation

- Generalized Occult knowledge


"I put on my robe & wizard hat...." 

NO. Please don't.

This is not Harry Potter, nor is it Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft. Mages largely dress like normal people, as they prefer to blend than mark themselves to be ridiculed. You are of course welcome to wear whatever you like, but please be aware that robes, witch hats,  and the like are neither required nor encouraged, and will be met with much the same reaction as they would be if you walked down the street in them in any major city on a day other than Halloween.


Outside Structure

(For Senior Staff, Staff, and Storyteller NPCs only)


  • 3 total, one of each discipline. Lead the International Society for Magical Advancement (ISMA))  


  • One per Continent
  • Scarier mofo, REALLY don't piss them off.


  • One per Country
  • Scary mofo. Don't piss them off.

Within the city

(For players!)


  • One per chantry
  • Charged with running the Chantry and seeing to its well being. 
  • Power-wise, no stronger than a given Grand mage, just politically the head of the Chantry. (by application only)


  • One or Two per chantry
  • The Astor's right hand. A second in command, generally not from the same discipline as the Regent. (by application only)

Grand Mage

  • Grand Magus, Witch or Warlock)
  • As on the website. Reasonably Uncommon, generally assists the Astor.  (by approval only)


  • Magus, Witch or Warlock
  • As on the website (open to all)


  • Apprentice Magus, Witch or Warlock
  • As on the Website (open to all)

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