The building on the hill over looking the city has been called many things and held many a secret; however it has always responded to a higher calling: To sow and cultivate the seeds of knowledge in the seemingly barren soil of the city that was swallowed by the salty mists and cast away into the sea.

The original building which the library was born from was there before and during the all out war that led up to the great Schism, simply (and fittingly) called The House on the Hill. The house on the hill belonged to Brom Collwyn, his child bride Fiona and her twin sister Bronwyn.

Given his choice to build his home as far out of the way as he could it should go without saying that Brom was a man who enjoyed his solitude and rarely set foot off of his land. All dealings with the township and it's inhabitants were handled by the twins. Nymph-like, gracious and intelligent the community quickly embraced and fell in love with the two girls.

Several years after their arrival the decision to convert part of the House on the Hill to Ascension's first school house was made. Of course this led to many questions, most of which were about the land holder Mr.Collwyn and his legal say on the matter; although married Fiona's word as his proxy was not enough. 

The written accounts of the meetings stated that Mr.Collwyn did not seem present enough to make such a decision as he could neither read or write. How the girls got around this issue to open the school is still unknown to this day. Urban legend has it that the sisters used their 'feminine wiles' to beguile Mr.Collwyn's lawyer and other naysayers. Whatever the truth may have been The house on the Hill became Collwyn Hall under Fiona and Bronwyn's direction.

For a decade all was well at Collwyn Hall. The school expanded to take over the entire west wing of the manor and townsfolk of all ages,creeds and breeds filled the halls and classrooms. All good things must come to an end and come to an end Collwyn Hall did, abruptly and violently.

What remained of Brom Collwyn was found in what appeared to be a giant fish tank, neither his wife or his sister in law anywhere to be found. After his murder the townsfolk attempted to keep Collwyn Hall running. However strange occurrences continued to happen and the building was abandoned.

Through out the years the building has changed hands many times and gone by many names. Curiously enough the purpose of the building hardly changed, many educators trying to restore Collwyn Hall back to it's former glory.

⊱✦§~~~The Present~~~§✦⊰

The last tenants renovated the remains of Collwyn Hall into Ascension City's only (and by default largest) public library. Try as they might they simply couldn't get locals to see beyond the rumors and old wives tales! Like many that couldn't pass muster in Ascension they packed their things and headed back to mainland, leaving the stately building and all of it's books behind.





Positions at the library are open to all races, there is no discrimination of any kind here. We simply ask that those filling the positions have a passion for roleplay and use the building to facilitate such. Applications will be available in world soon!

We do not expect players to be a font of knowledge nor do we expect that the library houses every book known and unknown to man. Role-playing a job perfectly can make your role play experience perfectly boring! Making mistakes, make conversation and make it fun for you and the library's patrons. But please keep in mind that this is a library, some behaviors won't go over so well and may result in your character being demoted or let go.

Our one and only request is that Library staff act and dress accordingly when coming to work. This is not the brothel, please have your moist and stiff bits covered when you arrive for your shift. Should your clothes come off during your shift that is another thing entirely and up to you (keep in mind that your actions may have consequences).





This is as it sounds, janitorial services for the Library. The men and women hired to this position are tasked with keeping the interior of the library clean and welcoming. Expectations are that they work silently and clean thoroughly, their shifts may take place either during the day or the night.


The Library houses  many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore indeed. Some of the volumes are either quite rare or should not be removed from the careful watch of the Head Librarian and/or her attending staff. Precious enough are these yellowing pages that security, full and part time, are needed. They must be skilled in keeping the peace without the use of deadly weapons or loud altercations.

《Grounds Keeper》

Men and women hired to this position are in charge of the daily keeping and care of the external grounds of the Library. Much like the Janitors they are expected to work silently and thoroughly, although they rarely set foot inside of the library proper.


This is the entry level position for those hoping to someday become a full fledged full time Librarian. Trainees do not directly assist the Head Librarian but rather they assist the Resident Librarian with his or her tasks, whatever they may be. After the trainee has worked in the library a total of three weeks they will come up for review and potentially be promoted.

《Assistant Librarian》

A librarian assistant is generally a helper who works under a head librarian. Tasks include greeting visitors,helping visitors to check out or return books. In other cases, or at other times, librarian assistants may help to replace disordered books or periodicals, often working from a cart or other conveyance. This helps keep the shelves in order, and is an essential part of maintaining a library.




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