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Atlanteans are an ancient aquatic race that hail from the Lost City of Atlantis, a name that they find quite humorous. They know exactly where it is. Unlike mers, they do not have a tail, though they do have gills that enable them to remain submerged for long periods and breathe underwater. 

Atlanteans are a very intellegent race obsessed with science and logic, as well as learning what they can of other races merely for their own amusement. The library at Atlantis is reported to be the most magnificent of its kind in the entire world, though outsiders are not allowed access (nor could they stand the pressures of the deep where Atlanteans make their home). Nothing galls an Atlantean more than actions based fully on emotion rather than science. They are generally stoic, majestic people who generally feel as though they are superior to all others. Few of them, however, would say such things out loud. They have a particular dislike for trolls, goblins, and elementals associated with earth.

Despite the heavy emphasis their society places on science, they hold their priests and priestesses of Neptune in high regard. Atlanteans are directly descended from the Roman god of the sea, according to their own lore, and many act in his name. The temple of Neptune holds a prominent place in the center of Atlantis, and many young Atlanteans aspire to become one of his favored. Those favored by Neptune acquire certain abilities that scholars and warriors do not seem to share. 

Some of the nomadic, green-skinned individuals have forsaken Neptune and seem to be even more stoicly science-based than the more common blue-skinned type. They subscribe to a strict lifestyle dedicated to science, logic, and lack of emotional response. A few of the greens attempt a return to Atlantis, trying to reconcile their emotions and faith that their parents shunned. 

They are ruled by the Assembly, a group of Atlanteans made up of leaders among the three classes: the priest class, the scholar class, and the warrior class. The Assembly's goal is to preserve their culture and society.

They routinely take aquatic creatures such as dolphins, seals, and fish as pets, domesticating them to aid in aquaculture and other tasks. They cultivate pearls in massive aquaculture domes, using them to trade for land currency in order to walk among the Landfolk. Additionally, numerous aquatic plants are cultivated, some of which have medicinal or mystical properties. 




Atlantean longevity is unknown. It's hypothesized to be up into the 1000s, though most that make their way to land are younger Atlanteans eager to experience the Landfolk's culture. An Atlantean is considered young until they reach about 300 years old. 




Atlanteans have gill slits either on their necks or abdomen. Their skin comes in many shades of blue (most common), though some of the nomadic members of their race have taken on a green hue. Some have developed shimmering scales on their skin, but they do not have a tail as merfolk do. Hair color varies in shades of black, blue, green, and white. Their eyes generally match their skin color. They have webbed or (uncommonly) pointed ears. They tend to be tall and willowy, though warriors are heavily muscled. They prefer Romanesque togas and garb, the traditional clothing worn in Atlantis, and most except for the youngest refuse to adopt the "Landfolk styles."




Choose FIVE of the following gifts. Some gifts only apply to certain classes (i.e. priest class, scholar class, or warrior class), so be sure to decide what type of Atlantean you are making before you choose powers! 




Perform an enchanting, haunting song that may entrance listeners. While in this state, they may be more open to suggestion, or may be lured into the waters by the singer. The song may only be used once per day offensively. The effectiveness of the song depends on the will of the target, and certain races may be less affected than others.


The Atlantean uses natural gift of echolocation in order to "sense" people or objects in areas of low light or low visibility (such as fog, underwater). They can ony locate up to 4 people or objects with a single sonic pulse, and the sonic pulse is limited on land to an area of no more than 5 m. They must be facing the person or object. 

The Atlantean can sense when someone is being untruthful with them. It's just an impression, not full telepathy. They may sense deception or general malice masked by kindness. Consent based, and may be unable to distinguish where the bad vibes are coming from when multiple persons are in an area. 

They can control water and shape it to their needs. They must be in contact with the water in order to shape it. Water can only be raised a maximum of 3 feet and can only be thrown 5 feet horizontally. No tsunamis or the like. Recreationally, this has no limit, but it can only be used twice a day in a combat type situation. 


Choose from the psychic/supernatural abilities listed for mutants. You can choose up to TWO of the abilities listed, but each one you choose takes up a slot. 




This skill takes up THREE of the five skill slots, and affords the character the magical skill of a trained magic user. 


Manipulation of living energy to heal. See healing guidelines


Because they are so pious, Neptune affords them extra protection for their service. When someone attempts to strike the Atlantean priest, a shimmering liquid shield momentarily appears in front of them to absorb some of the damage. With this gift, they take half the damage of a blow, gunshot, stab wound, etc. It can only be used twice per day. 


Neptune aids the Atlantean if they jump or fall, assuring a safe landing for up to 10 feet of a drop. 




The Atlantean scholar spends a good deal of their time studying artifacts of many societies. They spend so much time with these objects that they begin to "speak" to them. Using this ability, the Atlantean can discern an object's purpose. Consent based if the object is owned by another player. 


The Atlantean scholar has studied nearly every language available, dedicating their life to this study. As such, they can easily interpret -nearly- all the languages they might come across. This does NOT apply to secret languages, such as that of the Romani. 


These scholars don't just have a photographic memory...they remember almost everything they see or hear, and are able to memorize text when seen for only a brief moment. 



⊱✦ § ACCURACY§ ✦⊰

Traditionally referred to accuracy with a spear or bow. These days, it most commonly confers accuracy in aiming a pistol, though most Atlanteans prefer traditional weaponry.  


1.5x that of a normal human.

A permanent boost to one's agility, raising them to x2 human speed. Beings with this ability tend to be a little lighter than ordinary, which can sometimes work to their detriment.

These Atlantean warriors have a gleaming maw of sharp shark's teeth that can rend flesh and bone, as well as chew through thin metals or concrete. They can only take 3-4 "bites" of anything at one time before their jaw fatigues, and they cannot chew through anything thicker than 5 inches. 

These warriors have a potent venom that they acquire by ingesting seasnake venom over time. It can be inoculated through bite wounds or applied to their spears/weapons. In small doses, it can cause confusion, delirium, unconsciousness, and difficulty breathing. In larger doses, it can induce coma. 

They are less susceptible to blunt trauma/physical blows, and can stand their ground more easily when struck. 




Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses. 

-Heat/Fire: Atlanteans are not very tolerant of high temperatures, and they actively shy away from flame, as it is foreign in their realm and they are not designed to tolerate the heat. 

-Red Tides: Red tides and the algal organisms that make them up are extremely toxic to Atlanteans. 

-Electricity: They are particularly susceptible to electric shocks and high voltage.

-Bright Lights: There is not a lot of bright light in Atlantis, so their eyesight is more suited to lowlight environments. They have difficulty seeing in bright light. 

-Drydocked Madness: When the Atlantean is on land, they will become progressively more confused, delirious, or aggressive due to the psychological impact of being away from their ocean. Returning to water for a short time is "curative."

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