Available Business Openings

If you are interested in running something, we need you to be online and in sim often, so that the group does not fall apart. You should be able and willing to work with and train seconds-in-command, so that there is always someone available who can answer questions, add new people to the group, run events, etc. If you step down from your position, a new one will be chosen through application and approval by staff. 

If you do well with your position as a business owner, you may be invited to join the administrative group to help out with moderation of the sim, discussions and approvals on the forum, etc. If you do not show up on sim for over two weeks without prior notice and appointment of a second in charge, you may be removed from the position. 

If you are interested in one of the following positions, please fill out the business owner application.


Depending on the group, a race lead may be a more OOC position. For example, someone leading the Aquatic group is probably not going to be the IC leader of all aquatics, but they may end up leading a specific group such as the Mers if that makes sense. Something like Vampires where there is a cohesive group is more likely to be an IC -and- OOC position. In many cases, it's a matter of how active the person is and how well received their character is in a group. For example, if you band together all the humans ICly and campaign for equal rights...they are likely to view your char as an IC leader. It's all very individual. Please contact staff if you have any questions before applying. You can use the business owner application and title it with the Lead you are applying for. 



IMPORTANT: Businesses are AS IS. Please don't ask to run something, and then request a complete remodel with a complete change of theme for the location. 

The hospital head doctor must be knowledgeable in anatomy and biology of all races, as well as oversee the cybernetics division of the clinics. Interested in people looking to integrate the energy, faith, and herbal healing on sim with modern medicine to offer the full package!

This sexy joint located in the red light district is home to some of the most beautiful women the city has to offer. Offering tasteful burlesque dancers, singers, and a mean martini.

Do you want to be a pirate? Hell yes you do! The shipping co has a legit face but also serves as the entry point for contraband in AC.

Looking for a motivated and VERY FAIR player to serve as Sheriff. Must be able to guide police players on what is appropriate for use of force in roleplay, relations with non-police citizens, etc. 

The diner overlooking the bay is one of the most popular places for people to hang out and grab a bite. Looking for an outgoing owner...Possible race group headquarters for the motivated small group!

    Someone needed to run the marketplace in the Undercity, a den of illegal trade and merchandise. You'll be expected to manage the vendors, and cooperate with 3 other criminal Kingpins to form an imperium. Roleplay-intensive, need to have proven activity and maturity, undercity races preferred (Monster, Demon, Vampire, Lycan, ...).

It's full of weed and stuff! Conveniently located near the diner for those bad cases of munchies.

The local sex shop. The latest owner expanded the business into making their own movies as well, but the main business is still the peddling of toys and filth to the underbelly of Ascension Society.


Gas station & workshop. With the expansion and reconstruction of the city vehicles have become more common place in what used to be a tiny community, and of course those require both gas & maintenance. 

    A 1001 nights themed tea house, perfect for your Djinn and other Middle-Eastern themed characters. Is it as innocent as it looks though?

    With the reconstruction, the 20th century seems to have finally come to Ascension. Are you a Mac or a PC? They got it all. This location will also serve for illegal maintenance of cybernetic implants. Read the cybernetics material for more info. 

    Don't ask, don't tell. That's the strict meat procurement policy in this place. Who cares anyway? It all tastes like chicken.

    That rusty nail in your old coffin itching your back all day? Or maybe you're one of those dull humans and poor granny just died. Living or (un)dead, this place has the right coffin for your purposes.

    Had a long day? Want to sit down for a nice meal? You're out of luck! No chairs in this All Japanese eatery. There's definitely the nice meals though. Maybe you'll even find tentacles around ... it's Japan after all, right?

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