The old shop on main street has hosted the occult shop for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, even city records are a little hazy on exactly when the odd little shop opened up in the current location. If you don't know what you're looking for, you may just pass it by.

The bell jingles softly as you push open the protesting doors. The interior is dark and cool. Once the door closes behind you, the noise of the city ceases. Water burbles into the old tank that looks to be holding a juvenile sea monster specimen. A pall of exotic incense curls sinuously in the air, intermixing with the pungent scent of old books and fragrant oils. It -feels- ancient. The shelves overflow with rare books, artifacts, relics, and other items coveted by both the supernatural and human community alike.

The staff here holds vast amounts of knowledge on the occult and archaic wares and cures, and it is said that there are powerful magi in their ranks. Looking for help with love? A one-of-a-kind gift for someone special? If you can't find it anywhere else, you know it will be there. The curator is always on the lookout for new talismans and artifacts to add to the collection. The question is....do you really want them?

Sometimes...you get more than what you bargained for.

⊱✦§~~~OOC INFO~~~§✦⊰

The current contact for the shop is Saffron Shaw (Ali).

Shop positions are open to all races. Humans with no abilities but a good mind for occult knowledge, crystal healing, herbal medicine, etc, are very welcome!

The shop offers occult items as well as occult services, including spellcrafting (whether or not they work is up to the players) and consulting. Ritual items of all sorts will be found here. If it's something not 'in stock', it can usually be ordered. If uncertain about something, clerks can always tell the customer they will get back to them and inquire on availability. You are not expected to possess an actual bottomless pit of occult and other appropriate knowledge. That is what google is for. :)


​Applications are available in-world from the info box in front of the shop.

⊱Clerk⊰ - Not required to be extremely knowledgeable about the store's wares. This is the entry level position. Clerks work the front desk, make sales, and are actively learning occult knowledge, alchemy, potion-making, charming, etc. These do not need to have any supernatural ability. To be promoted to an Occultist, the player must RP actively with the shop for a minimum of two weeks and demonstrate growth in their knowledge.

⊱Occultist/Occult Specialist⊰ - Think of these like the tech specialists at an electronics store. They are very well-versed (and experienced) in the types of items and the content of the books for sale at the shop. Progressing in their knowledge and abilities as occultists, alchemists, and witches/warlocks. Characters applying for this position must have some supernatural ability. To be promoted past this position, the player must actively RP for a minimum of 2 weeks as an occultist and demonstrate training in a particular field of their choosing.

⊱Scholar⊰ - Responsible for researching, procuring, and caring for the artifacts/relics. These are very trusted, experienced occultists and alchemists with advanced skills in their chosen field. Promoted to Magus on a case-by-case basis.

⊱Magus⊰ - These are individuals who have studied a very long time and honed their skills to become high-level practitioners of their own class of magic/alchemy/occultism. Very few will ever reach this level. It takes a lot of dedication and skill to achieve, and they are bound by a very strict code of ethics in regards to behavior.

⊱Curator⊰ - Manager of the collection and owner of the shop.


These are 'basic' items that anyone can ask for/purchase. They have little to no -inherent- powers and are available in decent quantities. How they are used after purchase is up to the player buying them. Things that would affect other players still require consent.

-Luck charms
-Tarot cards
-Love potions
-Holy relics (usually covered up to shield the staff!)
-Crystal balls
-Basic occult books/guides
-Graveyard dirt, brick dust
-Rune sets
-Rare herbs & spell components
-Ouija boards
-Oils & incense


These items may be available (dependent on stock), but require special approval from the curator to dispense. This means an OOC request by the player seeking the item must be sent to Alika Luminos. The request should contain the object's exact name (name of book, amulet, potion, herb, etc), origin and age (if applicable), description, and projected effects. Once the request is approved, any employee at the shop can dispense the item. You can RP going to the shop to ask for the item, then give the worker a note for the curator. This is to keep things fair for 'powerful' items and control what is out there.

Any item that has a targeted effect still carries the rule of consent. The target does NOT have to accept the consequences of a spell, potion, amulet, etc. Play faaaaair! (My mantra. :) )

Requests may also be submitted for items not appearing on this list. I want you to be creative and come up with really cool things that will work to enrich roleplay on the sim, NOT lead to an instant win for your char. If it sounds fair, approval should not be a problem. Level 4 or 5 spells from the D&D system can be applied to a potion or item with approval, but they are one use only items generally.

Requests for items not listed below should contain the item name, world origin, approximate age, physical description, and associated powers. All ITEMS with supernatural powers require approval, and must be dispensed from the occult shop. Once an item is in play, it can be sold, bought, stolen, or traded until such time that the occult shop recovers the relic or it is destroyed.

-Demonic ceremonial blades for feeding/thralling (You can RP already having one on arrival, but new requests or re-issues must go through the occult shop)
-Rare grimoires, black texts, scrolls
-Protective amulets
-Voodoo dolls
-Crystal skulls
-Rare amulets, talismans

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