Combat  & WeaponsRules

1.) NO PERMADEATH: We have in place an auto-limit of NO DEATH. Each player reserves the right to waive that limit if they wish to kill off their character at any time. The aggressor bears the burden of creativity in ensuring that the attack is non-lethal, or that there is a reasonable way to avoid mortal injury.

2.) OPEN CARRY: The city is a dangerous place. Certain non-regulated weapons can be carried in the open, but violation of city law may result in a run-in with the ACSD.

3.) FIREARMS: Normal, commonly-used calibers that shoot a LIMITED number of bullets and do not do crazy things like kill on contact or blow apart walls. These fall under three categories.

-Non-regulated: Regular non-automatic handguns (pistols, revolvers). These can be carried openly and are easily acquired.

- Regulated: Shotguns (incl sawed-offs) and non-automatic rifles (bolt-action, semi, ...). Harder to acquire openly, can be owned and traded for home protection, but open carry is against the Law (IC) on the surface city.

- NOT ALLOWED:   Automatic weapons. Explosive ammo/explosives. Sniper rifles. Multiple barrels (except basic double barrel shotgun). Anti-tank weapons. Ask senior staff for anything not specifically listed in any category.

4.) SILVER BULLETS: Silver bullets cost about $16 per bullet, so you should realistically roleplay how many your character is carrying, and account for the loss each time one is fired.

5.) MELEE WEAPONS: Melee weapons are allowed, and must be constructed of easily accessible materials or commonly found implements. Ancient characters can own an antique/old/unique weapon or staff of some sort. However, anything that looks out of line in the streets of a real world setting can get you booked by the Law if carrying on the surface city. If you are unsure whether a weapon is appropriate, just drop senior staff a line. We'll tell you if it's ridiculous.

6.) WEAPON SIZE: No weapons of any type may be carried that are a) larger than your avatar, b) physically impossible to mobilize, and c) otherwise unrealistic.

7.) BODY ARMOR: Only police have unrestricted access to body armor. Some races are more durable than others in general, but no one should be pulling the 'I'm invincible' card.

8.) PHYSICAL PRESENCE: Worn items should be low-lag or unscripted. Please detach invisible ‘hand components’ to decrease the tax on sim resources. Scripted weapons should never be actually fired on the sim - just make note of it in your post.

9.) MAGIC: Read magic rules for magic-specific stuff!

10.) COMBAT:  Players are responsible for determining outcome of a fight amongst themselves, either through agreement or the use of dice if needed. 

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