The Veneficium (Demon Powers)

It is a good rule of thumb to always contact your intended target before using any the following, both to ensure consent and understanding.

The limitations and descriptions listed here may change, especially if anything in particular is being twisted to gain unfair advantage over other players. Limitations/rules should not be perceived as a 'challenge' to find loopholes. Please play fairly.

Each demon gets all of the race attributes, plus up to FIVE of the Veneficia listed following them. 


All demons share these attributes, which do not count towards the power slot limits.

⊱✦§Attunement to Reality§✦⊰

Raise one of your five senses to above average. You can only raise ONE sense, period, and that raised sense can present a weakness; i.e, raising your hearing to superhuman levels can deafen you if someone makes a loud noise next to you, bright lights can blind your enhanced sight. You cannot see across the entire sim or hear conversations through thick walls. Environment will have a profound effect on this skill (e.g. Your acute vision might not be too helpful on a foggy day).

⊱✦§Aura of Valdalus§✦⊰

A pure aura surrounds a good/neutral character, causing everyone of evil or neutral disposition within a five foot radius to flee or be struck with fear. A tainted aura surrounds an evil/neutral character, causing everyone of good or neutral disposition within a five foot radius to flee or be struck with fear. (Formerly Consecrate/Desecrate)


Those pretty wings aren't just for decoration. Limited to demons with wings (obviously) and takes a lot of energy to perform so may actually be a hindrance during battle.

⊱✦§Gift of Tongues§✦⊰

To everyone but selected listeners, the demon is speaking an unknown language (true demonic chant). Selected listeners hear the translation of the words to English. Requires unbroken concentration and proximity to target. Other demons will understand.

⊱✦§Horns of Steel§✦⊰

In True Form, this demon’s horns are as hard as steel and are often employed as an unbreakable weapon. Limited to demons with horns (obviously) in True Form.


You attempt to discern the location of one thrall (or ward) at a time. Does not give any other information other than the general direction and distance.

⊱✦§Master’s Voice§✦⊰

Telepathically relay a short command to one thrall (or ward) at a time, regardless of location. One way communication, the thrall cannot reply.

⊱✦§Reality Tremors§✦⊰

Create a disturbing but cosmetic effect in a room-sized area, like a rain of fish or statues that bleed, that is not possible under the normal laws of reality. Requires intense conversation and will fade almost immediately if concentration is broken.

⊱✦§Ripples in the Fold§✦⊰

Can sense the supernatural 'feel' of a place or person, and can sense the use of supernatural abilities within a radius of several miles. Think of this like sensing the darkside...You can get the overall impression of the supernatural activity in the area, but you can't necessarily go 'Oh so-and-so is here...' Particularly strong 'ripples' may physically affect the senser.


Permanent swiftness of motion, much quicker than a normal human.


Stronger than both humans and vampires, though unless Brute is taken as a power, not as strong as Minos/Trolls.

⊱✦§Valdalusian Hide§✦⊰

Valdalus is much hotter than the earthly plane, and demon skin is resistant to heat (NOT fireproof).


In addition to the race attributes listed above, you may choose FIVE total of the following powers. There is no limit on the number you can take from a specific powerset, except only Illuminated demons can choose from those powers. 


These are gifts shared by demons and vampires, and can be referred to ICly as a Valdalusian power. 

⊱✦§Becoming Appearance§✦⊰

You take up the physical appearance that’s most alluring to one specified target at a time. Limitation: Only the specified target sees your altered form, everyone else sees you for who you really are. This does not change your clothes nor voice.

⊱✦§Cloak of Shadows§✦⊰

Draw nearby shadows around, obscuring from sight. Limitations: Needs dense nearby shadows, so not very useful in the daylight. If the char moves at all, the illusion is broken, so cannot be used for quick escapes. Physically draining.

⊱✦§Deep Song§✦⊰

Influence the emotional state of listeners with a song/poetry. Make the listeners feel happy/sad/calm/angry. No specific commands, and dependent on the state of mind of the other character (relaxed, open to suggestion, not blocking).

⊱✦§Mage Class§✦⊰

Wizards, warlocks, and witches. Taking this power consumes THREE of your FIVE choices for powers and confers the ability of a trained Magus (or equivalent) to the character.


You compel a target to immediately set work on a masterpiece. The target cannot focus on anything else until the project is done. The target will forcibly remove any sort of obstruction that gets in the way of completing its task. All resulting crafts are made in tribute to you.

⊱✦§Piercing the Veil§✦⊰

Can see though any alteration of reality by another supernatural. you cannot know their intent - merely see through a disguise, or a 'cloak'.

⊱✦§Reading the Fade§✦⊰

Can read emotions and intents, along with sensing deception. Limitations: Does not extend to reading specific thoughts. ("I don't like you" rather than "You killed my father, prepare to die".)

⊱✦§The Spirit's Touch§✦⊰

Learn something of an object and its previous owner from its resonance. You must be touching the object. Explain this to your target, and work out what you would see. This *will* reveal specifics, but only what the target is willing to OOCly reveal. No inferences. See the psychometry mutation notes for further information.

⊱✦§Touch of Lethe§✦⊰

Make something like a person or event or object very difficult to concentrate on and remember.  If successful, the subject will actively not -want- to think about it. Extremely draining physically.


All require eye contact and consent. Anyone able to see through illusions may not be fooled.  

⊱✦§Mind Games§✦⊰

A specified target believes itself to inflate, shrink, become nauseated and vomit, mutilate itself, hoard random items until the demon leaves, or may be struck with the urge to ingest a large quantity of any non-lethal and edible items. (Formerly Bloat/Consume/Diminish/Hoard/Mutilate/Retch)

⊱✦§Gorgon Stare§✦⊰

A specified target believes itself to be made of stone. The target's limbs/body feels heavy, difficult to move. Note: Not actually turning anything to stone. It's an illusion.


The demon may send a vision to a target, that is usually horrific and may cause psychological damage.

⊱✦§Hysterical Wrath§✦⊰

A specified target goes into an uncontrollable, hysterical rage. For the duration of the enchantment, the target laughs uncontrollably while shouting insults and lecherous words.

⊱✦§Sealed Mind§✦⊰

With constant exposure to varying abilities that affects ones minds, demons with this ability have also grown to resisting mental intrusion from other supernatural creatures. This gives the demon a better chance at actually resisting supernatural effects that attempt to change emotions, thought and memory.


Can pick up on thoughts, within reason, of a particular subject, as well as respond with their own impressions. The same limitations for a mutant telepath apply. Can be blocked to some extent by supernaturals of the same power. (Formerly Piercing the Fade)

⊱✦§Tentacle Horror§✦⊰

You cast an illusion making a specified target believe it is being strangled and prodded by horrific tentacles. Those able to see through illusions may not be fooled. If you really have tentacles, hey! You don't need this power. :)


⊱✦§Befoul Liquid§✦⊰

All liquids within 10 feet of the demon automatically foul and become unsuitable for consumption or inhabitation. Drinking the liquid may cause nausea to extreme sickness. A demon is immune to it's own befouled liquid and is able to turn off this effect but when it is on it fouls any and and all liquids within range. Any liquids fouled will return to normal when the demon leaves the area.

⊱✦§Breath Weapon§✦⊰

The demon chooses one element (Fire, Cold, Electric or Acid) and once chosen it cannot be changed. Once per day the demon may exhale a 10-foot cone of the selected element.

⊱✦§Dark Gift§✦⊰

Often used by those who love to tempt mortals. Dark Gift allows a demon to temporarily give a human one of the demon’s selected powers, but in doing so the demon loses the selected power for the same duration. The demon must cut the individual to leave their personal runes at an easily uncovered site and when the person uses the power they must make sure the runes are completely visible. When the power is used the runes grow brightly as it draws the power from the demon. The power that Dark Gift provides can only be used ONCE by the individual or for an hour for those powers without a clear limit (such as increased strength, speed or an aura) before the runes burn away and the person must seek out the demon again to regain the power (and often at a price). You cannot use this on your own alt/secondary character, and may only carry ONE Dark Gift at a time.


These demons have developed the ability to focus their energy right after reaping in order to open a portal to Valdalus away from the Stone. If done hastily or while distracted, the portal may forcefully drag all those in the area into it.

⊱✦§Morality Done/Undone§✦⊰

The demon is able to focus their entire Aura of Valdalus on someone and may cause the individual to temporarily take on the same good or evil disposition that the demon has. The length of the effect is entirely dependent on the individual and may have no effect on those with strong enough convictions. Normal consent rules apply.

⊱✦§Mouth of Ash§✦⊰

The demon may contaminate its own breath to cause those nearby to experience difficulty breathing as well as skin, eye, nose and throat irritation. While generally short-term effects, prolonged exposure can lead to much longer lasting and severe symptoms.

⊱✦§Soul Track§✦⊰

Any creature currently still marked by the demon’s runes from their ceremonial dagger or the Reaper's Claws effect can be tracked down. This does not give any information on where they have gone, streets/paths needed to get to them nor their current condition or situation, the demon just knows the direction and distance toward the person still bearing the runes.

⊱✦§Spell Resistance§✦⊰

These demons have grown a rather powerful resistance toward magic and are often able to shrug off the effects of spells cast by others. This comes with the downside of also resisting possible helpful and healing magic from others attempting to assist you, though your own spells are not affected. This is not complete immunity and at best should be a 50/50 chance.


These powers are either literally bestial attributes or show wicked/bestial intent.


Touch activates nerve endings and pain receptors. The effect can be anything from “pins and needles” to searing pain.  

⊱✦§Blasphemous Shriek§✦⊰

With an ear piercing shriek, the demon may affect anyone within thirty feet to the normal effects of their Aura of Valdalus. (See Consecrated Shriek for "good" Auras)


While they have lungs and are able to breathe, these demons have the ability to gather all of the oxygen they need to survive through their skin and can even do so in water.


Strength in excess of a normal demon, on par with a Minotaur.


These demons bend light around themselves and can create camouflage akin to a chameleon.

⊱✦§Demonic Roar§✦⊰

They demon’s voice in True Form stifles all other sounds in the area for a brief period and is so intense that it may be “felt.”

⊱✦§Elemental Demon§✦⊰

Elemental-based demons may choose from the appropriate elemental powers (i.e. fire elemental powers for someone identifying as a fire demon). EACH power takes up one slot.

⊱✦§Energy Lash§✦⊰

The demon expends reaped energy by sending a pulse through a target, the strength of which can cause pain or disorientation.

⊱✦§Feral Whispers§✦⊰

Speak telepathically with a mundane animal whose eyes you meet. They are not obligated to obey commands or answer questions, but may do so if they choose.


Able to speak through the mouth of a thrall (obviously involves OOC coordination). May cause psychological damage to the thrall if used too often.


The demon can change their voice and mannerisms to that of another.


A target’s mind is probed for a memory or truth. Prolonged probing can cause nosebleeds, severe pain, and even death.

⊱✦§Purity of Form§✦⊰

Highly resistant (but not immune) to toxins. Many types of injury that would leave permanent damage heal normally. You must take appropriate damage in a fight. This just means you will heal without permanent damage. Resistant to common toxins, but NOT immune as stated. Some effect would be expected from drinking an entire glass of arsenic. This does not include immunity to the pre-set weaknesses of demons.

⊱✦§Reaper’s Claws§✦⊰

A demon with this power has grown claws strong and sharp enough to forcefully reap an individual as they are slashed by them. Using these claws are always considered forceful reaping and as such any physical pain on humans or mutants are also accompanied by a mental pain as the target’s soul is tapped for a bit of energy. Regardless of the race, slashes with these claws always leaves temporary demonic runes on the victim that can identify the specific demon that caused them.

⊱✦§Skin Net§✦⊰

Peeled skin from the demon’s face forms a strong net that can be thrown over enemies.


Grow an extended, snake-like tongue that has nearly the strength of a blade and can be used to lash out at enemies like a weapon or grab objects from a distance of up to two feet.


These demons produce a strong venom that can be delivered through ONE of three ways (you choose which type): stinger (insectoid demons), fangs, or skin (amphibious/reptilian demons). The venom type can be a paralytic, neurotoxin, or otherwise but is not pleasant.

⊱✦§Web Weaver§✦⊰

The demon with this power can throw a web (out to 20 feet in combat) that acts much like a net. Outside of combat, the demon can spin and create webbing, much like silk, to use with as  they wish. While the demon may choose to create sticky or un-sticky webbing, the webbing only stays sticking for a few minutes, making it unsuitable for producing large hanging web patterns without extra chemical treatment and care. While tough, the webbing is susceptible to fire, slashing and possibly breakable by those with enhanced strength.


⊱✦§Dark Pact§✦⊰

Through a reaping ritual, you bind a specified target to complete a task. If the target fails or delays to complete its objective, it's wracked with pain and discomfort. When an individual completes its mission, the Dark Pact is lifted. The Dark Pact may be lifted at any time by your discretion.

⊱✦§Desired Object§✦⊰

Whatever you hold in your hand becomes the most desired object of a specified target. Regardless if the target would normally want it or not, they are compelled to bargain for the item. Those able to see through illusions may not be fooled.

⊱✦§Devil Inside§✦⊰

Remove inhibitions and bring impulses to the surface. It can’t direct how a person will respond, only that they are more likely to act on their impulses.

⊱✦§Persuasive Lips§✦⊰

The kiss of a demon gifted with this ability is intoxicating, and the target may obey a single command given after.


The demon produces very strong pheromones that can elicit a reactive response across race boundaries.

⊱✦§Sweet Nectar§✦⊰

Instead of a painful venom, this demon produces a sweet nectar from a stinger, nectar sac behind the fangs, or skin (pick one). It is often used to placate a reaping victim into willingly offering their energy, and can be addictive.


Make mortals feel they can trust them, often leading to spilling innermost secrets.


Note: You may ONLY take these powers if you are playing a "good" or neutral demon, that ancient peoples may have mistaken for an angel. These are not Christian/religious angels, just as the "bad" demons are not Christian devils. 

The blood of the Illuminated can serve as an antidote to many common poisons.

The Illuminated demon increases feelings of self-worth, confidence, and ego in a target. 

⊱✦§Consecrated Shriek§✦⊰

With an ear piercing shriek, the demon may affect anyone within thirty feet to the normal effects of their Aura of Valdalus, sending positive energy out around them. 

⊱✦§Energy Healing§✦⊰

Able to heal mild to moderate wounds using the general rules for energy healing

⊱✦§Folding the Light§✦⊰
Draw light around themselves until they are able to hide in plain sight, encompassed in light. 

Able to direct their energy into a blinding flash of light that also can send a concussive wave of their Aura with it. 

⊱✦§Light Warden§✦⊰
The Illuminated can absorb half of the power of a blow directed at the one they are protecting. 

⊱✦§Purify Liquid§✦⊰

All liquids within 10 feet of the Illuminated demon automatically turn to perfectly pure water. Can reverse Befoul Liquid. Any purified liquids will return to normal when the demon leaves the area.

Able to soothe mental/psychic attacks by taking it onto themselves.

⊱✦§Stunning Beauty§✦⊰
The Illiminated demon temporarily increases their attractiveness to the extent that it may stop a foe from attacking. 

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