Copy and paste in-world to join the Demon group: secondlife:///app/group/c54cd6e8-81f9-f9e9-1f97-db75d3b2ca80/about


The demon headquarters is accessible through the Ascension Stone ICly. Wear your group tag and click the stone to “travel” through the stone back to the home plane of the demons. Demons can bring one person at a time with them through the stone.


Current race lead is Daciana (silistra.barzane). Contact them for further information. 


Demons have been described in historical records for thousands of years of human history, playing a large part in Christian and other religious lore. The reality is that they are a race from a realm called Valdalus who discovered that they could enter this realm of Earth through certain portals. These portals exist at what humans call an axis mundi or cosmic axis: the Ascension Stone, Mount Fuji, the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Olympus, Delphi, Chichen-Itza, the Black Hills, and many more. Once they discovered this new realm of Earth, they wasted little time in streaming through these portals to work at securing the realm as a second homesite to further all of their personal plots and desires. 

The powers demons carried in Valdalus quickly diminished on Earth, however, unless they remained in close proximity to the portals they came through. It seemed that the constitution of the rocks at the axis mundi were similar to those of their home plane that naturally supported their gifts. Soon though, the demons discovered that the native inhabitants of this Earth, humans, carried energy within them that would help sustain their powers when 'reaped' from them. 

For centuries, demons streamed through these portals, shifting back and forth between their realm and Earth's. There was, at some point, a mistake. A demon mated with a human and created the Master Vampire. Or so the legend goes among their peoples. Vampires like to deny the connection, but the similarities between their races is unmistakable. In demon lore, the Master Vampire gained peculiar abilities when he reached the age of 30, and became something the world had never seen before. His childer formed from a bite served as the basis for all the vampires in existence today. Because of this, demons generally consider themselves as superior to vampires, considering that race is "half breeds." 

Keep in mind that though demons in general are known to be in the city, you can choose to play your character as a demon hiding his/her nature. However, also bear in mind that any supernatural being you ran into in the city would likely realize the true nature of your character and may try to blackmail you if there is a nice juicy reason for keeping the secret!

Demons, like all supernaturals, have a particular affinity for the Ascension Stone, and can even cross planes to return to Valdalus at will.


These are NOT Christian Demons. You cannot be Satan, or Beelzebub, or whichever demon name came up in Google. You cannot be a historical demon. 'Demon' in the context of Ascension City simply refers to a particular race of supernatural beings from a different plane that have been called here by the Ascension Stone. They were stigmatized as evil spirits by the Church, and there are some religious zealots even today who still believe that demons ARE what the Bible makes them out to be. Demons may be benevolent, malevolent, or neutral, depending on the player's choice for their character. Benevolent demons are known as the Illuminated, and were mistaken for angels in the past. 

Summoning of demons cannot occur, unless it consists of calling them up on the phone and telling them to get their ass over to you. 

The way possession works is specific to our sim, so please read the information closely. 


Demons take one of two forms at any given time: True or false. 

True form 
As wild as you want to make it. Wings, hooves, tails, horns, colored skin...make something truly unique for your true demon self. Monstrous avatars can be utilized as true forms as well, though they should still adhere to sim avatar rules. We are now also allowing petites for demon imps, but they must be over 18 years old (no child petites). 

The Illuminated demons are closer to angels, as they were mistaken for them in the past. White bird wings, white clothing, and more beautiful, serene appearances is the norm for these special demons. They may even manifest their internal power in an energy halo, but bear in mind they are not religious in nature. 

False form
The form a demon takes in trying to blend in. They generally look totally human, though some may retain glowing eyes or even horns. False forms are generally found in the city, while most true forms are only presented in private. 

Some demons, however, do not even bother with a false form. It's up to you how you want to play. Demon transformation is unlimited outside of combat, and can include partial transformation (i.e. wearing only horns). Transformation can't be performed DURING combat to keep things fair.


Generally thought to be immortal. Can be destroyed in theory through exorcism back to Valdalus - which obviously carries the issue of consent, but it's great to threaten them with! 

Demons generally have two ages: One indicating their time spent in this plane, and one indicating their time of existence. When a demon quotes their age in Ascension, they are generally referring to their time spent in this realm. They have existed for near eternity in their own realm, but have only discovered this world over the last several thousand years. Players can choose to make their demons up to 3000 years old, but much younger ages are recommended due to the difficulty in accurately portraying a being that has been around for that long (i.e. knowing the entire history of the world for 3000 years can be quite taxing to RP). Recommended age is in the mid-hundreds. If you do choose to make a very old demon, make sure you’re very well versed in the events of the last two millennia. And bear in mind that age does not equate to power in our sim, so making an older demon affords no enhanced strength bonuses. 

A "young" demon just coming through the Ascension Stone for the first time would be considered just "born" into this realm. They have their full powers, but may not know how to use them completely and may seem a bit out of their element in understanding how societal norms work in this realm. Please note that even a young demon must look and act adult, and even though their "Earth" age might be less than 18, they are generally several thousand years old in their own realm. 


These are the actual roles available to players in the demon group. 

If you would like to take on any of these roles or if you have a thrall you want added to the group, contact demon leaders with your interest. Roles that come with IC responsibility and dedication share that expectation OOCly. Players wanting to be part of the Senate will be removed from that role back to the basic role if they do not demonstrate an active presence on sim.

ARCHDEMON - The leaders in the Senate, and heads of the Houses. These are the group leaders. You can ICly aspire to become an Archdemon, but OOCly these are appointed positions.

DEMON SENATOR - Members of the Senate are appointed on a case-by-case basis. The honor is given to demons who serve directly under the Archdemons. These players are expected to be very active and involved in demon affairs, serving as leaders when the Archdemons aren't around. There will be regular meetings of the Demon Senate, and attendance is expected.

DEMON NOBLE - A demon that has been around for a bit and well known to others in the group. This role is for active, dedicated players. Admission to the role is through general roleplay. The Senators are generally chosen directly from the Nobles. Nobles are drawn from the spirits, scholars, and centurions. You can still function in those roles after promotion to a Noble.

DEMON SPIRIT - These are the specters, the spirits of the group that can weave in and out of a crowd with ease, listening in and gathering information wherever they go...hardly ever noticed, if at all. They are also quiet watchers of the Stone, and while you may not see them...they certainly see you.

DEMON SCHOLAR - Librarians, lore keepers, and the intelligentsia of the demon race. These tend to be found more often with their nose in a book than stirring up trouble. Often members of House Regium and House Concilium.

DEMON CENTURION - The knights, the fighters of the demon society. They tend to be very strong demons (having two times human strength, as per the race info) and they tend to be very zealous in protecting their race. Often members of House Maleficium, or "Nightmare" types.

ASCENSION DEMON - The default role for all new demons joining our roleplay. Indicates a general member of demon society that has traveled to this plane through a portal.

DEMON THRALL - Role for non-demons who are thralled to a particular demon, or who wish to be thralled/engage in demon reaping scenes.


We have several 'types' of demons in Ascension City. If you have a character in mind that doesn't fit any of the set types, it's okay. One thing some players have started doing is playing off the seven deadly sins (gluttony, lust, etc). You can use this method of creating your character, but keep in mind they are not Christian demons. These are not actual roles in the group, merely an added level of information for your roleplay goodness!

Archdemon - These are ICly the more powerful, older demons. They may be benevolent or malevolent. OOCly, these are mentors and faction leaders for the sim.

Demon - This is a catch-all for various types of demons, including elementals. (Fire demon, ice demon, etc)

Imp - These are the pranksters, jokesters, and trouble-makers. Not really malevolent so much as just a nuisance. Often found causing trouble in the city or getting arrested for petty crime. Not very strong in general.

Succubus & Incubus - These are the male (incubus) and female (succubus) demons who are overtly sexual in nature. They draw their strength from sexual interactions, and tend to be very seductive. Often found working in various businesses of the red light district in the city. Not very strong in general.

Nightmare - These are the bad guys, what people usually think of when they hear 'demon.' Can be quite strong and are usually fairly violent. Usually involved with upper level criminal activity.

The Illuminated - These demons are what ancient peoples mistook as angels, and are the benevolent form of demons. 


Demon society is broken down into specific Houses headed by an Archdemon. Each House has different characteristics that draw specific individuals. There are no in-world groups for these. They are just to enhance roleplay and understanding of characters.

House Aulaeum

House Concilium

House Maleficium

House Regium

Illuminated demons belong to House Luminare -- info coming soon!


The Veneficium are the pre-approved powers for demons on sim:

The Ascension stone is a natural power source for demons living in the city. However, relying solely on the stone is insufficient to achieve full power, especially for weaker/younger demons who have not yet mastered the stone. Only archdemons can maintain their strength through communication with the Ascension stone alone.

Just as the vampires need to feed on blood to remain strong, the demons have to feed on -energy- to use their powers. There are two ways that demons in Ascension can maintain their supernatural powers: 'reaping' humans or taking thralls. (See the note on the Illuminated demons following)

There is no hard and fast rule on how many times per week or day you need to 'replenish' powers as a demon, but all players who choose the demon race should be exploring these sorts of RP situations.


Demon characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list, with one of those being the universal weakness to silver; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses. As a general rule for combat however, when shot with a silver bullet, the bullet will do the same amount of damage to a demon as it would to a full human.  Demons can be destroyed through exorcism or a silver bullet to the heart (by OOC consent only obviously).

-Silver: ALL Demons in Ascension have a weakness to silver. Shackles or bindings made of silver will prevent a demon from transforming in either direction, and may cause pain. (It burnses.....)

- Rock Salt: Either through ingestion or contact, rock salt causes near incapacitating itching and pain. It must be rock salt (NOT table salt), and it is a commonly known folk remedy to line a doorway with rock salt to try to keep demons out. 

-Holy Symbols: Much like vampires, the demon has an aversion to holy symbols and places. Despite not being Christian demons, the thought is that they were so persecuted by historical Christians that it became a learned aversion. 


Reaping refers to an individual demon confronting a human, either with extreme benevolence or malice/cruelty - depending on the general attitude of the demon. The demon can tap the human's soul for small amounts of energy. Note this is NOT possessing a soul, eating an entire soul, stealing a soul, etc. It is merely taking some of the inherent energy carried within a human soul. Demons may try to reap mutants, but similar to mutant blood with vampires - it will not sustain them like human energy.

If done through benevolence and voluntarily, it can be quite pleasurable for the human, and almost even intimate. If taken forcefully through intimidation, malice, or cruelty, then it can be painful for the human. By either method, the effect on the human may be cumulative, resulting in more pleasure or pain each time.

Forceful reaping in Ascension is reportable to the authorities, and is considered akin to rape. The blood dolls that offer feeding to vampires also offer reaping services for the right price.

Demons do drink blood, but they do not require it to survive as vampires do, a fact that they often quote to support vampires being half-breed demons. If they choose to feed on humans, they do so by means of a ceremonial blade etched with personal demonic runes, a cut from which leaves temporary runes on the donor (unless used for thralling) and may point authorities towards a particular demon in attack cases. Most demons are extremely discriminating about the type and social class of human blood they will drink, and only drink the 'top shelf' artificial blood. Blood is considered a delicacy rather than a necessity as it is for the vampires.


Thralls are mortal servants of demons, many of whom make a pact after growing addicted to benevolent reapings. Only humans and mutants can become entralled. (See below for "warding" with Illuminated demons)

Humans/mutants cannot break the thrall (but oocly a request may be made to RP the master demon breaking the thrall). Demons may cancel the pacts whenever they wish, and may choose to break them automatically if the thrall violates their conditions. Conditions are set by the individual demon. Thralls retain their free will, which means the thralls can work against their masters. Thralls may also concurrently be ghouls to the vampires.

The process of making a thrall is intricate and relies heavily on ceremony. The human must approach the demon and ask to be enthralled. Once the pact is outlined (individual to each demon), the demon will use their ceremonial blade to cut the human, leaving their personal runes in place at the cut site. The runes will fade shortly if the ceremony is incomplete. The demon will then drink some of the human's blood before offering a small sample of their own - much like the ghouling methods of vampires. This completes the cycle and leaves the demon's runes on the thrall until such time as the pact is broken. These can usually be found on the back of the neck.

What do thralls get from this? Demons are very protective of their thralls and offer protection and shelter to those they take on, in exchange for service of the thrall. Many thralls become addicted to their master, as opposed to ghouls being addicted to the blood. They come to crave the attention and proximity of the demon who has accepted their pact. The demon may lavish attentions on their thralls in exchange for a job well done - whatever that job may be.


The Illuminated demons split off from the others at Valdalus long ago, due to a differing in thinking. These are the benevolent or neutral demons that ancient peoples mistook as angels. They generally appear to be very beautiful, kind, and luminous. They have no ill will about them, and exist mainly to ensure their kind (the traditional demons of Valdalus) do not take over the earthly realm as they planned. 

The Illuminated have some special abilities they developed once they formed their commune away from the throne room politics of Valdalus. These can be found on the powers page at the bottom and are ONLY available to Illuminated demons. 

In regards to thralling, Illuminated call it "warding" and take wards on to protect them, rather than to gain energy from them. It is considered a partnership that can be broken at any time. Reaping for the Illuminated is called "Musing" and is always benevolent. The Illuminated inspires good feelings and creativity and feeds passively off the energy surrounding their ward. It is never unpleasant, and wards often look forward to i as a way to be closer to these ethereal demons. Wards do carry the runes of their Protector on them. 


It happens on occasion that a demon’s True Form is disfigured, incapacitated, or otherwise prevented from being able to travel from Valdalus. In these cases, some demons are known to place their consciousness into something they call a soulseed. During this time, the demon enters a state of suspended animation and cannot interact at all or defend themselves against attack in Valdalus. The soulseed is sent through the portal with another of their kind and a suitable host is chosen. The host either voluntarily consumes the soulseed or is tricked into doing so, and immediately afterwards the demon consciousness is able to take control.

The host’s consciousness is still present, but hopelessly suppressed by the demon. ONLY a human without powers or a mundane animal can be possessed. During possession, ONLY the demon’s mental abilities can be used, and the host’s body is susceptible to the normal amount of damage it would take. The possessed host’s eyes will turn a bright red or purple while the demon presence is contained. As long as the host body is still alive, the possession can be indefinite. However, to end the possession, a demon in the host may obtain and drink a special Valdalusian brew that causes their essence to be ejected forcefully from the body. Upon doing so, the host regains their control and the demon’s essence immediately returns to Valdalus to join once more with the demon’s physical body. Both regular demons and Illuminated demons can possess, though they do so with different intents. 

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