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See the Undead group for any OOC leadership information. You are free to make your own unofficial Crew (Draugar group), according to the unofficial grouping rules, though they are generally solitary creatures.


A draugr (plural draugar) is an undead revenant creature somewhat akin to a zombie. As they favour cold climates, draugar were originally mentioned in Nordic lore and legends, and even these days most researchers who want to study these solitary creatures travel to Scandinavia or to the Northern areas of America. They are an uncommon sight south of the Canadian border and rarely seen at all any further south than Oregon in the West or New England in the East.

Draugar are revenants from humans who have met their end on the seas or in other large bodies of water; usually through drowning. Only the greedy or envious are reborn as Draugar. As such, historically many draugar were once Vikings, but these days it's mostly fishermen who end up turning. Nowadays Draugar are especially common around the Bering Sea where many King Crab fishers perish.

Draugar still have skin and flesh, though it's usually so wilted away that one can see the bones and joints of their skeleton, though this is a gradual process and when they are fleshly reborn they could still pass as human at a quick glance. They have a pale skin, growing into greyish or blueish tints as they get older. They carry with them the unmistakable stench of decay. Draugar retain their human intelligence, and seem to delight in causing mayhem and suffering.

Draugar are hard to kill permanently, as when their bodies perish, after some time they turn into mist, and can return to the realm of the living after a full lunar cycle. The preferred method if one wants to kill them for good, is to cut off the draugr's head, burn the body, and dump the ashes in the sea - before they turn to mist. They are also noted for having numerous magic-like abilities referred to as trollskap.

Draugar are not nice creatures. As only the greedy and envious turn into these revenants, they carry those traits with them to the afterlife. This envy and greed usually turns into paranoid disorders, becoming worse the longer the draugar has been undead. The draugar will do EVERYTHING that is necessary to protect its hoard or treasure. A draugar that does not have a hoard, will try to build one over time.

Draugar feed on blood or flesh, and can subsist on any living creature. Undead creatures are not edible to draugar. They generally need to feed each time they rise from their graves, in order to sustain any sort of activity. This hunger will increase substantially if the draugr finds itself battling or attacks would-be grave robbers.

While it is claimed Draugar are immortal, no Draugar are known older than 1,500 years of age.


All Draugar have the following abilities. You don't need to choose a certain amount.


Draugar have a slightly increased strength over humans, approximately 1.5x the strength they possesed during their life.

⊱✦§Tomb Guardian§✦⊰

Their physical prowess multiplies as long as the Draugar is in their burial tomb & defending their hoard from a real or imagined threat. They appear larger than they are (illusion, can be ignored with Piercing the Veil and similar powers). Their strength and speed are doubled, and the awkward clumsiness of their movements is lessened.


Draugar have a heightened sense of smell, approximately on par with a domesticated dog. Though they cannot a creature's supernatural status through scent other than the obvious (such as the scent of decay around certain other undead).

⊱✦§Rigor Mortis§✦⊰
The stiff, undead flesh of the draugar's body offers them some damage resistance to physical blows. They can still be hurt like any other, but it takes more force than it would to a human.

⊱✦§Congealed Blood§✦⊰

Draugar have only very limited bodily functions, just enough to turn the flesh and blood they consume into energy. Because of this, they are very resistant to illnesses and poisons.

⊱✦§Dream Invasion§✦⊰

If any mortal gets into their possession an item from the draugar's hoard, the draugar can freely enter this person's dreams. When observing, the draugar retains all memories of the person's dreams; or they can take a more active role and turn the dream into a nightmare. It is harder than usual to awake from a dream while the draugr is invading - but not impossible. Requires OOC consent obviously.

⊱✦§Claw Form§✦⊰ 

The draugar can shift their hands into powerful bony claws, able to tear through cloth, flesh and sinew without much trouble. The shift takes a full post, so you cannot shift and attack in the same post. In any single combat scene, you can use only one of your two transformation powers. 

⊱✦§Mist Form§✦⊰

Draugar can turn their bodies into mist. They can do this voluntarily to escape a situation out of their control; or if their bodies get destroyed, they will do so automatically after half an hour has passed. If their body is destroyed, it takes the Draugar a full lunar cycle before it can recover and return. In mist form they cannot pass through solid material, but can slither through cracks and holes. The shift takes a full post. In any single combat scene, you can use only one of your two transformation powers.


All Draugar have the following weaknesses:


When attacked with items/weapons made of iron, the draugar will take wounds as if they are mortal.

⊱✦§Scent of Decay§✦⊰

Their scent puts them out in the open as undead, even if they manage to hide their looks. Even wearing strong perfume, they tend to smell at best like a perfumed garbage can.

⊱✦§Rigor Mortis§✦⊰

The same stiffness of the flesh that protects them from harm, also hinders them in their movements. They generally move with the same sluggishness and clumsiness as a zombie.

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