Edgewater Lounge


Owner: Currently Unowned

NPC Bartender: 
Tall, Black hair & blue eyes. Late-twenties human. 
Strong willed and observant, but generally friendly. 
Protective of the customers, especially ones that don't seem to be able to protect themselves, will not hesitate to pull out Bessie (The shotgun behind the bar) if someone gives him more trouble than he can handle.


The Edgewater bar had been around since the very start of the city, it has always been a place for people to come, relax and drink away their troubled minds. The Stone drew in more supernatural creatures and with them came war for Ascension. Businesses were forced to close their doors, even the bar had to shut down, but the demand for alcohol was even higher in the most rough of times. Underground trading routes had been set up to keep the humans supplied, and the previous owners made some shady businesses with the sinister types that roamed around in the city to get the supplies they needed.

The bar quickly became a place where everyone could hang out and not worry about the on-going conflicts that awaited back outside. With business picking up there was a need to expand, investing in the apartment building next door. With the on-going conflict between human and non human alike, staff was always difficult to keep inside the neutral establishment of the Edgewater bar. If one was of neutral taste and could handle working with the mix crowd then they are always welcome to seek employment from the establishment.

The bar was recently bought by a fresh arrival in town, known as E to most and openly Lycan. Regardless of his own nature though, he's chosen to uphold the air of neutrality of the establishment and hasn't made many changes at all. Rumours go there's more for sale under the counter/in the back lot than just beer and pretzels though.

The Edgewater Lounge is your classic dive which specializes in whatever beer can be brought over from the mainland, along with good strong, simple drinks and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere - so long as you're minding your manners! The staff has a habit of throwing out people who seem to be creeping around for a quick meal or generally harassing other customers in the interest of maintaining the relaxed vibe.  Just as the Hellfire caters to the supernatural, the Edgewater caters to the mundane who in other parts of the city might have been seen as prey. 


Bar management 
Effectively my "second in command". Making sure the bar keeps running smoothly while I'm away, taking care of business and logging any major events that are relevant to what happened inside the bar. Unlike the bartenders, you'll also be brought up to speed in the darker dealings of the bar over time.

Making sure to serve and entertain the patrons. You can work as few or as many hours as you like, as you'll be paid an hourly wage supplemented by tips. I don't expect you to spend all your time or even most in the bar at all, but any time you're willing to spend there is very appreciated.

Bar security/Bouncers
Making sure to oversee what’s going on inside the bar, dealing with any fights or general mishaps that may happen. You'll be especially welcome during events, but seeing as the bar has attracted a fair share of fights in down time as well, any time you're willing to come in to work you're welcome.


Drink selection:
- An assortment of domestic & imported beer, and standard cocktails. Prices range from $1.50 (Pabst Blue Ribbon) up to $15 for the fancier imported bottled beers. (Remember - it's an isolated island, so your fancy stuff will cost you.)
- Vitality is available, though no top shelf brands are carried. 

Food selection very limited: 
- Chips & Salsa
- Cheese Dip
- Pretzels
- Veggies & Ranch

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