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Elemental spirits are beings crafted of the very elements they represent. They share a heritage with Djinn, and in their true forms inhabit Ether, a realm just beyond the Djinn region of Kaf. They generally live among the trees, rivers, plants, bogs, mountains, and minerals when present in this realm. Instead of being attacked to a reliquary, they attach themselves to practically every natural thing. Elementals working together in large groups may cause earthquakes, floods, gales, thunderstorms, and wildfires. The power of the Ascension Stone has always attracted a fair share of elementals to the city and surrounding areas. Wiccans, esoteric Freemasons, and followers of nature based religions sometimes practice rituals meant to invoke elementals.


An elemental can be invoked through special rituals. This does not actually summon the elemental instantly to the place of the ritual, but they will feel a bit of a pull towards the area in which the ritual occurs. Invocation relies on OOC consent of the elemental to appear during a ritual. Rituals take considerable time, and cannot be performed in the heat of combat. Invocation rituals require magic knowledge on the part of the invoker, as well as physical presence of the element representing the elemental being invoked.


For the purposes of the Ascension sim, elementals are ageless spirits that have inherited guardianship of a particular place from their ancestors (i.e. a certain brook, rock, etc.). Although they are ageless, they are not immortal. Generally, an elemental guards a location for a time period of up to 500 years before the territory is passed to kin. The elemental then becomes one with the land, no longer a corporeal being.


A general guide on suggested appearances can be found in each elemental section. Bear in mind, this is just to give you an idea of how to play the elemental and give the look of the classes some uniformity, but you can take it in other creative directions. Elementals generally have a "quiet" form and an "active" one in which the characteristics of their elemental class are more easily noted. You can choose to hide in a quiet  form, or always use the more obvious active one.

Keep in mind we're an urban sim. Elementals should -look- like they belong in a city. You can tattoo and pierce your Satyrs, dress your Undines up like college students, and more. Be creative! The active form may have a more fantastical look to it, but no one should be running around the city in loincloths and the like.


It's hard to have blanket weaknesses for such a diverse group. You must take the following two weaknesses, plus a third that makes sense for your elemental. Bear in mind things like alcoholism, addictions, etc are not weaknesses but character flaws. 

Opposing Element

Elementals are weak to opposing elements. For instance, a water elemental will generally not be able to use their powers when confronted with fire. Shadow elementals will be harmed by light, etc. Necromentals exposed to things that represent life, such as blooming gardens, etc. will cause them to be ineffective. The elementals themselves can work with opposing elementals, however. 


Pure metals in their natural form do not bother elementals, but alloys cause severe allergy and can render them powerless when bound with alloyed metals. 

Element Specific Weakness

Choose a third weakness that makes sense for your elemental. These must be things that actually affect power, and not just a character flaw. 


All elementals possess these abilities, regardless of elemental type. Element-specific abilities can be found under the appropriate heading. If an ability you previously had has “disappeared,” don’t worry -- the ones that were removed in the update are covered by the universal attributes.

⊱✦§ Call of Gaia §✦⊰

Elementals are able to conjure up a small amount of their element from their surroundings and bend it to their will so that they may utilize the element in a myriad of ways. Be creative, but moderate your own abilities to keep in line with general power use on the sim. No godmoding/powergaming.

⊱✦§ Elemental Sculptor §✦⊰

The Elemental can create an object out of their respective element. It could be a vase, a shawl, etc. It cannot be a weapon. This is generally a utility power and not an offensive power. The effect lasts as long as the elemental can keep focus.

⊱✦§ Energy Healing §✦⊰

The Elemental is able to manipulate life energy to engage in healing. Read the healing guidelines.  

⊱✦§ Protean §✦⊰

The elemental transmutates into their element for a brief period of time. This requires intense concentration and expenditure of energy. They must be touching their element. It cannot be used when the elemental is wounded or weak.


Air elementals are made of air, wind, storms, and weather. There are two main types: Sylphs and Storms. Both classes favor mountaintops and other high places. They are the fastest of the elementals, and move with a silent grace that is notable even in a city filled with supernaturals.


Graceful and slender, generally benevolent or neutral, though they can have quite the tempers on them when provoked. Most sylphs, but not all, will bear large bird or butterfly wings that can dissipate into the air to hide their identity when needed. They are usually very pale, and often wear white or blue clothing. Many have bright blue eyes and white or near-white hair.


The violent, territorial class of air elementals. Bear in mind violent does not necessarily equate with evil, though many Storms do have an outright wickedness to them. They are generally darker in complexion than the sylphs, and may even take on the muddled green of a stormy sky in their active forms. They may bear black bird wings or bat wings. Their eyes are generally dark or black, but may also be gray or dark green. Their hair is generally dark. They draw static from the air, resulting in a crackling intensity that follows them. 


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Aeroscope §✦⊰

Elemental is able to bend the air around them to give the elemental the ability to see far away, much in the fashion of binoculars.

⊱✦§ The Barrier §✦⊰

A powerful whirlwind is summoned to encase the elemental. Anyone inside will be unable to use a weapon, projectile or otherwise, but will be protected from projectiles thrown from the outside. Evil storms' barriers may have an acidic effect. 

⊱✦§ Breathless §✦⊰

Able to literally steal the air from someone's lungs. Consent based, and how long the negative effects last is decided upon by the targeted player. Can be played as anything from a headache to falling unconscious.

⊱✦§ Hypnotic Dance §✦⊰

The ability to dance with such grace that the sight may be almost hypnotizing or, at the very least, cause a diversion. Effect is variable, based on individual and race. Characters able to see through illusions will be resistant.


Water elementals may go by many names. The two classes in Ascension are Undines and Charybdites.


Benevolent or neutral water elementals consisting of naiads, oceanids, and nereids. Naiads are associated with fresh water, oceanids associate with saltwater, and nereids are specifically referenced in association with the Mediterranean. Undines are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. They have beautiful voices (male or female), which are sometimes heard over the sound of water. They are very graceful in the water and can stay submerged for long (perhaps indefinite) periods without seeming to draw breath. Undines in active form generally have blue or green skin, with matching hair. They may be wrapped in seawood, driftwood, nets, or other items found in the water. They can be distinguished from merfolk by the lack of scales, fins, or tails. They may sometimes try to drown a human or other race for fun, though it's seen of more as a "game" than anything wicked.


Violent neutral or evil water elementals. They are more likely to try to drown a person, sink ships, and wreak havoc along coastlines -- usually while knowing exactly what they are doing. Like Storms, they generally appear as darker, more sinister versions of the other class of water elementals. They may decorate themselves with skulls of those they've drowned, and may even bring the scent of rotting seawood with them. They too have beautiful voices, and use them almost like a siren song to beckon a target to them in order to drown or otherwise abuse them. 


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Undine's Curse §✦⊰

The water elemental has the ability to instill a moment of breathlessness in a target, much like being pulled underwater suddenly. May be invoked during a kiss. May persist to the point of the target losing consciousness IF consent given.

⊱✦§ Waterbolt §✦⊰

The ability to form surrounding water (at least a bucketful) into a throwable weapon. The weapon strike feels like the lash of a whip.

⊱✦§ Waterquake §✦⊰

The water elemental sends a pulse of energy through touched water that causes concentric wave formation around them. Acts like a water earthquake and may throw people off balance.


There is only one class of fire elementals: the Igneids. 


Fire elementals are beings of hate and cruelty. They enjoy causing pain, and have an above average pain tolerance themselves. They are often violent and prone to outbursts. Cunning foes, fire elementals lure their opponents into dangerous areas, such as dry forests the elemental can set alight. Fire elementals are intelligent enough to attack only those who seem easy targets, and they usually flee when the battle turns against them.

Igneids in their active form may appear similar to the Ifrits of the Djinn, and it is rumored that they share some diabolical scheme. They usually have red, orange, or yellow skin and flaming eyes. They cloak themselves in similarly colored clothing that may be crafted of pure flame. They bring the scent of soot or burning with them. Some of them have serpentine lower bodies, not unlike Naga. They prefer very hot locations, and will flock towards open flames like moths.


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Heatwave §✦⊰

The caster raises the temperature around them to the point that anyone in their proximity will suffer the effects of a desert-style heatwave, causing a light-headed, delirious state. This can also be used to raise the temperature to a comfortable extent, warming another person or the caster.

⊱✦§ Living Candle §✦⊰

The Igneid's hands blaze with a magical flame. Anything hit will be mildly scalded. Anything grabbed however, will be badly burned. Can also be utilised to melt ice or start small, harmless fires if proper kindling is available.

⊱✦§ Nightlights §✦⊰

The Igneid may light floating, wickless flames that dance in the air to light the way.


The earth elementals are creatures made of the rock, trees, and energy of the earth itself. There are two classes in Ascension: Crags and Green  Spirits. Both groups may be found anywhere on the spectrum from good to evil.


These may literally be a hulking mass of rock (Golem avatars or stone skins generally acceptable), or just a very large, powerful earth elemental. Many male earth elementals fall under this class, since it tends to be associated with the raw strength of the earth. They are generally the strongest of the elementals. They may glide through stone and dirt like water, leaving no evidence of their passage. Those that do not look like rock are generally very fit individuals with bronze or dark skin, dark hair and eyes. They may camouflage completely with natural rock (no brick or cement), and may summon rock beneath their feet to cover their form and briefly act as a suit of armor. The following are available only to Crags:

⊱✦§ Fissure §✦⊰

Elemental is able to split a rock-face to create an opening within it. Alternatively, they are able to mend rock-face as well to erase an opening.

⊱✦§ Roil the Earth §✦⊰  

The Crag may cause the earth to yield up anything that is hidden in it as long as they can name it. Evil Crags may also use this to pull enemies down into the earth.  


The Green Spirits are generally what people think of when they think of "nature".  They may also be known as Kodama in different parts of the world, and includes Dryads and Satyrs/Fauns. Dryads may appear very natural in their active form, covered in vines and greenery, or may look like trees themselves, with bark skin and leaf coverings. Satyrs and fauns are commonly mistaken for mutants in the city. The following are available only to Green Spirits:

⊱✦§ Briar Patch §✦⊰

A thick briar patch erupts from the ground, forming a barrier between the elemental and a foe. It can be hacked down and does not regenerate. The briar patch will wither if the elemental flees.

⊱✦§ Green Thumb §✦⊰

Roots burst from the ground and either lash out at an opponent, or attempt to grab a limb and yank them down. As a peaceful alternative, Elementals with this ability may also use it to bring life to dead or malnourished vegetation.


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes, and any specific powers named above. 

⊱✦§ Possess Plant §✦⊰

Earth elementals can cause movement, growth, or decay of greenery. 

⊱✦§ Tremors §✦⊰

The ground beneath the caster's feet will shake, setting those around them off-balance, if not knocked down completely.

⊱✦§ Walk the Earth §✦⊰

Elemental is capable of sensing the movement of people in their area by emitting a soft, rolling wave of dust in a 360 degree area. Elemental is able to tell which direction people are going or coming if the dust touches them. It can be blocked by buildings, and only works for a range up to 15 feet.


An ice elemental mixes the aspects of air and water.  There are two classes of ice elementals in Ascension: the Glaceids and the Jotunn, or Frost Giants. Like fire elementals, ice elementals in general are considered to be rather cruel. The Frost Giants are similar to Crags in strength. The Glaceids are ice nymphs that may be wicked, neutral, or benevolent depending on their mood.


Ice nymphs are not very common in general. During more temperate weather, they are usually found hiding in frigid caves and catacombs. Sections of the Undercity are cold enough to house them usually. They generally share characteristics of both Undines and Sylphs, having very pale or white skin, pale or white hair, and brilliant blue eyes. The Snow Queen is said to have been a Glaceid. Even when not using their gifts, their touch is frigid almost to the point of pain.


Jotunn, or Frost Giants, are as strong as Crags. They tend to be neutral or evil, though there are reports of benevolent Frost Giants here and there. They may appear like great slabs of ice, or may appear as strongly muscled males (rarely females) with a blue or white skin tone and white hair/beard. The Jotunn may stomp the ground hard enough to sublimate water to a cascading sheet of ice when they walk. 


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Call Hail §✦⊰

A concentrated storm used to pelt an opponent with golf-ball-sized hail stones.

⊱✦§ Chilled Spear §✦⊰

The caster chills the water molecules before it and crafts them into a javelin-shaped weapon of ice. Can be used in hand-to-hand combat for a limited time, or thrown at a target. Can not be any taller than the caster's arm.

⊱✦§ Numb §✦⊰

Used to slow a specific body part with intense cold. Requires contact.

⊱✦§ Whiteout §✦⊰

The elemental calls forth a blizzard that whites out the area around them to obscure vision. It will also drop the temperature of the surrounding area enough to be uncomfortable.



Shadow elementals, or Penumbra, are widespread and may occur anywhere with enough ambient light to cast a shadow. They draw their power from the shadows. Legend has it that they were once elementals belonging to the other classes that, for some reason, were cast out and forced to hide in shadows forevermore. This lonely existence is reflected in their appearance: generally unkempt, with wild eyes, pallid skin, tattered clothing. They may be mistaken for vampires, lichs, or other undead.


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Cloak of Murk §✦⊰

The area around the caster blackens, blotting out everything within it, and everything around it. Used primarily to obscure oneself while under attack- since the darkness is so intense, it even stands out in shadow, so is not ideal for sneaking.

⊱✦§ Living Shadow §✦⊰

The ability to briefly animate their own shadow. The shadow remains a shadow and not a solid being. It has no intelligence.

⊱✦§ Shadow Strangle §✦⊰

The elemental snuffs out electrical lights or candles in a given area, one by one, using shadows to wrap around them. May also cause all the lights in a room to dim briefly upon entry.

⊱✦§ Shadow Stride §✦⊰

The ability to blend in seamlessly with the shadows. Of course, it requires available shadow. Is best used at night. During the day, the likelihood of being seen is high.


Necromentals are essentially undead elementals. An elemental that forms a bond with the negative energy realm of Nether (instead of Ether) may become a necromental when it dies. Necromentals look like dark, dismal versions of their original being. For example, an earth necromental may look like it's made of grave dirt and dark stone, with tombstone pieces and the occasional bone jutting through.


These are taken in addition to the Universal Attributes. 

⊱✦§ Existential §✦⊰

The Necromental peers into the person's eyes and attempts to instill within them the very real concept of 'eternity' and 'death'. What a person imagines varies, but the most common and ideal imagery the Necromental wishes for, is that of hopelessness, barren landscapes, or pure, everlasting darkness. Indeed, this ability is meant to cause an existential crisis.

⊱✦§ Life Leech §✦⊰

An energy-sapping ability. The Necromental narrows its focus on a specific target and attempts to drain it of energy, then feed it into itself. Depending on the health of the opponent, can weaken them considerably. Preferable as a finishing move, when a target is already exhausted. Or, on unwary victims.

⊱✦§ Undead Alliance §✦⊰

The Necromental sends a palpable pulse through the area that may be felt by the Undead and call them together.


The following chart details some unique abilities that can occur when two (or more) of certain types of elementals get together. The key to the abilities can be found beneath the chart. 

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  Increased ability
  Steam, Acid Burn 
  Mudslide, Quicksand
  Waterspout, Hurricane
  Expansion, Flotation
 Sludge, Murky Blindness
  Steam, Acid Burn
  Increased Ability
  Poison Smoke, Lava
  Inferno, Fire Tornado
  Freeze thaw, Coldburn
 Nightmare blaze, Blacksmoke
  Mudslide, Quicksand
  Poison Smoke, Lava
  Increased Ability
  Poison Spore, Relaxation
  Frostbite, Shatter
 Noxious Fumes, Despair
  Waterspout, Hurricane
  Inferno, Fire Tornado
  Poison Spore, Relaxation
  Increased Ability
  Blizzard, Breath Freeze
  Expansion, Flotation
  Freeze thaw, Coldburn
  Frostbite, Shatter
  Blizzard, Breath Freeze
  Increased Ability 
 Black Ice
  Sludge, Murky Blindness
  Nightmare blaze, Blacksmoke
  Noxious Fumes, Despair
  Black Ice
 Increased Ability

Acid Burn

May cause painful sores on areas struck. 

Black ice

Invisible slippery spot.

Black smoke

Thick, dark smoke that can disorient individuals.


Reduces visibility, movement. Makes an area cold. May result in snow accumulation depending on strength and duration.

Breath Freeze

Similar to drowning. Breath is literally stolen from the victim.

Cold burn

Individual gets burned by a cold fire. Deceptive in the sense it doesn’t hurt initially.


No light is visible/can penetrate this inky field of absolute darkness. 


Victim falls into emotional turmoil.


Ice can expand with the addition of water. Can be used to break something.

Fire tornado

Better controlled, target may get enveloped in a fire twister.


Ability to move something around in a room using ice on water.

Freeze thaw

Quickly freeze something then thaw or burn it.


Depending on intensity, may result in individual requiring amputation. Touch is required.


Individual or group is pelted by fierce rain and wind (If an ice elemental is also present, hail can be added).


Large area burns wildly without much control.


The ground becomes too hot to stand on and may begin burning individuals at their feet.


Ground slips beneath individuals or group, causing them to lose their balance and fall.

Murky blindness

An immensely thick, dark fog cloaks the area. 

Nightmare blaze

Group of victims fall into illusions of their worst nightmares.

Noxious Fumes

Similar to poison smoke but may render victims unconscious.

Poison smoke

Area becomes poisonous.. makes individuals become sick.

Poison spore

Focused on one individual, must be inhaled to have any effect. Victim slowly loses health and energy.


Individuals become trapped in the earth.


Group or individual become relaxed even if they are surrounded by chaos. Can be used to trick the victim into a sense of trust.


Something is frozen to the point of becoming incredibly brittle. 


Slows down movement.


Steam up a room to cause confusion, discomfort. Limited effect in open spaces.


Can trap individuals in a funnel of water, much like a cell. 

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