Current Contacts: 

Eclipse Daylight - Elysium Mistress

Taithus (Zanek Arashi) - Head Protector (Contact for guard info)

Tucked back in the corner of the bustling market, the temple of Elysium awaits. The most enchanting flowers lounge on the steps, inviting marketgoers inside for a taste of the bliss they offer. Past the billowing silk curtains, an opulent paradise awaits. Perfumes and incense scent the air with exotic aromas, nearly as enticing as the girls themselves. You are in Elysium. Bliss. Heaven. Home of the famed Elysian companions.

Unparalleled beauty and grace are but starting points for a companion. In order to be considered for the House, a woman must be skilled in a number of traditional arts such as tea ceremonies, dance, massage, and of course, conversation. Clients expect a companion to be able to carry on witty and intelligent conversation. Many companions are accomplished musicians, artists, and singers. Contracting a companion means entering into a bond in which, for a short time, the client is their entire world. It is for this reason that companions are so highly regarded and sought after.

The Companion House of Ascension is located in the Undercity Square.


The Elysian Companions are modeled after the companion houses from the Firefly series and Japanese oiran. This group is NOT for those interested in just RPing sex or walking around perpetually nude. If that’s what you are looking for, this is not the group for you!

The Companions run their service out of Elysium, located in the corner of the Undercity Square. They do their majority of working in the Market and the Hive, and there is a private entrance into the temple through the back of the Hive, for clients who prefer discretion.

Companions are renowned for their entertainment skills, and may be contracted for work either singly or in a group by any of the Undercity businesses, including working as blood dolls at the Hellfire or Baths as requested. They do occasionally accept contracts for work on the surface, though availability varies based on the individual girl.

Dress Code is modest silks, togas, saris, kimonos, or other classy, sensual attire. They may, on occasion, don lingerie but overall shy away from that aesthetic. They believe that a little mystery goes a long way, so nudity is only allowable in private rooms.




Elysium Novice - All new companions start out as Novices/Apprentices, who must prove themselves through a series of tasks and through observation of their many skills by those more experienced.

Elysium Protector - These men (and sometimes women) are tasked with protecting the companions and enforcing House rules when a client neglects them.

Elysium Companion - These girls have proven themselves worthy of the title. Alternatively, if a player comes in with a “trained” character, they can request this title to start.  

Skilled Companion - Having been with the House for some time, these girls have the skills necessary to provide wonderful company to their clients.

Elite Companion - These companions are well trained and highly sought after, having been a part of the House for long enough to gain a name in their own right.

Perfect Companion - These are the most trained, skilled companions the House has to offer. They often maintain a client list full of powerful people with high social standing. Even those outside the House tend to offer deference to these graceful, beautiful courtesans.

Elysium Mistress - The leader and matriarch of the House, tasked with overseeing hiring and training as well as day-to-day management of the House. 




1.) A companion chooses their clients and shall never be coerced to do otherwise without repercussions for the client attempting to force a meeting.

2.) Only Protectors may be armed within the House. Clients must disarm upon entering the vestibule.

3.) Any client accused by a companion as causing harm, or witnessed causing harm, will be immediately removed from the House list.

4.) A companion will never gossip about a client to another client or other companions. Secrets stay within the confines of a meeting.

5.) A companion will never be nude within the House in view of clients, except for in the privacy of a meeting.

6.) The meeting rooms are to be used only when with a client, and not for private encounters.

7.) A companion may leave the House at any time, or be removed if she continually violates the rules of the House or fails to maintain the high standards required of a companion.




Because companions are so highly sought after, many businesses engage them in short- or long-term private contracts. These may be anything from a request to entertain guests at a party, give massages at the baths, or even serve as blood dolls at the Hellfire. Group contracting is managed by the head companion and is dependent on availability. Several days’ notice is requested to arrange the schedule and ensure companions are available for service at the given time.

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