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Encantados are a mystical aquatic race that come from the land of Encante, located deep in the Pacific ocean. They appear as dolphins while in the water, though some are said to walk among humans in order to experience their culture. Their realm knows no pain, death or sorrow. It's a veritable paradise, something for which those on land would kill to know of...but the Encantados frequently leave their pods for hundreds of years at a time, needing to understand the hardships of humanity in order to better appreciate their utopia...

Encantados have a great love for making and listening to music, as well as attending parties. They only have a limited amount of time to walk on land, and try to live life to the fullest in every way they can. They experience everything they can, relishing both the good and the bad because they feel everything that happens to them will make them more appreciative of Encante when they return. 

When an Encantado reaches maturity, usually around 100 years of age, they leave their pod for the Great Walk, a time of exploration in which they swim over vast expanses of water to reach land. They do not choose a location to land, rather letting the currents take them wherever they might end up. Encantados have been reported in nearly every country around the world, though -- whether by happenstance or design -- there tend to be large collections of them in areas where an axis mundi exists. 

Transformation into a humanoid form occurs when they reach their destination. They carry with them a small piece of coral from Encante -- usually in the form of a necklace, ring, or other token -- that grants them the ability to metamorphose from what appears to be a nondescript dolphin into a human. The token they carry is charged by moonlight, thus any transformations usually occur after sunset, though if the token has been "charged" and not used the night before, they can transform during the day if under duress. Encantados are extremely protective of their secret, and do not transform in the view of others. 

Encantados have the ability to turn a human into one of their kind, though this gift can only be used once in their entire lifetime. They frequently make the offer to objects of their affection or adopted human "siblings" that they wish to take back with them to Encante when they go. Only humans can be transformed into an Encantado, and they cannot turn back. The transformed human is given a piece of their token object as a "key" to find their way to Encante when they both choose to leave the land. 

Encantados are a matriarchal society, with each pod headed by a female of their kind. Several pods make up a megapod (25-30 individuals) with a Matriarch heading each one. Encante is ruled by a Queen Mother. Players may make Matriarch characters, but the role of Queen Mother will remain an NPC unless a significant population of Encantados emerges. 




Encantados appear completely human in their false form. 

Dolphin avatar suggestion for true form:




Lifespan ranges from 300-400 years of age, though it's unclear if the Encantado actually dies or just returns to Encante forever. 




You can choose FIVE abilities total.

⊱✦§ Mental Gifts §✦⊰

Choose from the psychic/supernatural abilities listed for mutants. You can choose up to TWO of the abilities listed, but each one you choose takes up a slot. 

⊱✦§ Song of the Siren §✦⊰

Perform an enchanting, haunting song that may entrance listeners. While in this state, they may be more open to suggestion, or may be lured into the waters by the singer. The song may only be used once per day offensively. The effectiveness of the song depends on the will of the target, and certain races may be less affected than others.

⊱✦§Deep Song§✦⊰

Influence the emotional state of listeners with a song/poetry. Limitations: Again, general. Make the listeners feel happy/sad/calm/angry. No specific commands, and dependent on the state of mind of the other character (relaxed, open to suggestion, not blocking) and their relative supernatural level.


The Encantado can raise a sudden gust of sea breeze when threatened. It can only be used twice daily in combat. It does not require them to be in water, but they must be no further than 10 m from a substantial body of water. The squall may be strong enough to cause difficulty moving, but it cannot be used to throw things at others. 


The Encantado uses natural gift of echolocation in order to "sense" people or objects in areas of low light or low visibility (such as fog, underwater). They can ony locate up to 4 people or objects with a single sonic pulse, and the sonic pulse is limited on land to an area of no more than 5 m. They must be facing the person or object. 

⊱✦§Sonic Blast§✦⊰

Naturally-produced sonar is used offensively to attack a subject acoustically. Depending on the strength of the target, they may be thrown off balance, knocked over completely, or rendered temporarily deaf. There can be only one target at once, and they must be within 5 m of the Encantado. This power can be used twice per day in combat. 

⊱✦§Sonic Madness§✦⊰

The ability to induce illness or temporary insanity in a subject by bombarding them with acoustic signals just outside the frequencies of normal human hearing. Can only be used once per day, requires a minimum of a two post cast. Humans and other races with "normal" hearing will not hear anything, but those with supernatural hearing may actually detect the sonic pitch. Consent based and effect determined by target. 

⊱✦§ Celerity§✦⊰
A permanent boost to one's agility, raising them to x2 human speed. Beings with this ability tend to be a little lighter than ordinary, which can sometimes work to their detriment.

⊱✦§Attunement to Reality§✦⊰

Raise one of your five senses to above average. Limitations: You can only raise ONE sense, period, and that raised sense can present a weakness; i.e, raising your hearing to super human levels can deafen you if someone makes a loud noise next to you, bright lights can blind your enhanced sight. Above average means....above average. You cannot see across the entire sim or hear conversations through thick walls. Environment will have a profound effect on this skill (e.g. Your acute vision might not be too helpful on a foggy day).

⊱✦§Aura Perception§✦⊰

Learn various qualities of a person from their aura. Limitations: This is general - happy/sad/angry/dead. No specifics about someone, such as kinks or intent.

⊱✦§Dream Intrusion§✦⊰

A facsimile of you is ever present within the dreams of a selected target. Though the dream cannot be directly affected, your facsimile attempts to influence the target to adore, fear, hate, or befriend you. Limitation: This is contingent upon consent. This active effect may only be used on one target at a time.




Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.

-High Pitched Sounds: Any high pitched sound will affect an Encantado considerably, to the point where many are unable to use their gifts at all.

-Parties: Encantados are naturally drawn to parties and will drop everything they are doing and become obsessed with joining in if one is seen or heard. 

-Magic:  Encantados have a particular susceptibility to magic, especially divine magic. 

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