Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of technology does Ascension have?
A: Ascension is set in the near future, meaning a few years down the road from now, to allow for technology in plots that may not exist yet. In general however, consumer technology is at a current day level.

Q: Do I have to be from Ascension?
A: No. You can be from anywhere in the world or, in the case of demons, the demon realm. Most people travel here by boat from the mainland. Ascension does not have an airport.

Q: How isolated is Ascension?
A: The city broke off from the mainland years ago during the supernatural wars. It is separated by several miles of open water. It has no airport and it's small sea port is infrequently used due to the increased sea monster activity in the waters around the island.

Q: Do other cities know about supernaturals?
A: Yes. In our lore, the supernaturals came out a few hundred years ago and have been integrated in society since then. They are generally distrusted and scarce, but a few locations such as Ascension draw them in like magnets. Usually places on ley lines/omphalos/axis mundi.

Q: Are drugs legal here?
A: Marijuana in all forms is legal in Ascension. Mushrooms are legal and available at the head shop. "Soft" drugs like sexual stimulants sold at the sex shop and other race-specific drugs are generally not regulated or policed, since the deputies have far more serious issues facing them in the city. Hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, morphine, laudanum, and others are illegal on the surface but readily available in the Undercity where the police do not venture.

Q: Are those tentacles and monsters really there ICly?
A: Yep! One of the reasons why it's so hard to get stuff into the city is the massive tentacle monsters that swim around the coast and nom on unwary tankers. The harbor monster's name is Steve (Steven when he's in trouble). His wife Hortence is in the swamp. They went through a messy divorce during the Cretaceous period. The kid lives in the occult shop tank.

Q: Why doesn't the Federal Government get more involved in the City?
A: The Federal Government of the USA has higher priorities than some small town separated from the mainland and having no natural resources of any true value. Besides, certain political factions are all in favour of the supernaturals segregating themselves into what could be seen as a ghetto. 


Q: How do the "double strength" and similar powers work?

A: These powers are based off of an individual character's 'base' ability. A muscular character with increased strength would still be stronger than a tiny fellow with the same power.
Example: Increased Speed on a werewolf, with proper practice and general fitness, would mean they could sprint at about 30 mph (a trained human athlete reaches around 15 mph).


Q: Do you have race ... / Can I play race ... ?
A: Make sure to read the website first, but here's some common asked about races:

Faun: Earth Elemental or Mutant
Dryad: Earth Elemental
Faery: No, but check out Earthborn
Drow: No, but check out Earthborn (Cursed)
Angels: No, but demons can be any alignment and are non-religious. Can be an "angelic" demon. Or check out Earthborn with wings.

Q: I want to play race ... but it doesn't exist anywhere in the sim info. Can I have it custom added?

A: We don't allow custom races or characters anymore. Demons and mutants especially allow for a lot of freedom though; you can always look into adjusting your idea to fit in there.


Q: Can vampires eat food?

A: Yes. In our lore, vampires can eat regular food if the player wishes, but they do not gain nourishment from it. Your vampire does not -have- to eat food however.

Q: What is Vitality?

A: Vitality is an artificial blood product created by the National Eugenics Corporation in order to supply vampires and other blood-drinking supernaturals with an artificial supply. It was formulated based off the artificial hemoglobin products used in medicine when real blood was not available. There are different flavors available based on blood type, and different "grades" of it. It was patented by the NEC to prevent other groups from cashing in on the supernatural market, but bootleg versions are usually available at a lower price. 

Q: Are VtM clans allowed here?

A: You can refer to yourself as part of any VtM clan, but we do not have separate groups for every clan here. Additionally, your powers must be listed in the Ascension City rules.


Q: Are demons from Hell?

A: No. The demons in Ascension are NOT religious demons in any way, though historically they may have been mistaken for devils, angels, or gods by those who saw them in true form before the Revelation. They come from an entirely different plane, entering the mortal coil through omphalos/axis mundi such as the Ascension Stone, Oracle of Delphi, the Pyramids of Egypt, and other worldly places connected with the supernatural. 

Q: What is the difference between reaping and feeding?

A: Nothing. Reaping energy from other beings is how demons sustain their powers. Humans are the main source, but mutants can also provide nourishment in a pinch. Demons DO drink blood, but it is for pleasure rather than nourishment as with the vampires. 

Q: Can demons reap each other?

A: No. They also do not need to reap in their home plane where there are no humans, only in this one. 

Q: Since you have demons, can I be an angel?

A: Demons are NOT religious demons, therefore they do not have a specific counterpart. Many winged demons were mistaken for angels throughout the years. You can play a good-natured demon with an angelic look. Alternatively, the Winged Earthborn have many things in common with Angels also.

Q: Do I have to be evil?

A: No. Demons can be neutral, benevolent, or malevolent.

Q: If there's a demon world, does this mean there are other planes as well?

A: Nope. Ascension City's universe is not part of some magical multiverse with planeswalkers. The demon world is the only known other-world, and noone knows its true nature, not even demon scholars themselves.


Q: If wolfsbane is a non-lethal deterrent to werewolves, how is this a weakness, since it's a powerful neurotoxin to all living creatures in the real world?

A: The wolfsbane grown in the AC universe shares the name, but is in fact a completely separate herb from Aconite; which evolved in the supernatural world and is only harmful to canines and shifters.

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