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The exact origins of the race are lost in time, though gargoyle legend suggests that Merlin himself carved the very first Gargoyle from the stone that held Excalibur in order to provide Arthur with a legion of protective guardians. The stone was of the same constitution as the Ascension Stone, which is why many Gargoyles are attracted to Ascension.

Modern Gargoyles have been mistaken for demons, but they are a proud mystical race of their own with an ancient history. There are two types of Gargoyles: Day and Night. Day Gargoyles are active during the day and enter their stone sleep at night, and vice versa.

As expected, they generally prefer to stick to high places and, like trolls, are very protective of their home site. They are unable to be injured or killed during their stone sleep, but with the right equipment they may be moved.

They generally see all things as part of a whole, being overall spiritual and not religious. They consider the gods to be undefined and nameless. They are intrinsically tied to magic, though few actually can manipulate magic themselves. They are more commonly known as skilled artisans and tinkerers. Most gargoyles take names that describe their profession.

Gargoyles are omnivorous, gaining sustenance through hunting/gathering. They are confused by money and prefer trade for their created items. New gargoyles are hatched from eggs in communal rookeries, and generally take the profession of their father. Hatchdays are cause for profound celebration, often ending in drunken feats of strength.

Gargoyles in Ascension seem to particularly enjoy taking their stone sleep on the roof of the theater and trading their wares both aboveground and below in the Market.


Appearance may vary from clan to clan and is also dependent on their country of origin. English gargoyles tend to have feathered wings, whereas Japanese gargoyles look more serpentine. They commonly have bat-like wings, though some may be feathered. Most bear horns, sometimes very large and numerous. Horn pattern is heritable. Skin coloration has been observed in nearly every possible color, and tends to feel cold and hard to the touch even when not in stone sleep.

They are generally fanged and taloned, and some have prehensile tails. Their legs tend to be digitigrade. They only have one form (i.e. can’t look human), though they do transform to rock during their stone sleep.

These should NOT look like furries or dragons. No neon or cartoon-like features. Avatars should adhere to sim rules. There are really not any good gargoyle avatars around, so you may have to get creative. Beastly/monstrous avatars are allowed, along with “humanoid” versions that might be similar to a more bestial-looking demon. Please confer with staff if you have any questions.


Gargoyles age half as quickly as humans, so a 40-year-old gargoyle would be equivalent to a 20-year-old human. They can live up to 500 years of age, though the actual time of their existence may be longer due to time spent in stone sleep.



Skilled in throwing stone missiles at a target with increased accuracy.

⊱✦§Dermal Armor§✦⊰

Tough, stone-like skin that is resistant (not immune) to stabbing or piercing damage.


A gargoyle can hold itself so still it appears to be a statue, or blend into rock. Must be touching stone to do so. Different from the stone sleep


In situations of great danger, a Gargoyle's natural ferocity will take over, giving them increased speed but also making them more difficult to control.

⊱✦§Flight of the Gargoyle§✦⊰

Gargoyle's powerful wings carry them over land as fast as a galloping horse.


Enhanced eyesight. Able to see subtle movement from a distance, akin to the visual acuity of a raptor.

⊱✦§Master Artisan§✦⊰

Ability to create items of unparalleled beauty due to their skill. The item may be so beautiful as to inspire covetous behavior, and is also able to be enchanted by a skilled magician. (Enchanted items must go through occult shop)


Most gargoyles have adapted to low light/no light situations with astoundingly powerful nightvision, able to see well in near darkness.


Gargoyles are renowned for their sense of smell, on par with canine ability. They can remember the scent of a specific person and track them. Cannot sniff out supernatural nature of a person.


Wall scaling ability, as long as the wall is of stone.

⊱✦§Stone Strength§✦⊰

On par with that of a minotaur and troll. Able to push cars around, but should not be picking them up to throw at an enemy.


Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list, with one of those being the universal weakness to iron; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.


Iron weapons/hammers can incapacitate a gargoyle with a direct hit. This is a universal race weakness for gargoyles.


The gargoyle is generally adverse to water and will do anything to avoid it. Powers decrease by 50% when in water.


Weather below freezing can prolong their stone sleep and make them disoriented upon awakening.

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