Ascension City Sim Rules


Behave as you would in a real world community (OOCly, at least). You are expected to work through any general roleplay disagreements on your own like the adults we all are unless the issue directly involves rule violations as put forth in this guide. Playing on any private sim in SL is a privilege, not a right. Trolls and griefers will not be tolerated.

This is an adult sim with adult themes, so be aware of that.

On this sim, things work a little differently. Every staff member (business owner, race leaders) has my encouragement to confront problems where they see them on the sim. If it's an obvious rule infraction, it doesn't take someone carrying a big stick to handle it. Business owners are the front lines. They know the players. They know the problems far better than I could ever hope to. And there are far more of them than any number of admins I could arbitrarily appoint.

We're a group of people who love this sim, who love roleplay, and who want to make the game better for everyone involved. There's no posturing by people pretending to be important, and there is no favoritism on my end. The people who are helping moderate sim activities are given those positions because they are dedicated and enthusiastic. That's it. Anyone misbehaving or misusing their positions in some way can be chastised just like any other player.

With that said, please contact the appropriate staff member with your questions. For major problems on sim like griefing or harassment, contact Senior Staff right away.  If you contact me about something that does not require my exact attention, I will refer you to them even if it is an easy answer. If the person you contact does not have the answer for you, they'll contact me then.

On the flip side, if you feel like you've been informed incorrectly, had a bad experience with a staff member, or need to appeal something, definitely contact me. This is a community where everyone is accountable for their own actions, and that does not exclude the staff. We only know how to get better by confronting the mistakes we've made in the past.

Thank you all for continuing to make this one of the most friendly, interesting, welcoming communities on the grid!



You can copy and paste these group links into your SL viewer. Just follow the link to join the groups!

*Main Group*
This should be used for general questions, character set-up questions, problems, help, etc. You can also use it to post a lead-in to get people to come over to play, come find you, etc. General chitchat should be in the OOC group, but no one is going to lynch you for putting it here by mistake.

Direct link to main city group: secondlife:///app/group/f03fae2c-3e50-cc68-7e41-7fc99ddb1fe5/about

Everyone starts as an AC Dweller, but by spending time on sim and contributing to the community, you can "rank up" so to speak. Details can be found on the player ranks page. 

*OOC Group*
This is for everything else. Goof around. Talk dirty. Whatever. Adult themes and language expected so beware!

Direct link to OOC city group: secondlife:///app/group/cee76075-577b-1f53-9ca7-20acbdcc85ca/about

There are race-specific groups, along with groups for all the businesses. 


The current business owners and race leaders are posted on the boards in the skybox. If they are online, click the indicator to page them. If no response, try a different staff member or ask for help in group chat. All staff have the ability to moderate the sim and chat groups. So listen to them!

A good way to get involved on the sim right away is to apply to be a sim mentor. If you want to take on a larger role and are mature, dedicated, and motivated, look into any open businesses to run!


Surprise! There is no application.

The information on this site is all pre-approved. There is no waiting. All the race groups are open to join so you can get started right away. However, this requires that you actually read all the information provided here in order to correctly create a character. If you make a character that does not fall within the guidelines, staff will request you change it to adhere to the website. If there are any questions, please contact Senior Staff.


1. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Consistent with race. Demons can have horns, vampires can be all pasty (but not sparkly >.<), etc. Lycans can have wolf forms. Demons can have 'true forms', but if your character is something completely outrageous just check quickly before playing it! Many supernatural characters will choose to use a 'false form' (if the race has one) on the surface and use their true form only in the supernatural Undercity. It's up to you.

2. AVATAR SIZE: No sim-filling giants (large demon forms, Lycans/beasts are okay). Petites/micro avatars are allowed as of 9/28/13, but ONLY for use as demon imp forms. Petites MUST be 18 years or older. 

3. DRESS CODE:  Dress code is generally modern day/urban to retro/vintage. If your character is a Victorian vampire set in his ways....sure, rock that top hat. And no one is going to stop you if you want to traipse down main street in a medieval ball gown or full-on silver spandex, but you may get funny looks.

4. NUDITY: This is an adult sim, and nudity is allowed as long as it is fitting to the story. This does NOT mean you can walk around perpetually topless or nude just for the hell of it, and is not an invitation to screw in public places. 

5. RACES: We have a massive list of approved races. We know some people bitch about places with 'too many races,' but we like the options and our players do too. Lycans in wolf form, Minotaurs and other Beast avatars ARE allowed, but we do not allow furries, cartoon avatars, existing characters or literary figures (Darth Vader, Superman, Dracula, etc.).


Read all the infos. Do it!

In the interest of fair play, you should strive to make a character that has flaws. Making a rock star ninja master hacker professional quarterback CEO billionaire is just plain stupid. There, I said it. If you notice someone with an insanely overpowered them on their bullshit or bring it to the attention of sim staff. It's not tattling, it's keeping things fair in the game.

All characters get a maximum of five powers/strengths (Note: we are currently overhauling powers, so races with less than that even available right now WILL be brought up to speed shortly). These must be offset by a minimum of three weaknesses as described on the individual race page. Weaknesses and character flaws are not the same thing. For example, an allergy to sunlight is a weakness, whereas a bad temper is a character flaw.

Once you have your character stats determined, it's a good idea to post them in your profile. It's not an absolute requirement for the sim, but it will help keep people honest. 



The number one rule on this sim, above all else, is to respect your fellow players and residents. We are all adults, and need to play nicely. Common courtesy and decency are required in order to play here.

Please do not spread unfounded rumors, unsubstantiated gossip, or anything else likely to cause drama. It stirs unrest, sucks up admin resources, and makes Baby Jesus cry. Don’t do it. If there is an obvious source of drama that is affecting multiple players and visitors...that source will be removed. :)

NO trespassing in private rentals (marked with rent boxes outside). No sithacking or spycamming people's private spaces.


Please be respectful of everyone around you, and if there are people roleplaying, keep OOC chatter to IMs or find another area to hang out OOCly. Roleplay will take priority.


NO child avatars, underage avatars, or ageplay. Period. Players/visitors and characters MUST be over 18 years old and look like it. We do not have height restrictions. However, if the avatar is very short by general SL standards, they must dress and talk as adults, and appear anatomically as an adult (i.e. developed breasts for a female).


In the interest of keeping lag down, we aren't allowing follower pets/mesh attachment creatures of any kind. There were also issues of people using follower pets to enter into combat for them. Hopefully, you are all smart enough to see why that is a huge problem. 

IF your character befriends another player's animal character and it becomes part of the roleplay to be a pet, obviously that is allowed. Though no battle lions, please. Read the rules on allowed animals


Each player may set their own limits for roleplay. Reports of a given player repeatedly breaking someone else's limits, or bullying another player to break their limits will be taken seriously.


Flight is turned off on the sim. The only acceptable reasons to override it are to enable swim AOs that work by flight or if your character has a flighted race for which you have taken the flight skill. 


Please see the Vehicle Rules for more info. 


Please keep scripted items to a minimum on your avatar and delete any scripts possible from clothing and hair (resize scripts, color-change scripts), after making a copy of them of course! You may be asked to remove heavily scripted items.

Please do not wear anything that sparkles wildly with bling. It's....horrid.


You can play as many characters as you want, either on a main or alts. Go nuts.


You may carry weapons (see combat rules for specifics). However, please keep the script lag as low as possible, and avoid wearing invisible hand pieces as much as you can. Magic is permitted as befits your character. Just make sure you read the magic rules and don't get all craycray with your pewpewpew.

We are a meterless sim, so if you do choose to engage in combat, the outcome should be determined between players or by the use of dice.


You cannot do anything you want to another person’s character. Anyone is allowed to decline roleplay at any time, without having to explain themselves.

There is a sim-wide automatic limit of no ageplay or any other activity that goes against the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS) agreement that you all accept upon logging in.


IMPORTANT: We ask that every visitor to this private sim who reads and agrees to abide by these sim rules also consents to the use of logs by staff for the purposes of conflict resolution and your own protection from griefing and rule violations. No personal information that may be contained within will ever be disclosed, and logs of chat, IMs, or other forms of in-world communication will only be requested by the sim owner or her representative(s) when necessary.

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