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Goblins are supernatural beings who generally live in tribes or clans. They used to dwell mostly in caves or deep forests in the past. Due to the changing ecosystem however, and partly thanks to the growing acceptance of supernaturals in certain places of the world, many goblins have migrated to the cities in the latest decades however.

Traditional goblin society was a meritocracy where the tribe was divided into three “classes”. The traders / clerks, the craftsmen, and the hunters / warriors. The traders have found it easiest to adjust to modern, human society, due to their knack for numbers and business. The traditional crafts practiced by goblin craftsmen (though some have adapted to use more modern technology and can be as advanced as humans), and the hunting skills of their warrior class have little use in organised society however.

As such, among urban goblins, one will often find large discrepancies. Some wealthy ones who seem to have made the American dream, while others are rotting away in the ghettoes and have organised themselves into criminal street gangs with little to no prospects for the future. The behaviour of the latter group (which is the majority) has lead to a general distrust of goblins in many ranks of mainstream society, and they are often discriminated against and treated with prejudice.


Goblins tend to be very short, about half of a normal human height. They generally have a green skin, their face best recognised by the floppy ears and overly wide mouth. They generally have shaggy hair ranging from red to brown to black, with black the most common. In some tribes, it’s traditional to dye the hair it in unnatural colours, and especially the warriors can be regularly found with blue mohawks or similar ‘aggressive’ hairstyles.


Goblin children age slightly slower than humans, biologically they are fully grown by the age of 20. However, traditionally they already perform adulthood rites in their mid teens, between 14 and 16 depending on the goblin’s skill, and are legally treated as adults within the tribe as soon as the rites are passed. For purposes of the sim, goblins need to be 20 years old at least.

Goblins can live up to 100 years old, depending on the lifestyle they’ve lead. Many of the hunters and craftsmen due to their harsher living conditions compared to the cushioned clerks and traders become no older than 75.


The following race attributes are shared by all goblins.


Goblins have grown used to functioning in the dark. They can see in near darkness as well as anyone else during the day. They still need some light source however, this does not function in complete blackness. In bright light, their vision tends to get blurry due to the different way their eyes pick up light.


Razor sharp teeth can cause a dangerous bite, and strong jaws lets them swallow larger than normal objects.


They are naturally able to walk in near-total silence and have learned how best to use shadows to their advantage. Anyone wanting to follow a player for an extended period of time or to a secret location will be required to check with them first. Also able to avoid pressure-activated traps.

⊱✦§Lightning Reflexes§✦⊰

Many goblins train their naturally fast reflexes. Their reflexes are almost twice as fast as a normal human. Note: Their actual movement speed is not increased, just reflex.

⊱✦§Poison Resistance§✦⊰

Traps and poisons are some of the goblin’s best known crafts. As such, many craftsmen have grown a heightened immune system, able to fend off small doses of poison more efficiently. They are not immune, but it would take nearly twice the normal dose for a poison to be effective against them.

⊱✦§Sit In Silence§✦⊰

Goblins can hide themselves exceedingly well. As long as it does not move, it can make itself nearly unseen. This does not make you invisible, thus still requires physically hiding in shadows or in cover. Can still be detected by supernatural means.

⊱✦§Viral Saliva§✦⊰

Goblin saliva is infectious with the “Goblin Fever”. Coming into contact with the goblin’s spit has no immediate effect, but a small amount entering the body can cause nausea and cramps after an average incubation period of 12 hours. Larger amounts can cause a serious illness with flu-like symptoms, or at its worst become rabies-like. ((ooc - victim decides how exactly this disease affects them))


Choose TWO of the following in addition to the race attributes. Taking Shaman counts as two slots.


This power is most often used when the goblin tries to cut deals or negotiates with someone, though it can be used in other situations as well (excluding active combat).

In the middle of the conversation, the goblin starts to ramble complete nonsense, in a manner that makes it impossible to get a single word in without physically stopping the goblin. They can keep rambling and nattering for up to three posts, and anyone who has listened to them non-stop for this long will end up dazed and confused by all the poppycock they were just forced to endure.

In business dealings and negotiations, this confusion will make the victim much more likely to agree to the goblin’s demands. The confusion effect usually lasts a few minutes, but there are claims of goblins so skilled in nonsense they manage to confuse listeners for up to a full hour (with the strength of the effect decreasing over time).

The exact effect and duration of this power is dependant on victim player consent.

⊱✦§My Precious§✦⊰

The goblin becomes obsessed with and has a special connection to a small item made of noble metal (silver, gold, ...) or containing a precious stone. To gain this connection, they must have held the item in their grubby little hands at least once. From this point on, the goblin can always sense the location of the item, though the farther away, the less precise this skill becomes.

Up to around 100m, they can detect in what building or general area it is located. Further than +/- 100m away, the skill merely functions as a compass, pointing in the general direction.

A goblin can only have one “Precious” at a time, and when they change their connection to another object, for 48 hours they show similar symptoms to drug addicts in rehab and will try almost anything to gain hold of their previous “Precious”.

⊱✦§The Negotiator§✦⊰

These goblins have a masterful grasp of non-verbal communication (body-language, ...). It allows them to both ‘read’ their opponent, and to change their own way of communicating to be more in line with the opponent’s wishes. This combination usually allows them to get the most out of any deal.

They can only focus on one person, thus making it most effective in one on one negotiations; and is least effective against mixed groups. The effect of this power is consent-based.

⊱✦§Run Gobber Run!§✦⊰

Most goblins are cowardly creatures when they do not have a large group, or least a large ally, to back them up. These goblins however have taken the skill of fleeing into an artform. When threatened or cornered, once a day, the goblin can boost their running speed and reflexes to twice that of a normal human being. This last a total of three posts, and during these three posts the goblin’s mind is overrun with fright, as it tries to get away.

note: Speed of reflexes does not quadruple when combined with lightning reflexes. This power can only be used to flee from an encounter (doesn’t need to be a combat encounter though).


Magic is very rare with goblins, less than one in ten thousand is bestowed with the gift. Entire tribes often go without spellcasters in total, but those that are found are usually revered as the voice of wisdom of the tribe and dedicate their lives to few other pursuits. Takes both the strength slots.


All of the following weaknesses apply to all goblins. You may choose more if you like.

Bright Lights

They get blinded pretty easily and tend to avoid very brightly lit areas.


Average strength is only half of a human’s.


Due to their small frame, they are thrown/carried around easily.

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