*IMPORTANT*  Do not create any group with Ascension or Ascension City in the title without approval. Anyone misleading players into believing their group is an official group without actually having official status may be asked to leave the sim.


IF the group type or gang you are interested in doesn't exist, you can create one. It cannot be a carbon copy of a business that already exists. Please contact staff with your business or group idea. You may be told no if it is not an acceptable/fitting group for the sim's atmosphere or if it is too similar to a current group. Vampire and demon groups are not accepted, though groups may be made for the non-core “grouped” races (such as Djinn).

You must have FOUR active players to be registered as an unofficial group on the website. If your idea is accepted by staff, your unofficial group will be listed in the PRO group directory. We will not do any advertising or notices for your group aside from simply placing contact information there. You can make your own unofficial groups (with the limitations listed in the policies below) to do so, and do your own recruiting ICly for your groups.

In order to request registration as a PRO, please fill out the PRO Registration Request form


  • You cannot use Ascension or AC or Ascension City in the title of a group until you are accepted for official group status (if you so choose to pursue it).  

  • Unofficial groups will not receive headquarters/territory, though you can use public businesses or locations as a meeting space, provided your faction and the business are "friendly" enough to each other.

  • To be “registered” as a PRO on the website, a group must have a MINIMUM of 4 active players who are consistently present on sim. If the group is inactive for longer than 2 weeks, we will remove the info from the website.

  • There is no guarantee that a group will ever be accepted as an official group.

  • Groups must follow all sim rules and play fairly.


To apply for official status, the PRO must qualify under the policies listed above and the steps below.

1.) Contact sim staff to become registered as a PRO (minimum 4 players).

2.) Create your own unofficial group (at your own cost). Do not use Ascension, AC, or otherwise in the title.

3.) Play frequently on sim.

4.) Gain a minimum of 8 players in your group that are active on sim.

5.) Submit an official group proposal.

6.) Wait for staff to approve/disapprove the proposal. We will work on any things that may need tweaking.

7.) If the group proposal is accepted, your group must play a minimum of one month on sim before receiving official status to make sure you have the dedication to serve as an official group.

8.) After that time, official status will be granted and you will receive a new official group, along with notice rights and a location.


If your PRO is approved for official status, your group will be given an Ascension City group and I will migrate all members over to co-own the group with the leader. The group will have information placed in the skybox/on the website to help draft players. You will get notice rights in the main group to advertise events and recruit (limited to two per week).  However, there will be a little more oversight of the group and activities if it is made official. And if you choose to leave the sim, the group will stay and new leadership can be assigned.


Once your PRO is established, you can submit a proposal to become official. Your proposal should contain the following (the more complete, the better):

  • Purpose/background/lore

  • Leadership structure (faction leader, seconds-in-command, thirds, etc.)

  • Location/Headquarters: Any current rentals being used as a headquarters, or locations used as meeting places. If a separate headquarters is required, please describe what the ideal location would be.

  • Roles: Explain all available roles, what they do, and how one advances in the group.

  • The application you use for admission into your group (if you have one).

  • Any other information you feel would be helpful in aiding staff in a decision.

Please make your proposals easy to read, with the above required sections outlined clearly. Thank you!

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