Kumpania jewelers, herbalists and metalworkers have perfectioned mysterious, sombre recipes throughout the centuries, most of them taught by father to son, mother to daughter, elder to youths; by word, taking each individual as an apprentice, depending on their inclinations, the moment a gypsy reached the adult age. Not only heirlooms passed from generation to generation but also, their legacy consisted of teaching how to make new items.

Roma believe, the gypsy's force of life passes into the item they craft. So many hours spent, so much concentration, to combine manpower with gifts of nature, to be rewarded, in the end, with a unique item that contains some of the creator's soul and magic, blessed by the Kumpania, in order to protect the kin from evil, to have a little more chance to dominate the abomination, to cleanse one who has suffered in the hands of the monster.

Most powerful items are long lost, it's said, lost to time and the eternal fight of the Roma against the abominations walking the Earth. If once there was ever a sword to cut through any metal, kill any devilspun, noone knows any more how to make one. If once upon a time, there ever was a flower to cure any illness, the gypsies forgot its name. If there is a bit of coal, left in the Earth, that can, when cut into a faceted gem of brightness with no equal to blind all foes at once, they have not come across it. What remain to them is the faint shade of what once was. Crumbles of strength, little bits of knowledge, a drop of wisdom. The never ending journey, the wandering, the falling apart from one another to hide in the desert corners of distant locations hasn't done the 'arts' any good. Still, what little they possess, the gypsies hold on to and protect. Rare to find a master crafter, they try to share their knowledge in their small communities.

Because there's dark shadows walking day and night among men to spread their disease. And they must be stopped.

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