Gypsy Powers

The Kumpania consists of 5 classes each member of the family must choose one, regardless of their rank. The only exception to this are the blokime. The blokime (Shunned Gypsy) are stripped from their racial powers and may no longer use them. If human, they become powerless, if mutant, they keep only their non-gypsy mutant powers. 

 You can pick 5 racial powers total. Choose from the universal pool or your appropriate class or divine powers. 




 All classes can choose from this list.

⊱✦§Mage Class§✦⊰

Gypsies that take this power are the magicians, mages, warlocks, and wizards of their kind. Taking this power consumes THREE of your FIVE choices for powers and confers the ability of a trained Magus to the character. 

⊱✦§Dança Zapaderin§✦⊰

The Zapaderin dance is an offensive spell and must be cast over 3 posts to have full effect on the target. Through her intricate, graceful dance, the gypsy will mesmerise the target, make them compliant and open to suggestions. Only one suggestion can be made to the victim and only one person at a time can be entranced in this way.

⊱✦§ Blood of my blood §✦⊰

 The gypsy with this power will be able to recognise the other gypsies with a failure possibility. They will feel a natural connection with their kin, drawn to the blood. If a Gaje has been transformed into a Rom, drinking from the Gypsy Cup, they too will be recognised as any gypsy. Blokime (shunned gypsies) aren't immune to this ability and the power doesn't reveal whether or not they are shunned from the clan. Consent required. 

⊱✦§ Lock, Unlock §✦⊰

This is an offensive power requiring 3 posts to complete. The gypsy will be able to open a lock if successful. This ability works only on items like doors, cages, cupboards and drawers with KEYHOLES. Safe boxes, doors with codes, digital lock systems cannot be hacked. Consent required. 

⊱✦§ Grenade of Doubt §✦⊰

This is a smoky, smelly explosive item the gypsy know how to craft. It can be in the form of firecrackers, molotov cocktails, grenades, small bombs...However it looks, the major element is not damage focused. In addition to the minor fire/explosion/light burst effect depending on the weapon, it includes a mysterious gypsy 'ingredient' that can be more effective than a full capacity thrown explosive. Its smell is highly distracting and will render the opponent incapable of attacking for one turn. Can distract up to 2 people in a range of 5 meters. Makes a good fight starter or easy escape! Consent required. 


Elder & Chivani Powers

These are restricted to -only- Elder and Chivani roles, though they can be of any class. 

There is but one power only the elders and the Chivani can have. It is the ability to cast a blessing or a curse that will determine the fate of the Kumpania. It has two faces; the Evil Eye & the Wheel of Fortune. Takes one power slot. Consent required.

⊱✦§ Evil Eye §✦⊰  

The infamous, deadly gypsy curse can be cast upon a gaje that has truly offended them, disrupted the peace on their territory and caused a lot of trouble. Only the Chivani, and elders are allowed to do this curse seeing how it is not only very complex; but it takes experts to release the curse. Occasionally all members of the family are required to partake in this ritual for their safety. The curse is simple, when inflicted upon a gaje, they will experience bad luck from mild (for example: their dog die, someone accidentally spills coffee on them) to extreme (a car runs them over) etc. [However the player wants to roleplay out the curse]. The gaje will experience dreams or images of the Kumpania as a sign of the curse. If the gaje is smart and recognizes it and wants the curse to be removed then they must come to the gypsies and beg for their forgiveness along with offering a present. MAYBE the Chivani will have a pure heart and the council of elders will remove the curse.

⊱✦§ Wheel of Fortune §✦⊰  

In opposition to the Evil Eye, the Chivani or elders may decide to give their blessings to a gaje in return of favours and help or to encourage good behaviour towards the Kumpania. The Wheel of Fortune is a ritual that might possess great power, depending on the effort that is wished to be rewarded. The inflicted gaje will experience good luck from mild ( for example: they find money on the street, find a lost item ) to extreme ( whatever they attempt turns into a golden opportunity) etc. [The effects depend on the player, though no more than 1 extremely lucky situation is encouraged while small benefits are okay ]. The gaje will experience dreams or images of the Chivani as a sign of the blessing. The lucky phase will last up to 3 scenes.




Only the most faithful Christian can get these powers. You can fool the others but not the Lord! These powers will be lost if the character loses their faith or doubts their religion. A strong mind and a strong belief is the only way to maintain them. Note that, you are consenting to play a fanatic religious character and must have your background fitting it. 

⊱✦§ Zealot's Frenzy §✦⊰

Works for religious types. For one turn pray God for strength and protection, out loud. You shall see yourself 'rewarded' by double your strength for 3 turns, once a day, open to comment if this was Divine Intervention or your inner power and faith! 

⊱✦§ Leap of Faith §✦⊰ 

Turn yourself into the hands of God. Religious characters with this power can literally jump down distances with blind determination they will survive. Anything beyond 5 meters is deadly. One post of prayer before jumping!

⊱✦§ Turn Your Other Cheek §✦⊰

These religious fanatics often punishing themselves gain tolerance towards pain and will just turn their cheek when you slap them hard! The fanatic resists the pain of a single attack and won't suffer the pain during the fight for at least a while, but the attack still has its effect otherwise (ie, you'll still be bleeding / dismembered / whatever), and during healing it'll hurt twice as bad. This power also allows endurance towards mental invasion and torture. Two blows can be taken and absorbed, once a day, mental or physical.

⊱✦§ God Hates Fangs §✦⊰

Consent based. If bitten this religious person's blood will induce such a strange, awkward taste that will fill the vampire with fear and scare them away! Is it because they taste 'funny'? Because God seems to watch over this person? Whatever the reason, the vampire will find it repulsive and give up on their attempt of feeding.




These powers are applicable to more than one class, but are not universal. You can pick them only if you belong to that class.

⊱✦§ Light-fingered §✦⊰

  • Garda, Merchant, Gabori
  • Consent required

This is an offensive power and takes 3 posts to complete. The gypsy using this power will successfully pickpocket the target without risk of exposure and discovery. The stolen item cannot be heavier or bigger than a gun. For example an entire clothing article or a backpack cannot be stolen. Purses, small weapons, accessories and the like can be stolen.

⊱✦§ Avarice §✦⊰

  • Gabori, Merchant
  • Consent Required

Their insatiable desire for valuable stones, semi or full precious sometimes grows a sensitivity in the gypsy, allowing them to 'feel' where a stone is around them. Immediately the gypsy can tell, which stone it is and their approximate distance to it. This power will make the gypsy crave for the item and gain its possession, by whatever means.

⊱✦§ Bewitching Embrace §✦⊰

  • Drabarni, Gabori
  • Consent required

 The gypsy will kiss the target on their lips to seal the spell and intoxicate them, suddenly seeming alluring and desirable to the victim, regardless if they are in truth, an ugly, toothless, old hag or a beautiful young woman/man. The effect lasts only until the end of the scene, or until the gypsy decides to break the spell and NOT every single kiss of the gypsy will work this way. A gypsy can entrance a single person a day, with a risk of failure.

⊱✦§ Metal Bender §✦⊰  

  • Ferari, Gabori

Because they are passing endless hours giving form to and reshaping metals, gypsies with this power will find out, any metal in their hands almost comes to life. When in danger, the metal item they hold in their hand can be temporarily shaped into a weapon and will return to their initial form at the end of the scene. The metal's mass cannot be changed. Whatever their weight was before, will stay the same. This will work only on items that are physically possible for them to wield. The created item cannot be too complex, it can be a blunt club, a dagger, dirk, sword, axe, hammer or a stake but not a morning star with tons of spikes or a gun for example. If the contact with the weapon is lost, the metal will return to its original shape.

⊱✦§ Warrior Instinct §✦⊰  

  • Garda, Merchant

Though not empathic in any sense, the Romani tends to have a firm sense of peoples' feelings when the person is experiencing them strongly- however they don't necessarily have to be showing in any obvious way. It isn't felt by the Rom, merely sensed the way one would a change of wind.

⊱✦§ Such Kind Words §✦⊰  

  • Merchant, Drabarni
  • Consent required

These Rom have a way with words, mannerisms, general character...They're just a pleasure to be around, in some cases one may not even be able to place why. But when someone is in doubt, turmoil, nervous etc, these Rom have something about their way of speech that may calm the person, or sway them towards the Rom's way of thinking. Of course, this isn't a flawless process, but can prove true on many an occasion.




⊱✦§ Rapid Fire §✦⊰

The garda when intending to target more than one supernatural (at least two), leans on their hunter instincts to fire as well as they normally would with less concentration. In other words; the garda is able to fire in succession for three posts with one aiming post. This is a tiring power, an adrenaline rush and the cooldown time will make the garda slower while they recover their energy. Only works with ranged weapons. Usable once a day.


⊱✦§ Steady Hand§✦⊰

  The garda takes more time concentrating before this shot is made to aim once and the second shot won't require them to use additional aiming if it's timely. Meaning, two posts to aim prior to shooting and two shots in a single post afterwards. It's better used as a fight starter than used in the middle of combat, because there's chance of being distracted between aiming posts. Can be used once a day. 

⊱✦§ Sure-Footed §✦⊰

Balance, silence and agility, these are the ingrained talents gifted to Rom with the Sure-Footed attribute. Like with all matters of stealth, clothing and environment apply. Though not supernatural, Rom with this skill will surely surprise someone.

⊱✦§ The Fastest Shot §✦⊰

The Garda with this ability is practically one with their weapon, they're so familiarised they can actually shoot faster through sheer force of will and energy alone. With a ranged weapon, for three turns the Garda can shoot as fast as a supernatural with enhanced speed can move. Usable once a day. Will be a little slower afterwards.

⊱✦§ Surge §✦⊰

Similar to The Fastest Shot, but for melee weapons. With this ability the Garda can summon a surge of adrenaline to overflow their system, heightening their speed to the x2 human speed typical of some supernaturals. They can gather the strength to do this once a day for three posts, and will be a little slower afterwards.

⊱✦§Titan §✦⊰

Garda with this ability are slightly tougher than the average human, not as easily pushed around by supernatural strength but still far from rivalling it. Additionally, for three posts, once a day, the Garda with this ability can focus all their strength into heightening their physical prowess. For three posts once a day, the Garda can attack with x2 human strength. Will feel weak and sluggish for a while afterwards.




⊱✦§ Flora Detection §✦⊰

 The gypsy with this power can detect the herb they are in need of, if they know exactly what they are looking for. No more than a hundred meters distance is allowed for them to be able to 'smell' the plant they are searching for, a time saving ability for the ever busy herbalist. If they get close enough to the herb they are looking for, they can distinguish its smell among many. This can be used for a maximum of three roots, leaves, flowers .. etc. Doesn't matter if it is the same kind or not.

⊱✦§Drabarni's Mercy§✦⊰

Lesser gift takes ONE power slot. Moderate gift takes TWO power slots. Choose depending on your level of knowledge. Beginner players are limited to Lesser while Elders are Moderate.

 The gypsy can heal their target only if they are touching them, it won't work from a distance. The mercy cannot heal demons and vampires due to the faithful nature of this power. It can temporarily numb the pain of the target and comfort the wounded and will be effective on lesser wounds. Clearing up a common cold and easing allergies is within your scope. Easing the symptoms of other illnesses (the flu, etc) are also possible.Clearing of more serious illnesses, bacterial and viral infections are also possible but will weaken the gypsy and drain their energy. In very rare occasions, elder drabarni are capable of lessening serious injuries that might be fatal, but doing so will prevent them from casting again for a week. Situations that require immediate medical attention can be helped with only to a point but the gypsy won't be able to entirely heal a bullet wound or several broken bones or reanimate a stopped heart.

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