Healing Guidelines


In the city, there are three types of healing that can occur: modern medicine, natural healing & herbalism, and energy healing. All three will be discussed in their own sections, but the following is the racial allowances for each type:

-Modern Medicine: Any character of any race can practice modern medicine as appropriate given their background.

-Natural Healing & Herbalism: Any character of any race can practice herbalism, homeopathy, alternative medicine, etc. Characters that have magic may use it to enhance their general skill level for natural magic. (Think shamans and witch doctors)

-Energy Healing: Energy healing is a supernatural/metaphysical type of healing that can be performed by mutants, djinn, earthborn and elementals who have taken this as a skill.


The modern medicine we have available in the city is on par with what is currently feasible with medicine today. If you’ve read about it, you can use it, even if it’s an experimental medication or procedure. As mentioned above, any character of any race can use regular medicine to the extent they are trained for it. Cybernetics is still a burgeoning field in our lore, and has significant limitations as outlined in that information.

Any gunshots, serious penetrating wounds, critical illnesses, etc should be healed through modern medicine and NOT the more limited energy healing. See the following information for more clarification. 

Ascension does NOT have med evac capabilities to the mainland due to distance and risk to small aircraft in flying over the monster-filled bay (why we don't have an airport).


Natural healing, naturopathy, homeopathy, holistic care, alternative medicine including acupuncture, and herbalism all fall under this umbrella. Some of these practices follow a belief in the manipulation of life energy to aid in healing (such as acupuncture and chi). For the purposes of Ascension, this branch of medicine is considered to use natural remedies to heal but the healer does NOT actually manipulate life energy themselves. That is managed by the energy healing branch (read below for further clarification).

Magic/supernatural ability is NOT required to practice this branch, though it may enhance the effects of the natural remedy or practice.

This is not considered a “power” so much as a “skill,” as it can be a learned trade.


Reiki, Biofield Energy Healing, Sacred Touch, Faith Healing, Spiritual Healing fall under this category. Mutants, Djinn, Earthborn, and Elementals can take this as a power/skill. For the purpose of Ascension, this does require supernatural ability and consists of actual manipulation of life energy to aid healing.

There are four levels of energy healing. If your character is already trained in the art, you can choose to play up to advanced levels of healing. If your character has not been trained, we recommend starting from scratch and using your journey in roleplay to have your character learn the skill!

Beginner - You must touch your target, and can heal light physical wounds, easing pain for more serious wounds and taking on the emotional trauma of your target. Clearing up a common cold and easing allergies is within your scope.

Intermediate - You must touch your target and can heal light physical wounds and lessen the pain from more serious injuries temporarily, taking on the pain and trauma in your own psyche. Clearing of more serious illnesses, bacterial and viral infections are also possible.

Advanced - You do not always have to touch your target, but not touching them is extremely draining on yourself--this does not mean your gift can be used from across the city--the further away from your target you get, the weaker the "transmission". You must be in the same room as the target. At this stage, moderate injuries may be healed. For this severe an injury, the Healer will need at the least a good night's rest, and will not be able to heal such injuries again for a few days. As is cinematically appropriate, the Healer does take on psychosomatically-inflicted phantom injuries, which will fade over a few days.

Expert - You do not always have to touch your target, but not touching them is extremely draining on yourself--this does not mean your gift can be used from across the city--the further away from your target you get, the weaker the "transmission". You must be in the same building as the target, and can sense soul pain around you. Cardiac arrest can be healed at great cost, and will prevent the healer from engaging in ANY healing for a week’s time. Immediate medical assistance will be required if other injuries are present. The rank of expert can be achieved only after considerable roleplay on the sim as a healer. This does not include healing critical injuries such as gunshots, penetrating wounds involving organ damage, etc. Those should be referred to modern medicine. 


At each rank, resistance from the healer or the subject will completely invalidate any attempts at healing. Therefore, a healer will not be able to heal well when coerced (e.g. a group of criminals forcing the healer at gunpoint). It also does not, for some reason, work in the presence of cold iron or on those who are unwilling.

This is not a 100% guaranteed cure. Sometimes the injuries jump from the patient to the Healer. Sometimes the injuries simply refuse to be healed. Use this to create IC drama and to influence scenes.

This is also not a substitute for the use of modern medicine. We have a full-service hospital in Ascension, and every effort should be made to ensure an equal flow of opportunities in healing/medical roleplay between the healers and hospital staff. If a healer has already performed a high-level healing for a given day, further injuries should be referred to other healers or the hospital.

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