Hoochie Coochie Adult Store

Current Owners: Sai (Saibot Spiritor) & Red (Calixia Sommerfleck)     

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Everywhere has one, from the bustling metropolis to this sleepy seaside town. You don't always see them, but they are always there. The sex shop in Ascension opened its doors in the late summer of 1983, a talking point of many a fishwife's gossip group for years to come. But as with all shops of its kind, it lived on, unseen but known a metaphor for all that is tantalising and different in Ascension.

While Ownership has changed over the years and the business has changed with the times to suit mail order and e-commerce, the place is the same as ever. The Sex Shop has influence outside of the shop in the selling of sexual stimulants, ranging from classic sex shop pheromones to stronger ones, high hormone doses and mutant derived stimulants and augmentative substances.

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Work is open to all genders and races at the sex shop, with work positions varying from the active to the passive. 

Working in the shop will require some user based imagination to guess at prices for things being sold and what is being sold, since the items are fictional by and large, unless a display is marked. While the shop offers familiar behind the counter and around the store retail jobs, you can also opt to work in the mail order and e-commerce department, allowing you freedom to pursue roleplay around the sim, while having a fictional passive job at the store [Though we would prefer you do make some attempts to roleplay your job at the store from time to time to keep up appearances.].

     ⊱✯⊰----------Staff Positions----------⊱✯⊰

        ⊱{More than just Missionary}⊰

✯ - [Needful Things Cashier] - Sex Shop Counter Clerk. Entry level active position, simple retail work from behind the counter, working the register and aiding customers.

✯ - [Needful Purveyor] - Drug Dealer, Active out of shop position, in this role you sell all manner of sexual stimulants and enhancements in the club scene, while technically not illegal in most cases, you do your job with discretion, particularly never revealing the source of your more potent and home made merchandise.

✯ - [Needful Provider] - A supernatural or mutant who as part of their process of existence, excretes or otherwise produces a package-able sexual stimulant or hormone effect. [If you are interested in this role, please ensure you explain in full in a notecard the nature of the stimulant or enhancement you produce.]

✯ - [Needful Mail] - Mail Order Packer. A passive role, you work at times other than when you are ic'ly online, packaging goods to send to online and mail order recipients of the sex shops wares.

✯ - [Needful Seamstress] - Fetish Wear Fitter and Maker. A largely passive role with some potential for active roleplay in the shop, taking customer measurements and custom orders, a recommendation for this role is to offer or recommend marketplace items fitting the description of what the player wants, or else if they have something in mind, role-playing discussing the design with them.

✯ - [Needful Fetishist] - Role for the general hangers on and interested parties of Needful Things.

✯ - [Needful Things Owner] - Proprietor of the shop of the same name!

⊱✯⊰-----------Sex Drugs-----------⊱✯⊰

⊱{& Sausage Rolls}⊰


[♀][♂][Hormones]Sold as either an injectable or oral tablet. A dose of hormones the same as the gender of the user can greatly enhance a libido as well as prove effective as a contraceptive in women. In men this will usually produce effects like aggression, possessiveness towards a woman and make them more savage. In women the effect is more subtle, increasing body heat, arousal and sexual feeling. 

No Effect on: Vampires, Some Supernaturals & Demons.

[♀][♂][Pheromones] Sold as a Spray, this item varies from the 'Spanish fly' stud sprays on sale in the shop, to higher strength pharmaceuticals, using them can attract the gender of your choice if you pick a male or female spray to attract your intended. While having no real effects on sex, they do make you more attractive to others.

No Effect on: Some Supernaturals or Demons [Though most can use the pheromones as a means of attracting humans or even mutants, can be effective for concealing true nature also. [Please keep in mind it is not a disguise in and of itself.]

[♀][♂][Mutant Growth Hormone] M.G.H is provided as an injectable, it is injected directly into the users genitals, for a temporary [12 hour max] boost to genital size and enhancement to libido and the sexual experience. M.G.H is not yet classified by any food and drug administration authority and is as such illegal to sell, but not to possess, its effects are not medically tested or even fully understood and urban myths circle around the substance, suggesting that overuse can result in permanent genital mutation and not always in the way that the user intends.

No Effect on: Minimal or lesser effect on existing mutants, if you are a supernatural, you decide how it will effect your type of being and if it does.

[♀][♂][Crystal Honey]A mutant derived substance, is a sweet smelling sugary viscous slime, entirely colourless. Its methods of taking include, injectable, Oral consumption and massaging it into the skin. Its effect severity varies based on the manner in which its taken, Oral consumption is the mildest surprisingly, because stomach acid destroys most of the dosage before it can be absorbed into the blood stream. Massaged in its effects are slow onset at first similar to the effect of female hormones on a woman, but soon the effect grows to severe arousal states maintained longer than usual and increased swelling of the erogenous zones. Injected it can cause debilitating arousal and greatly increased heart rate.

A user may sometimes be spotted by the way their skin glows with sweat, the user doesn't sweat outright but has an oily sheen to their visage.

No Effect on: Vampires, Some Supernaturals [optional if you would like it to or not], Lesser more controlled effect on Demons and Mutants [optional if you would like it to or not on mutant.]

[♀][♂][Red Sugar]Though its an injectable viscous fluid rather than a granulated substance, it still picked up the name 'Red Sugar' referring to its very sweet taste. if consumed Orally. Red Sugar is a distilled and strengthened version of Crystal Honey mixed with human or mutant blood, its effect however is targeted at vampires and is more potent than Crystal Honey. Its effect is quick, taking mere minutes after injection into the blood of a vampire, causes swelling of the genitals and greatly increases sensitivity of the erogenous zones, to the point where clothing becomes debilitating. Used casually and in moderation its an extreme high for any vampire engaged in sexual activity alone or with others, however taken too often or overdosing can cause fatal hemorrhaging through thinner areas of skin, starting with the nose, the tear ducts and ears, eventually spreading to the fingertips around the nails, the inside of the mouth, blood vessels in the eyes. While a fatality in a vampire from this is rare, requiring a very large overdose, the above effects can onset overtime from continued regular usage.

No Effect on: Demons, Weres & Some Supernaturals [Dependant on personal Choice][The effect on Humans and Mutants is of a very strong dose of crystal Honey, but may cause cardiac arrest due to the greater pressure on the heart.]

[♀][♂][Breathe]Breathe is bubbly fluid, looking similar in appearance to particularly bubbly human spit, its taste is slightly saline and acid. It is consumed orally or inhaled. Its effect taken orally is within half an hour the users lungs absorb oxygen more rapidly and efficiently, producing a natural high and greater stamina in the user. Administered via an inhaler its effect is more potent, and more pronounced, the high is much stronger and the user is able to continue coitus for far extended periods.

No effect on: Vampires & Any Race which doesn't breath [optional for all but human & Were on whether you think it would affect your character or not.]

[♀][♂][Heat]Heat is an injectable mixture of blood, refreshed with aspirin and a cocktail of other pharmaceuticals and even some poisons, as well as a small amount of the drug 'Feel'. Its effect is only felt by vampires, and it is poisonous to humans and most mutants and supernaturals. Its effect on vampires takes up to two hours to take effect and requires that the user be well fed, an under-blooded vampire will have a much slower reaction to it and lesser effect. It causes the vampires blood to run warm for a few hours, it does not return life or cure them of vampirism, but allows them to mimic human existence more believably, the 'Feel' aspect allowing them to have more empathy and feel emotion more naturally. It will even return a vampires skin colour for a time, but it can become addictive because of its chemical nature and the vampires own desire to feel human or at least put up an effective disguise at humanity.

Effects on non Vampires: Poisons all but Demons, who may only suffer slight harm from the substance. [If you mutation or supernatural ability deters poison, it may also have no effect on you.]

[♀][Ivory Cocoa]This drug originates from Latin America, while a mutant derived product it is concealed within premium foil wrapped bars of chocolate, the foil allowing for easier concealment of the drug over plastic non resealable wrappers. The drug only affects women and has been gaining an infamy in south America as substance for addicting and controlling prostitutes in the sex industry. So effective is it that it has largely replaced heroin in this purpose. This mutant derived drug greatly impacts inhibition, removing it more completely than poppers or comparable drugs, its effects however last only 6 hours a dose, consumption of a higher dose and result in Overdose. In America it is becoming known as a date rape drug. The actual taste or consistency is unknown, because it is always concealed within chocolate. The pharmaceutical aspect of Ivory Cocoa is potent enough to affect weres and afflict-able supernaturals if female.

No effect on: Men, Vampires, Supernaturals, Demons & Mutants [use your own judgment]

[♀][♂][Joermungan]A drug mildly poisonous to humans and not to deeply supernatural races with a resistance to poisons. In were-kind however it is an Aconite derived solution that has gained a vogue among 'Lupus Acquisita' a were who gained their affliction from another were, rather than hereditary. Its popularity rose as it makes the rather painful transition from humanoid to wolf transformation pleasurable rather than painful and allows them to have more control over aspects of the transformation, transforming only a part of them and so on. It is consumed as a draft, usually around 100ml potion, wax cork sealed bottle. The draft lasts only only around 2 hours and has to be taken every 2 hours on the hour for the effect to be maintained. Taking more than that dosage leads to severe diaphoresis [excessive sweating] leading to dehydration, a mild overdose can be shrugged off, but something greater can hospitalise the were.

No effect on: Vampires, Demons & some supernaturals/Mutants [use character judgment based on information above.]

[♀][♂][Feel]Mutant Derived Substance, Typically a deep crimson powder if consumed in orally in a tablet, or a yellow liquid if injected. Suspected to be derived from certain empathic mutants, this drug taken shortly before coitus [typically half an hour to fifteen minutes] it allows the user to feel the other persons experience as well as their own, as well as allowing to sense their desires and intentions. The drug does not make the user truly telepathic or empathic, but instead allows them to pick up strong feelings through close contact during lovemaking. It is however addictive and withdrawal from it can include strong feelings of detachment and depression.

No effect on: Vampires, Weres, Supernaturals & Demons or Empathic/Telepathic mutants

[♀][♂][Thrall]A mutant derived magical effect drug used by demons and those the intend to bind, usually against their intendeds will, it works in a manner akin to tales of love potions. The substance is a transparent golden colour, usually traded and sold in sealed glass vials to prolong its life and take no taint from plastic or metal containers. The Demon drinks half of the substance, then deposits some of their lifeblood in the container to make its contents back up, the fluid will now be of a magenta or purplish hue and slightly opaque. The Demon now lets the human or mutant drink the substance, or else puts it into something they will consume. It creates a telepathic and empathic link between the two parties, the Demon the dominant party, it lowers inhibition in the other, also making them more docile and compliant to the wishes of the Demon. However the substance needs to be consumed by both parties daily or the connection will fade over time, with the longer they have it regularly, the slower its effect will dissipate if a dose is missed. It cannot really be overdosed upon, but rather the length of time its effect will last is extended. Over time however the Demon will start to share the thoughts and emotions of the other and will be subject to feeling what the other feels all the time, this can be undesirable for some demons.

No Effect on: Vampires, Weres & some Supernaturals/Mutants [use your own judgment.]


Please note other drugs may be entered into the sim narrative in the future, drugs listed above may not be the

only drugs of mutant origin available on the market, only the ones sold through or by the Sex Shop.


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