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Humans are probably the most complex and resilient of all the races. Think about it: all the others knew that they weren’t alone since the dawn of the ages, but for humans, this knowledge is not even two centuries old. They have had to adapt to their world turning upside with the unmasking of vampires, demons, djinn, and all the other inhuman creatures that call Ascension and other axes mundi home.

Far from shrinking back from the astounding revelation that they shared the earth with dozens of different races, the humans have been forced to accept it and have persevered through considerable change in their world. While they may have made room for the vampires, mutants, demons, and other 'aberrant' races, they don't always trust or get along with their supernatural co-residents. And they definitely take offense at being considered merely “food” in the past for some of the more aggressive kinds. A good portion of humans simply wish the supernaturals would go away, and that things could go back to how they were when they thought they were alone…

There are some humans who even go so far as to hunt rogue supernaturals to rid the planet of these risks to civilized society. Note that due to equality laws, hunters can only hunt ROGUE supernaturals. Hunting, attacking, or otherwise disturbing a supernatural minding their own business would be considered a racial hate crime and handled by local law enforcement appropriately.

You can craft a human character however you want: tolerant of the supernatural races, completely neutral, or a total racist bastard.


Normal human appearance with typical variations in population due to gene expression. Human characters may display pigmentary mutations such as albinism or heterochromia and still remain human.


70 years is the average, though obviously shorter and longer have been recorded.


The major strength of a human character lies in social status. Humans do not have any sort of stigma associated with them that the other races do. Because of that, for example, a rich human will be more socially and politically connected than an equally rich vampire. Humans are still the dominant race on the planet, and they generally have government and law enforcement on their side.


No supernatural ability, shorter lifespan than supernaturals.


Humans may not have any sort of psychic ability or supernatural strengths. If you want your character to be an empath or telepath, for example, they would have to be entered under the ‘mutant’ race, even if they otherwise look absolutely normal. The exception to this is if your human character practices magic. Please refer to the magic page for further information.

Humans can only be changed into vampires or lycans, which requires consent of both players. Specific information can be found under the vampire and lycan sections.

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