There are two ways to create magically imbued incenses that are used in witchcraft. Loose incense, also called Incense of the Ancients, is the easiest and fastest to craft, and some witches see it as the more natural form of incense as well. Combustible incense in the form of cones or sticks is harder and more expensive to craft, but is more powerful.

Both types of incense burn for one hour. The radius of effect is up to 5 m square when used in an open area or in a room with doors and windows opened; and up to 10 m square in a closed room. 

A witch can also choose to burn her incense in a thurible rather than a censer or bowl. The thurible is basically a censer on a chain, often decorated in ritualistic manner; like the ones used in Catholic Mass. It allows the Witch to use their incense in a mobile manner, though the wider dispersion by moving around lowers the area of effect and the power of the incense by 50% or more, depending on the circumstances and weather.

Races sensitive to smells are affected stronger than others by incense. Those who have no sense of smell at all are immune to the effects of incense.

Incense does not expire as long as it is kept in a dark and dry container.

Incense of the Ancients is made by creating a mixture of active ingredients and can be used as a powdered mix, or bound together into small pellets using dried fruits or natural resins. It is heated by placing it over burning coals. When all ingredients are prepared it takes a practiced witch one hour to create four useable pellets or enough powder for four uses. Using it requires an incense stove built in a way that the pellets or powder does not come in direct contact with the fire.

Combustible incense is made by mixing the incense powder with a binding agent like arabic gum and a combustible agent like charcoal or makko, and shaping the resulting mixture into a stick or a cone. It takes 3 hours to craft 4 sticks or cones. The combustible incense can be placed in any incense holder and burnt directly. The effects are usually stronger or last longer than the effect of the same mixture when used powdered or in pellets.




Dragon's Blood

Active ingredients: sap or pulp of three tropical fruits

Used as traditional incense, this recipe multiplies the healing of any injured or diseased living humanoids within its area of effect by one and a half. When used in its combustible form, it doubles the natural healing ability. This effect only lasts for up to half an hour after the burning stops, as such it is common for multiple sticks or cones to be used throughout the recuperation period of those seriously injured. This does not work together with other forms of magical healing or regeneration.


Active ingredients: Aconite plus three native herbs

While Wolfsbane Incense burns, the air in the room is poisonous to all species susceptible to poison, causing severe rashes and itches and possibly respiratory issues. Once the burning has stopped, the scent lingers in that room for 6 hours if using natural incense or 12 hours if using combustible incense. Throughout this lingering period, it acts as a powerful repellant to any werecreatures. In human form they can enter the room but will usually never do so by their own will and feel very uncomfortable when they do. In their true form they cannot enter the room at all, if they try they become so ill they revert to their human shape. When the incense is burned in open air, the lingering effect does not exist.

Moon & Stars

Active ingredients: Poppyseeds, Star Anise, plus two relaxant herbs

The scent of this incense is said to attract the spirits of the underworld. While this incense is burning, any attempts to commune with the dead in the underworld through supernatural powers or divination magic has an increased chance of success. When Combustible Incense is used it also removes some of the worst stress and trauma if it's burning during the casting of a Raise Dead Spell.

Desert's Shielding

Active ingredients: Mixture of three herbs growing in an arid climate

Burning this incense works as a protection against Bogeymen, and  any others with evil intent or the goal to cause harm. While the natural incense is burning, the smoke calms down the minds and emotions of any sentient creatures in its radius of effect. When combustible incense is used, it becomes an active repellant and if they remain within its radius of effect for more than a few breaths, they start to feel physically ill with headaches and cramps.

Witch's Charm

Active ingredients: Natural musk (plant or animal based) plus a mixture of sweet smelling herbs

This incense functions as a powerful aphrodisiac. Using natural incense, it takes 20 minutes for the incense to take effect; with combustible incense it becomes active after 10 minutes. The incense functions on both a physical and psychological level; by lowering mental inhibitions and by causing the blood flow to shift to a person’s erogenous zones. The effect continues to grow stronger as long as they remain inside the area of effect. Traditionally this incense in most covens has had a restricted use, only being lit during specific celebrations of love and fertility.


Active ingredients: Four foul smelling plants or fungi

When any creature with an increased sense of smell enters the radius of effect of this incense, and remains for longer than half a minute, its smell is lowered to average human ability. After the creature has left the incense’s radius behind, the effect lasts for 15 minutes more if natural incense is used or half an hour in the case of combustible incense.

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