Ascension Lycans


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The Lycans and other Shifters make their home in rundown building in the Wastelands behind Oldtown.


Ascension city is home to several packs, a complete list of the packs will be posted on the forum. The Current OOC Lead is Kyra Umbra. Contact her with any questions you have, or if you need help creating a character.


In Ascension there is a story. One that pre-dates the arrival of the pioneers. Easily found with enough research, it tells of a tradition passed from parent to child, elder to youth. Before the city was built and civilization loomed, when all was rich and wild, tribes adorned themselves in furs and worshiped the beasts, the hunters. Some had a special interest in the wolf and during rainy seasons, once a child verged upon adulthood, they were sent on a task to prove themselves worthy of their furs. Their goal, to find the Ascension stone and return with a chip from its surface.

Those that returned successful, the few that did, were markedly changed. Children born of females who accomplished the task inherited these gifted traits. They'd become one with the creature they worshiped, celebrated and feared by their human kin. Whether caused by the stone itself, or wolves were drawn to its presence and lingered near, is impossible to tell. The few surviving accounts are fractured. The only thing known for certain is though foreign wolves arrive in Ascension today, their distant kin have always made this land their home- perhaps even considered themselves guardians of the stone.

And what happened to the human tribes? One can only assume they were assimilated or destroyed by their animal family. Outnumbered and outmatched, a pre-civilization community practicing such a thing wouldn't last long.

The origins of the wolf still elude us, but now we know how it's spread. Scientifically speaking, it's a contagion passed through the saliva of a shifted wolf, or from mother to child. Simply and perhaps crassly put, victims of wolf attacks come away (if they do come away) with a generous amount of slobber in open wounds, hence infected.

For the born, lycanthropy is a hereditary condition passed through the mother's genetics. A lycan mother is required to birth a lycan child. A non-lycan mother will bear a non-lycan child, no matter the father.

Though lycans have evolved greatly, they can still be chaotic and aggressive. Volatile nature is deeply ingrained. Though it varies, wolves are never far from an outburst and never shy from perceived challenges. The younger ones tend to be more tame out of uncertainty, but a confident wolf is one that never backs down. And on the full moon, every wolf is a destructive force of nature to be reckoned with- they lose complete control and can think only of hunting. (You'll be expected to either rampage on full moons, or RP being caged/chained somewhere).
There are two kinds of lycan: the born, and the infected.

Lupus Congenita – The born
More comfortable with their monstrous counterparts, Congenita tend to be confident and more likely to display human sophistication and social skills than the Acquisita. Their natural abilities overall trump that of the infected- heal faster, change at will, a better hold of their temperament and understanding of their senses. Not to say they're entirely civil, wolves rarely are. But they're closer. However on a full moon, they're still forced into a rage-fuelled transformation.

Lupus Acquisita – The infected
The Acquisita live in constant fear of impromptu transformation. Unable to shift at will, but if they feel too threatened or too angered, the wolf within takes the reigns and forces a shift, causing them to decimate all they can until satisfied. Tend to be skittish, paranoid loners. Natural abilities not as strong as the Congenita; heal slower, senses are dulled and it's more challenging to stifle their bestial instincts. Transformation more painful and grisly, especially on full moon.

That is not to say Acquisitas cannot  learn any control. They do so through learning to control their emotions, though it takes many months and is never a perfect approximation of the Congenita’s control. By learning to deal with fear and anger, they can keep it from awakening their inner beast; and by forcing themselves into intense anger, they can awaken it from dormancy. This does not mean they gain control to shift at will, just that they can control their emotions so they don’t have unintentional shifts.

Most Lycans in Ascension are open about their condition.

Overall how wild a wolf acts depends on how much they've embraced their beast and allowed it to take charge- or even how well they control it. Poor temperaments and short fuses are typical, but what triggers them depends on the wolf. Being pack animals, most are fiercely loyal and protective. For wolves who have immersed completely in their beast, this can sometimes come across as paranoid or skittish.

Wolves vary in size, shape and physique as humans do. They  share some physical attributes though, such as a heightened body temperature, a faster metabolism and a quicker pulse. All of which heighten around the time of the full moon.

Another aspect all lycans have in common is behaviour leading to full moon. At their most energetic; restless and easily agitated- difficult to suppress their instincts, they're wilder and find it harder to control themselves. Lycans keep busy to remain content and in control. Some immerse in hobbies that require all focus. Others pick fights or expend energy through other physically-demanding practices. After full moon, when rampaging is through, the lycan is at their calmest, more serene than usual for a few days.

Though lycans do remember their actions during full moon, it's common for memories to be jumbled. In regards to people, it's more likely they'll remember scents than faces.


Werewolves have accelerated healing but not immortality. They age and eventually die of old age if they are not killed first. Acquisitas do not tend to survive as long as congenita, as many come to violent ends at the hands of hunters. However, if they avoid being hunted, they have the potential to live as long as the congenitas.

Like humans, weres age, though they do so gradually. As a child, until their first transformation (sometime in their puberty), they age at the same rate as a human. Once they have started shifting, their aging slows down severely however. They reach full maturity a little later than humans, somewhere in their early twenties. They live to 500 years and show regular signs of ageing- they wrinkle, weaken, deteriorate. They are at their physical peak around the age of 200-250 years old.


The transformation from human to wolf is inherently painful as bones crack and reposition, muscles stretch, and sinew reforms. Clothes will of course tear off in the process. The Congenita may wish to RP a less brutal metamorphosis but the Acquisita's transformation should be painful and visceral. It should take a minimum of 2 posts to shift no matter Congenita or Acquisita.

After one has morphed back to human, the Lycan should be exhausted.

Only a Congenita can transform at will, except during full moon when wolf form is mandatory. They will need to 'sleep off' their wolf forms on those days.

Acquisitas do not control the transformation and will always need to sleep off their wolf form. If their wolf form was triggered by intense anger or emotion, they may morph back once the stress is passed.

Partial morphs in the context of battles are allowed but come with the price of disabling pain after a couple of posts, reducing the werewolf's power to 50%. Morphing back causes the lethargy and exhaustion of full metamorphosis thereby putting the werewolf at disadvantage. (This is to avoid posts like, "My hands turn into claws and I rip your face off! YES I KEEL YOU WITH SUPER WEREWOLF POWER x10!") Consider this your finishing move.

Out of combat partial shifts may be used SPARINGLY. It's a gruesome, barely controllable process that leaves the lycan looking malformed and mutated - to grow a perfect furred tail or ears is impossible. There is simply  not enough control or direction in a partial shift to accomplish it. If you want to play a neko or similar, please check the mutant race.



Human appearance. Could show minor aesthetic differences like unnatural eye colour, claw-like fingernails (not usable as weapons), sharper teeth. Not neko however. The Lycan has control of their full intelligence and speech in this form. Everyone gets this form.

For your alternate wolf form, you can choose between the two described below.


Bi-pedal monstrous wolfman; generally between 8 and 10 ft tall, though there are some exceptions on both sides. The Lycan loses all ability to speak and their intelligence is limited to base instincts. Most lycans consider this the pure Lycan form, and this is also the form in which their physical race abilities are the strongest.

They can heal faster, can take more damage, and most notably their strength and speed increases further. In this form very few creatures can surpass the brute strength of a Lycan, most notable among the few that can are trolls and minotaurs.

Suggestions for acceptable avatars: and variants and variants and variants and variants

The freebie werewolf avatar you can find in the Linden Library (just search your inventory's library tag) is also acceptable.

Cartoon characters/Furries are not acceptable within the setting of Ascension City.


Quadruped wolves, they can blend into the animal kingdom, though some are larger than natural. The Lycan loses all ability to speak and their intelligence is limited to base instincts. While this form isn't as strong as the monstrous form, in animal form the senses of the Lycan are at their best. Their scent and hearing are honed for the hunt, making them the perfect trackers.  

Their speed and strength remain at twice the ability of a natural wolf.

Suggestions for acceptable avatars: and variants and variants (avoid orange and unnatural colours like blue) (avoid unnatural colours) (avoid unnatural colours)

Animal forms should be wolves or at the very least dogs that resemble wolves. Direwolves are accepted.

The freebie wolf avatar you can find in the Linden Library (just search your inventory's library tag) is also acceptable.

Domesticated dogs can be played in Ascension as either mundane animals or as Magical Familiars.


Listed below here are the abilities every Lycan has.  Additionally, you can choose FIVE powers from the linked page.


Every Lycan can shift into either their Animal Form or their Monstrous Form. You pick one when you make your character and cannot change this later. Details on the forms are described below.


Lycans are twice as fast and twice as strong as a human with the same bodytype. A short & fat Lycan will of course still be slower than an athletic built Lycan.


Lycans have enhanced hearing and smell. They can detect other Lycans by smell, and can smell that something is supernatural about other non-human creatures. Note that in crowds, smells intermingle too much, and Lycans won't be able to pinpoint who it is exactly that smells non-human. They cannot detect someone's exact race by smell. Enhanced hearing still has the obvious limits, they cannot hear through solid walls etc.


Lycans can see clearlight at night or in limited lighting. Their vision at night is monochromous, but otherwise than the lack of colour they see everything as clear as in daylight. Note this still requires some lighting, from stars or the moon for example. They can't see in complete or magical darkness.


Wounds clot swifter than normal, allowing them to fight off blood loss and continue battling in wolf form unless severely wounded. Healing goes approximately twice as fast as for humans. So a broken bone still won't mend in a couple days. Extensive wounds can still take weeks to heal.


Tougher-skinned and denser-muscled, not easily bruised or scraped and more durable than a human. Only useful towards surface and superficial attacks; punches, surface cuts, etc. Does nothing to protect against a stab wound, gun shot, so on.


ALL Shifters carry these weaknesses:


All shifters regardless of origin are powerless to resist the call of the full moon. All will transform into raging beasts overcome with bloodlust and the need to destroy. During full moon, wolf form is mandatory and you should either RP being caged or rampaging. (Bear in mind though any combat/violent RP here is consensual)


Werewolves are allergic to silver. If you injure a lycan, its swift-clotting ability will remain in play, unless you use a silver tipped weapon or bullet. Silver suppresses these abilities increasing the chance the lycan will succumb to its injuries. Also doubles healing time. Having silver exposed to the skin briefly will do no damage. However, if a wolf wears silver over a period of time (a few days), their skin will break out into an uncomfortable rash.


If burnt and breathed in causes dizziness, nausea and lack of energy. If ingested the victim suffers stomach cramps and disorientation, on top of the other symptoms. The higher the dose, the worse the wolf's condition and deterioration of body and mind. Luckily, wolfsbane is rare and only found in small measurements for a hefty price.


Lycan characters must have at least one further weakness. You may choose more if you like. You can choose from the following suggestions or craft one of your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as racial weaknesses.


Can be taken advantage of. Potent smells revolting to humans are the same to wolves, and wards them off even on full moon. Same applies to hearing. Very loud or high-pitched sounds can damage the wolf's ears or cause pain and discomfort- wolves that tote guns should carry earmuffs to help protect from noise. Can even be rendered unconscious with the right frequency, or cause extreme disorientation. 


Because of their abundant use of energy wolves need to eat well. Due to their physiology they burn calories quickly, therefore have a ravenous appetite. Like a vampire without blood, they're at their weakest when hungry and if starved, everything is slowed, mentally and physically.


Werewolves can eat normal human food. However prefer meat, ideally raw or close to raw. In werewolf form they do not hunt for any reason apart from destruction. Hence they don't always consume their victims.


Only humans and mutants can be infected by the Lycan virus. Mutants that are infected will lose their powers, regardless if physical or supernatural. Characters with magic skills will lose their abilities, unless they choose to keep Lunar Magic as a skill. To transmit the virus, the victim must be attacked but not killed. The transformation should take place over 72 hours - during which a player may use wolfsbane to abort the metamorphosis. Once the transformation is complete, there is no cure.


There is no racial vampire/lycan feud in Ascension. You are free to befriend who you want and hate who you want, though conflicts do sometimes arise amongst the factions.


The rules above have been written with a wolf-centric point of view. However, you can choose to play any other land-based carnivorous mammal. For example: foxes, big cats, bears, birds of prey ...

The rules remain completely the same. There is just one exception. If you play a winged creature like a raven or crow, you can choose only FOUR shifter powers instead of FIVE, and in return you are able to fly while in Animal or Monstrous Form.

The same appearance rules are valid regarding cartoon characters, furries and unnaturally coloured animal forms - no matter what species you pick.

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