This represents the best attempt we have at keeping things fair and giving guidelines for magic use. Please read carefully to understand the limitations, and play for the fun of the game, never to 'win' anything. Dice may need to be used in certain situations if an outcome can't be decided through discussion.

Magic cast at a player still requires consent for the effect. Magic should be considered a tool to enrich roleplay, not a trump card or a substitution for character development.  




1) Magic casting during roleplay should span a minimum of 2 posts, depending on the situation. Play fair and give the other person time to react. While casting, you need to focus entirely on your spell and cannot perform other actions. For instance, something like this should never happen:

/me charged her spell, raised her hands, flung a fireball at her opponent, and ran off laughing.

2) The use of magic is tiring. You don't have unlimited casts without serious side effects. During combat, magic is especially draining and more difficult to control, since it's hard to focus well when someone is fighting against you. Out of combat, you should be limiting yourself based on the ability of your character, and roleplay getting weaker with each cast, much like someone tiring physically from a physical altercation.

Unless otherwise noted, each spell can be used twice per day during combat. Outside of combat, reasonable use applies. In cases of friendly roleplay where a certain effect is agreed upon as exerting a positive effect on the story, magic limitations can be exceeded within reason if both parties agree.

3) In character, Ascension City laws must be followed in regards to magic users, so make sure you read and are aware of the IC rules governing this.

4) Spells cast at someone may NOT work, magic always has a chance to fizzle. Play fair! Take a hit once in a while and people will love you for it.

5) Once you have decided on your spellbook or specialization, you CANNOT change it for that particular character. It's unfortunate if you find it doesn't work well for your character, but we can't have people flip-flopping all the time to fit certain abilities to certain roleplay.

6) Spells must have a time limitation applied to them. It can't be 'forever'. If you cast something at someone during combat, it generally lasts only for a short amount of time. Spells cast outside of combat must have a mutually agreed upon time limitation. You can deviate slightly from the time limits described in the spell lists, as long as both players agree on this.

7) Every class has a set amount of maximum spells/recipes/... they can learn. You cannot flip out spells once learned, to avoid people's characters changing from day to day. If you learn less than the maximum allowed amount of spells however, you can always add more spells later up to your maximum, as long as you RP the study and practice of them.

8) All spells in Ascension have a verbal component. If you find yourself unable to speak, you cannot cast spells either.

9) Most spells require additional components/ritual, please actually roleplay these. Especially for uncommon components there can be a lot of RP in acquiring them with the stores in Ascension. We don't expect you to do a full bookkeeping of your inventory, just keep it sane. Detail below.




To allow magic users some freedom in how they roleplay their spells and because almost noone wants to make spreadsheets of their inventory,  components/rituals are described by wide categories instead of as specific items. The component used should always have some connection to the magic being used. A match would make  perfect sense as a common component for a fire spell, but not for an ice spell for example.

Common: Every day objects that can be found easily around the city. These can even be items you can buy in any corner store.

Rare: These objects aren't magical or supernatural on their own, but are hard to find nonetheless.Something that would require a specific source or a specialised store.

Occult: A category for objects that have an inherent connection to the supernatural and could only be gained through specific sources like the occult store or the Black Market. These are the hardest to find of the materials.

Ritual: This special category is not so much an object, but requires special actions from the magic caster - varies wildly including dances and prayers and could also include materials/objects being used. Ritual spells are usually not spells used in active combat.

Some Examples:

- A common component for a fire spell could be a matchstick; while a bottle of napalm would be something rare; and a drop of a fire elemental's sweat would be occult. A possible ritual could be the act of setting a piece of paper on fire.

- A chicken bone could be a common component for a necromantic spell, rarer would be a human's wishbone, and the grounded dust of an elder vampire's fingerbone could be a hard to find occult component. Rituals might include a magic circle being made of bones or shaking a bone rattle during the incantation.




The following races have varying degrees of magical ability:

- Humans

- Kumpania/Gypsy

- Demons

- Vampires

- Djinn

- Elementals

- Earthborn

- Lichs

- Mermaids/Nightmers

- Mutants

- Skinwalkers

- Familiars

- Selkies

- Atlanteans (Priest Class only)

- Goblins

- Weres (Lunar magic only)

Please refer to the specific race pages for further information. Also note that Demons cannot become warlocks. We are not going to limit which class of magic you practice for other races, but try to have it make sense for the race. 




There are three broad sources of magic in existence: divine, arcane and fel. The spells one can learn are independent of the source of one’s magic.

Divine magic contains witchcraft, voodoo, shamanism, etc and is based on the power of a person’s beliefs. For more info, please check the witches page.

Arcane magic is practiced and studied by wizards and comes from many years spent buried in dusty tomes. For more ifno please check the wizards page.

Fel magic comes from demonic sources and is practiced by warlocks. For more info, read the warlocks page




"I put on my robe and wizard's hat...."

Please no. This is an urban city in a modern timeline. Wizards hats, arcane robes, cartoon wicked witch hats, medieval necromancer outfits, etc are not acceotable. Magic users/mages for the most part will look like everyone else. Basically no Gandalfs, Sorcerer's Apprentices, Wicked Witches...

You may carry the “tools of the trade” specified in each subset. If you are a shaman, witch doctor, druid, etc, and you certainly can dress your character in specific styles that befits your profession, as long as you remember Ascension City’s not a medieval fantasy.

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