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Minotaurs have had a rough time of it, ever since their namesake guarded the labyrinth of King Minos. The “civilized” races have alternatively hated and feared them for centuries, and it is only recently in the scheme of things with the Minotaur Equality Act of 1985 that they have been welcomed in mainstream society. Prior to that, the majority of the world’s population remained on Crete in indentured herds until 1894, purchased by contractors or military looking to use these half-man, half-bull creatures for their might.

In the spring of 1894, a small group of minotaurs working an excavation in Giza, Egypt revolted and threw off their yokes, igniting a revolution around the world. It was a constant struggle, but Greece was the first to submit to freeing and offering equal rights to the minotaurs. Although many countries followed in offering equality, the process of ending their slavery in the far parts of the world only ended with the Minotaur Equality Act of 1985 as part of the Universal Truce. Despite equality under law, it hasn't been easy for minotaurs, many preferring to stay away from society.  The traditional minotaur's lair is a maze, whether a classical labyrinth, a city sewer system, or a naturally occurring system of caverns and underground passageways.

Minotaurs are hulking creatures with great strength, unimpressive intelligence but keen senses. Most Minotaurs in Ascension make a living as bodyguards, dockworkers, or soldiers for hire. Minotaurs might also be found in the employ of a more powerful monster or evil creature, serving it so long as they can still hunt and dine as they please. Usually this means guarding some powerful object or valuable location, but it can also be a sort of mercenary work, hunting down the foes of its master.

Minotaurs are relatively straightforward combatants, using their horns to horribly gore the nearest living creature when combat begins. They generally speak Ancient Greek fluently amongst their own kind. Depending on exposure to mainstream society, they may or may not be well versed in English. Minotaurs are Omnivores. They can eat anything a human can, but tend to shy away from beef and dairy. Some direct descendants of Asterion are said to enjoy human meat as a result of the human sacrifices offered to appease him in the first labyrinth. These bulls make use of underground tunnels and sewers to confuse and lure prey.

There is a rumor, albeit a very wrong one, that Minotaurs are only male and require human women to mate. While this is false, Minotaurs are notorious for partaking in the illegal human slave trade. Human women are often viewed as plunder and objects, a throwback to the time of virgin sacrifices given to appease labyrinth Minotaurs.

Many cultures have legends of how the first minotaurs were created by vengeful or slighted gods who punished humans by twisting their forms, robbing them of their intellects and beauty, and giving them the heads of bulls. Yet most modern Minotaurs hold these legends in contempt and believe that they are not divine mockeries but paragons created in the image of a potent and cruel Valdalusian demon noble.


Minotaurs resemble a human-bull hybrid. However, they tend to stand well over 7 foot, and have wide, stocky bodies for their height. Naturally muscular, their faces are almost completely bovine in appearance. Horns grow from the temple area, and they have large snouts and widely spread out eyes. Feet are hoofed.  Players should have an avatar that stands well over the height of a human avatar, and be of considerable visible bulk.

Suggested avatars:





Minotaurs tend to only live as long as humans do. However they remain in their physical prime well into old age. It is at age 80 that they tend to quickly degrade into old age, losing strength and senses. Most bulls die at age 85, while cows may live well into their 90’s at old age. A Minotaur doesn’t fully mature until age 20.

Age does not account for power with Minotaurs. A player should not play a Minotaur younger than 20 though. Old Minotaurs are fine, as long as any above age 80 roleplay the issues at that age.


All minotaurs share these attributes. 


While slow, minotaurs can focus their strength into a brief burst of speed. This rush is equitable to a bull stampeding, but is restricted to a straight line. If they try to turn while Bull Rushing, it will result in a catastrophic wipeout.  


Due to their origins in guarding labyrinths, minotaurs have developed excellent lowlight vision. Like many with this trait, extremely bright sunlight may irritate their eyes, but not to the extent of trolls.


With their bulk and strength, minotaurs can be intimidating on their own. When confronted with someone they wish to intimidate purposely, they will just stare them down in an unblinking, unmoving manner that more often than not confers intense fear in the target.


Minotaurs often find themselves instinctively memorising their whereabouts and surroundings. Due to this racial attribute, minotaurs almost never get lost. Doesn't work for written/drawn material.


Minotaurs possess a keen sense of smell. This allows them to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell alone.


Minotaurs are a species of incredible physical power. While they won't be picking up cars to throw at enemies, they certainly don't have any trouble pushing a car around. They are generally considered the strongest of the races, along with trolls.


It takes considerable force to break Minotaur bones.  Their thick bones should not be considered a general damage resistance, just a resistance to otherwise bone breaking hits or trauma. They still feel normal pain on blunt force attacks.


Minotaurs are basically made of leather. Their thick hide confers a resistance (but not immunity) to piercing damage. Anything that would pierce a mundane bull’s hide (i.e. gunshot) will cause damage.


Slow as Molasses

Minotaurs are notoriously slow. Slow when walking, running, or even in their attacks. Minotaurs may have strength on their side, but it costs them their ability to move quickly.

Cannot Use Magic

Minotaurs shun magic. Their racial fear of magic for eons has cut off their ability to harness and use magic in any form.

Magical Susceptibility

Damaging combat magics are twice as effective against Minotaurs. Magic designed to heal, cure, bless, or buff Minotaurs will only work to the extent it would on a human.

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