Mushrooms Head Shop


Current Leader: Eon (Virotek Zabibha) & Claire (Catalina Roland)

The Store History
Mushrooms opened in 1983 as a specialty tobacco store.  The woman who owned and operated the store, Miriam Vanover, had recently lost her husband to what the police dubbed "gang violence" and she used the insurance money to begin a new life.  At the time, Mushrooms (whose name was a mystery) sold cigarettes, cigars and smoking.  While it was suspected that Miriam was a pot dealer, the police never actually caught her in the act and were resigned to keeping an eye on dealings at the store.

With the legalization of specific organically grown psychotropic drugs under a regulated state, that being marijuana and mushrooms, the store became a legal dispensary and its black market turned public. 

Inside Mushrooms

Mushrooms strives to make the customer's buying experience as relaxed as possible. In the far corner the customers are provided with a seating area to relax and let their hair down around a hookah pipe. The smoke is free—with a minimal fee for mouthpiece protectors. 

The shop is geared to provide the returning customer with everything they need for their smoking enjoyment, from pipes to bongs, including complimentary Alhambra water for the occasional cotton mouth. For those seeking a little warm relief from the colder months, hot tea is available upon request. 

Mushrooms also carries a variety of cigarettes, cloves and even cigarillos; lighters, rolling papers, incense and other goods are available on request. If you don't see it, ask the owners and with a nominal deposit, anything can be procured. 

Jobs At Mushrooms
OWNER:  Eon & Claire. All special requests, orders and hiring must be approved by the two of them.  

IN-STORE CLERKS: These people work as cashiers for the business and work part time, remaining in the store while the runners move from the store to their routes. They can take special orders, but they do not fill them unless trained to do so by the owners.  Their duties will include, keeping the store clean, selling in store merchandise, keeping the till even, restocking from stores and answering the phone. Pay rate for a clerk is minimum wage.

RUNNERS:  They must be over 21 to be hired as a runner.  They deliver shipments to pre-ordered customers, actively seek out new customers on their route and sell product to one time buyers while on their rounds.  Their routes are assigned by the owner and they maintain them, giving the customers a familiar face for their deliveries.  It is prohibited by the store for a runner to steal a customer from another Mushrooms' runner.  Runners make a weekly salary that is supplemented by a 20% cut of the route profit plus a 50% cut of any individual sales to new customers on their first sale.  Hours are flexible according to their routes and customers.  Runners only have access to the product given to them at the beginning of their shift. They do not have ANY access to the security system of the store. 

Store Security
Though the door to the shop is usually open, hidden beams track movement in and out, activating recording devices. These recordings are burned to disks and kept in a remote location. 

Less than $20 is kept in the register at any given time, the employee on duty knowing to collect anything over that amount and place it inside a time-lock safe. All packaged drugs are locked in a secure, environment controlled safe and all paraphernalia is kept locked as well. 

Mushrooms keeps a weapon on premises, and has a permit to carry it. 

*** [Please note if no one is in the store at the time of your entry, an NPC counterperson by the name of Brian works there.  He will kick out anyone disrupting the mellow atmosphere or attempting to steal, and has access to a baseball bat located under the counter. if you role play in Mushrooms and  utilize play of Brian while something significant occurs, please send the owners a NC of what transpired as Brian will relay names or descriptions to them so they'll be aware of trouble makers.]***

City Code/Inspections
Mushrooms is subject to passing City Code inspections to make sure their product is not contaminated and their store is within city code limits.  All cashiers must be at least 18 years of age and anyone under 21 cannot sell at mushrooms.

ID must be checked, Marijuana cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 and mushrooms cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 21.

Product Lines - Over The Counter
☯ Wolf's Bane (Aconitum)
$50/baggie dried, $100 for a full healthy plant. 
Wolf's Bane is sold primarily as a sexual enhancement used in small amounts for penetration. But the owner is also aware it is a poison. Sale of this product must be recorded in the store and proper ID is required. Mushrooms does not condone the use of the herb/flower other than what it is sold for. Mushrooms is not responsible for the purchaser's consciousness. 

☯ Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)
$5/baggie dried, $20 for a full healthy plant. 
For Human use: Catnip isn't just for cats. In fact, it was originally used for a variety of ailments, very much like the modern aspirin. It can be consumed as a tea, juice, tincture, infusion or as a poultice and has a numbing effect. This is a great herbal remedy for those unable to afford the more expensive drugs the larger companies manufacture. 

Also the oil distilled from the plant can be used as a bug repellent. 

For Cats: 
Need to calm down that rambunctious feline? Catnip is just the thing! Grab a few of these leaves, either fresh or dried and crush them up to release their full potency for our little fury buddies. Cats love to paw it, rub it, roll in it, lick it and chew it. Just don't give them too much or they can become very aggressive! 

☯ Cannabis-
Four potent strains of premium grade marijuana are sold by Mushrooms at present, these are offered in prepackaged gram weight increments (though larger bulk rates are adjusted for those who buy in abundance and package sizes are previously prepared).

☯ Northern Lights (Indica)
$20/gram, $120/Quarter Ounce, $220/Half Ounce, $420/Ounce.
The classic green bud whose reputation often proceeds itself, Northern Lights offers a cerebral high which endures and holds a crisp taste.  It bears 15% THC and is possibly a more common strain which is offered at dispensaries and hash cafes the world over.  It is local grown and available regularly.  The charismatic marijuana is characterized by its brilliant green buds in varying size and density blanketed heavily by crystals and tiny orange hairs.

☯ Thai x Skunk (Indica)
$20/gram, $120/Quarter Ounce, $220/Half Ounce, $420/Ounce.
Thai crossed with Skunk#1, this strain produces large, sticky THC covered buds with curling orange hairs. The heady Thai scent and flavor of this plant is exceptional for taste and high, and holds a 15% THC level. The process to bring us this strain was long and hard so it is one to appreciate.  Locally grown, it is a popular alternative to Northern Lights for those who enjoy the flavors of the East.

☯ Durban Poison (Indica Sativa)
$40/gram, $220/Quarter Ounce, $420/Half Ounce, Ounce Size Unavailable.
Durban Poison is a popular child strain of the ever praised White Widow indica sativa crossbred with Northern Lights indica. The end results are large, sticky buds  of a very light green hue coated with THC glands and long, orange hairs. Bearing a candy sweet aroma and strong cerebral high due to its 20% THC content, Durban Poison gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect. Imported product of Southern Oregon.

☯ White Queen (Indica Sativa)
$50/gram, $280/Quarter Ounce, $540/Half Ounce, Ounce Size Unavailable.
Due to its testy nature and often found a difficult strain to grow, the White Queen is a rare encounter to be found.  Imported from Northeastern Oregon, this incredibly potent plant bears 20-25% THC and offers a high like none other.  A favorite of connoisseurs who are lucky enough to get their hands on it, White Queen is characterized by densely grown buds so completely frosted over in crystals that they resemble snow covered Christmas trees dotted by fine, red hairs.

Outside of marijuana, Mushrooms offers a few alternate varieties of cannabis to spice up your day, and these items are as follows:

☯ Kief (Crystals)
$40/Half Gram, $80/Gram.
Kief refers to the resin glands of cannabis which may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose dry cannabis buds with a sieve. Kief contains a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC, than other preparations of cannabis buds from which it is derived. It is available in small quantities in its original powdered form.  Suggested for use in small increments as its high is quite potent delivered by an incredibly sweet flavored smoke. Origin and type of plant from whence the kief came cannot be guaranteed, and is often a medley of several varieties mixed together.

☯ Hashish
$30/Half Gram, $60/Gram.
Hashish, often known as "hash," is a cannabis preparation composed of compressed and/or purified preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes, collected from the unfertilized buds of the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients—such as THC and other cannabinoids—but in higher concentrations than unsifted buds or leaves.  Offered by an imported resin cake, Mushroom's hash is sold in soft, pliable chunks of dark brown  tinged by green bearing an aromatic bliss which proclaims its quality which bears 50% THC level. Availability is subject to shipments and not always available for retail, but when it is one is assured of freshness and untainted by oxidization.  Best smoked in pipes or incorporated into hand rolled cigarettes or joints.

☯ Honey Oil (Hash Oil)
$50/Per 5/8 Dram Vial.
Hash oil is a concentrated substance derived from Cannabis sativa and is a resinous matrix of cannabinoids produced by a solvent extraction of cannabis. Mushroom's hash oil is a concentrated product with a high 65% THC content and holds a deep amber hue akin to dark honey. This is a rare import for the shop and sells quick, thus may not be available on regular basis.

☯ Trimmings
$75/Half Ounce Bag.
Trimmings are what is manicured off the plants while preparing the harvest for sale.  Trimmings are composed primarily of leaf and stem matter and is usually a harsh and unpleasant smoke.  These mixed 'grab bags' are primarily reserved for those who wish to make tea or food properties which delivers a more mild high.  In larger quantity when simmered for hours in butter and strained after, can create a very enduring organic high.  Origin and type of plant from whence the trimmings came cannot be guaranteed, and is often a medley of several varieties mixed together.

☺ ::::::Cannabis Based Foods::::::: ☺

Every Monday and Friday Mushrooms offers up a fresh batch of eatables created with cannabis infused butter.  These sell quickly, so be sure to get yours when they are out.

☯ Brownies
$4 each.
Nothing like a good pot brownie to feel the warmth and high of THC slowly building in your system.  The effects are long standing but much more mellow due method of ingestion.  Do not mistake this as a weak high by any means, but an enjoyable ride with no hard crash afterwards. Does not contain nuts.

☯ Goo Balls
$4 Each.
There is no stonier treat than a goo ball, any true Dead Head will tell you.  These sticky organic cereal based balls are dense and crunchy, banded by creamy peanut butter and THC butter.  Low on carbs and high on highs, it is the breakfast of champions or just an ample snack to feel the good vibes flowing through you.  Contains nuts.

☯ Zucchini & Pumpkin Bread Baby Half Loaves
$10 Each.
Whether you opt for the zucchini or the pumpkin, both loaves are made of organic ingredients and sweet to the tongue.  Infused with cannabis butter only heightens their charm and makes a slice or two perfect for that mid-afternoon high which won't leave you burnt by dinner.  Does not contain nuts, but may contain poppy seeds.

☯ Hemp Pretzels
These are actually not made by the staff of Mushrooms but ordered special all the way from Massachusetts.  Made from stone ground hemp flour, these treats are homemade by a pot-loving, middle-aged couple who put the delight back into snack time.  Much like a medium sized sourdough pretzel of substance, they're crunchy and filling, and each bag holds roughly 5-6 of them.  Available in regular flavor, sesame or honey mustard.


☯ Psychotropic Mushrooms -
Mushrooms wouldn't be Mushrooms if we didn't offer our namesake.  Though regulated by state laws and the FDA, we are able to provide these fun fungi for your recreational and medicinal enjoyment.

Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that contain psychoactive indole alkaloids. There are multiple colloquial terms for psilocybin mushrooms, the most common being 'shrooms and magic mushrooms. There are approximately 190 species of psilocybin mushrooms and most of them fall in the genus Psilocybe.  Psilocybe fruit bodies are typically small, nondescript mushrooms with a typical "little brown mushroom" morphology. Macroscopically, they are characterized by their small to occasionally medium size, brown to yellow-brown coloration, with a typically hygrophanous cap, and a spore print-color that ranges from lilac-brown to dark purple-brown (though rusty-brown colored varieties are known in at least one species).  Hallucinogenic species typically have a blue-staining reaction when the fruit body is bruised.

Hallucinogenic species of Psilocybe have a long history of use among the native peoples of Mesoamerica for religious communion, divination, and healing, from pre-Columbian times up to the present day. The popularization of entheogens by Wasson, Timothy Leary, and others has led to an explosion in the use of hallucinogenic Psilocybe throughout the world.

Pricing: $30/Gram, $210/Quarter Ounce.

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