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There is not currently a race leader. Motivated players who desire to enrich mutant roleplay on the sim are encouraged to apply. You are free to make your own unofficial Band of Mutants, according to the unofficial grouping rules.


The mutation rate in nature is incredibly low. Or used to be. Over the last one hundred years or so, mutations among the human race skyrocketed, producing individuals with sometimes startling variations from the base stock. The mutations around an axis mundi such as the Ascension Stone are off the charts, suggesting that the inherent power of these locations is directly responsible for such mutations.

For a long while, mutants hid what they were -- if they were able to do so. Two types of mutations emerged: physical and supernatural. Those with only supernatural mutations were lucky, as many of them could hide and carry on with near normalcy. Those with physical mutations were labeled as freaks of nature by the humans, and often times ended up landing in sideshows and circuses as oddities. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s, well after even Minotaurs had been accepted, that legislation provided equal rights for Mutants, or Exceptional Humans (E.H.'s), as they called themselves.  

Despite laws on the books requiring equal treatment, most normal humans look down on mutants as something “lesser”, and the derogatory terms “freaks” and “muties” can still be heard on the streets. Supernaturals also consider them “less than”, since they are not a true race, but an “accident” perpetrated by the Ascension stone and other places of axis mundi. The mutants find themselves in a tough position, not accepted by the humans nor by the supernaturals.

Mutants may not be turned into vampires, but they may be ghouled by vampires or thralled by demons. 


Nekos, kitsune, lizard people and other characters that would be considered "hybrids" count as mutants in Ascension.

Mutants can look absolutely normal/human if they have mental/psychic mutations only, or they can have physical mutations and skin tone changes that make them appear decidedly non-human. Ears and tails do not count towards your mutation list, UNLESS you are using them to give your character extra balance or hearing. You can basically create any kind of outlandish character you like, as long as it has a humanoid base (no full furries are allowed, though just as with other groups, beastly avatars could be used). This is basically a catch-all, a race to allow you to be very creative in what you can make!

If there are any questions about what is acceptable, please contact group leaders or sim staff before playing the character on sim.


Normal human lifespan, so about 70-80 years. Obviously there are outlying values to this number. It is just to give a general idea of longevity. Mutant characters are no more long-lived than humans.


Mutants are essentially humans with exceptional abilities. They are just as fragile as humans and can be injured just the same. However, their mutations also lead to some interesting weaknesses...

Lightweed Extract
Lightweed is a particular plant that seems to grow in small patches in areas of an axis mundi. The extract from these plants contains extremely high levels of luciferin, a compound that can cause severe allergic reactions, loss of abilities, coma, and even death in mutated individuals. Though mutants with bioluminescence themselves contain small amounts of luciferin, they are not immune to the effects of a massive, concentrated dose of pure extract. 

Second Unique Weakness
All mutants must craft their own second unique weakness depending on their skillset/mutations. Alcoholism, addictions, etc. are not weaknesses, but character flaws and do not count. It must be something that affects their abilities or can keep them at bay, and is obtainable through some means (no unicorn horn powder). This is to keep everything fair in the game to ensure NO ONE can play an "I'm invincible" card.


There are no standards “attributes” for this race, since each individual is so very different. You may choose any combination of physical and supernatural mutations for a total of EIGHT skills. Skin color mutations and avatar mods (tail, slitted eyes, etc.) do not count towards your mutations, but any skills/strengths directly related to a mod (night vision, balance, etc.) DO count.

We have taken out most of the time limits and distance limits specifically listed in the descriptions. Use your best judgment in use, and play fairly. For example, you cannot spit poison any farther than a normal person could spit, and you can’t see through buildings, or balance thirty feet in the air on a toothpick. 

The two lists to choose from can be found here:



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