Jikininki - The Necroshifters



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See the Undead group for any leadership information. You are free to make your own unofficial Clan, according to the unofficial grouping rules.


Jikininki are the spirits of individuals who have been cursed due to some transgression during their life, from more innocuous things like excess greed or selfishness to far more sinister acts such as murder. The curse is generally placed when they cross a powerful practitioner of necromancy or a skinwalker shaman. Some of them seem to be cursed for no reason at all, simply the whims of evil. After death, their bodies rise from the grave and they are overcome with the craving for corpse flesh – human, demon, mutant, even fellow undead – no one is safe from the hunger of the jikininki and they prey upon any and all races.

They generally scavenge graveyards at night, looking for a fresh corpse to dine on. They will sometimes loot the graves as well, using any bounty discovered to bribe city officials and cemetery staff to leave them in peace when "hunting." The jikininki hate their repugnant cravings for dead flesh and live their afterlife in perpetual sorrow, often seen wailing while devouring corpse meat. Some jikininki are truly repentant and wronged unfairly, while some are just evil and menacing.

Proximity to the Ascension Stone (or other such powerful locations) confers the ability for them to magically disguise themselves as normal humans during the day, which is where their colloquial name of Necroshifter comes from. This is a passive race trait. When the moon rises, however, the power of the curse overrides their glamour and they will be seen as they truly are, no matter where they happen to be at the time. When human, they tend to carry a very slight scent of decay. Many necroshifters douse themselves in colognes and perfumes to mask the telltale scent.


The curse may be broken in one of two ways. If they find/discover the wizard/shaman who cursed them and beg forgiveness, the curse may be lifted. Generally, the person who placed the curse offers a reversal in exchange for keeping the jikininki as an assistant or servant. The second way it can be lifted is by finding a more powerful witch or shaman and convincing them through deeds that the jikininki is a changed person. This usually entails performing some tasks for the shaman to prove they are worthy of the effort in breaking a curse. After the curse is broken, the jikininki will still be dead and either stay as they are but without the cravings for corpse flesh, or transform into a ghost (with powers changing to follow the rules for ghosts on sim).


They look like decomposing cadavers, sometimes with glowing eyes or sharp claws that they gain with the curse. They are a horrifying sight, and have been mistaken for zombies, lichs, and other undead with which they share similar features. Their glamoured form looks like a normal human.


They can usually “last” about 150 years, growing progressively more distorted and skeletal with every passing year. Very old jikininki appear as skeletons in their true form.


Necroshifters take all of the following as racial attributes.


Necroshifters are very fast, often moving in the blink of an eye.


Teeth and jaw have been reinforced by years of gnawing away at sinew and bone. Some jikininki have actually filed all their teeth into points. Able to gnash through concrete and some soft metals. (No, you can’t chew into a bank vault).


When the moon rises, those carrying a special amulet are able to overcome the curse for another hour or two before being forced to change back to their undead appearance. You can get amulets from the occult shop or have it happen "off screen". 


The jikininki is able to almost mask their cadaverous smell when glamoured as human. The "natural" scent they carry then is individual to each necroshifter, such as roses, incense, etc.


The jikininki’s rotting flesh is just as strong as normal “living” flesh, meaning their natural form (unglamoured) won’t generally start to fall apart during combat or if someone bumps into them as a result of their affliction.


Sends a wave of cold, gripping sense of fear towards a single target that may freeze them in place. Can use this OR poisonous glance, but not both at once.  


When stared at, a target will start to feel ill and unsteady. Can use this OR frozen with fear, but not both at once.


This can be used as an offensive ability to drive people away. The necroshifter releases a concentrated, foul scent of decay. Those with increased sense of smell may be more susceptible to the odor.


Jikininki must have at least three weaknesses. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.

Jikininki's wrath

When angry, the jikininki cannot override their curse to appear human and will shift back into their true, undead form.

Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust sprinkled around doorways will keep evil jikininki from entering. (But not affect neutral/good ones)


Direct sun makes these jikininki appear as they truly are. They can walk in the shadows, hugging buildings, and still be masked as human, though many stay completely indoors as much as possible during the day.

Holy symbols

They will not disturb the graves of those with holy symbols on them, and symbols of any faith can be used to drive them away.

Lemon/Lime juice

These acidic solutions burn the hell out of their rotting flesh and can be used to drive them back.

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