You may choose any combination of physical and supernatural mutations for a total of EIGHT skills. Skin color mutations and avatar mods (fangs, tail, slitted eyes, etc.) do not count towards your mutations, but any skills/strengths directly related to a mod (night vision, balance, etc.) DO count.

We have taken out most of the time limits and distance limits specifically listed in the descriptions. Use your best judgment in use, and play fairly. For example, you cannot spit poison any farther than a normal person could spit, and you can’t see through buildings, or balance thirty feet in the air on a toothpick.

All of the physical abilities occur in nature in some way, and we recommend you research the model animal to really understand your abilities and their limitations! :)



Like the lyrebird, these mutants can mimic almost any sound that they have heard, including voices (get consent of any player whose voice you want to mimic).


Very keen balance. Also able to right self while falling to land on feet like a cat as long as the drop is greater than two stories. Keen balance does not mean unfailing. Affected by environment (high winds, etc).


These mutants come with their own light source, using photophores containing luciferin that can glow on demand when the mutant is threatened, for warning or communication. These mutants are not immune to the luciferin/lightweed weakness.


Essentially made of a flexible collagen bone structure, this mutant is able to essentially liquify its body and slip into the smallest of cracks and crevices, oozing and bending every which way to fit without even breaking a sweat.


These mutants use complex cell-signaling and chromatophores to change their coloration and pattern depending on their environment, effectively camouflaging themselves in many situations. They are not invisible, but may be hard to spot.


The ability to mimic chemical signals such as sex pheromones or alarm pheromones. Some predators mimic the sex pheromones of their prey in order to attract them. If you mimic the chemical signature (scent) of a player character, you MUST have consent from the player.


These mutants have a type of natural antifreeze running through their veins. They can be literally frozen solid and then thawed without suffering the damages of a normal person or creature.


Like bats, these mutants use soundwaves in order to locate people, objects, or creatures in the area. They can navigate in total darkness (despite not being able to see -- unless a night visions skill is taken). (Replaces radar sense)


These mutants posses specialized electric organs, comprised of densely packed electric cells. The cells receive signals from the brain and are able to act as sort of batteries in a series, generating a current. The current is most effective where there is good conduction (such as water), and may be ineffective if a target is grounded in some manner. Low levels of electric discharge can be used for electrolocation, while higher voltage can be used for hunting and defense.


With this ability, the mutant becomes effectively amphibious: able to breathe underwater and on land. They must stay near water or carry a water bottle to moisten their gills from time to time.


These mutants have membranes connecting their arms and legs to their body that can be extended after a leap from a high place, in order to glide to the ground. It is normally hidden when not in use.


This grants the mutant the visual acuity of a diurnal raptor, able to see very small things and subtle movement from far off.


Also known as thermal vision. Yeah, like Predator. Or, you know, a snake. 


These mutants have nematocysts, stinging structures located in specialized cells, contained within the follicles of their tentacle-like hair. Contact can trigger millions of nematocysts to pierce the skin and inject venom. Depending on the type of mutant and how much of the hair contacts someone, it can either cause a painful stinging rash or a flood of neurotoxin that can paralyze a victim.


These mutants are born with a geomagnetic “chip” in their brains, made of magnetite-containing brain cells that allow them to navigate perfectly using the earth’s magnetic fields.


The tapetum lucidum is the structure on the fundus of many animals eyes that causes their eyes to appear to glow at night when light hits them. It confers lowlight vision by increasing reflection of available light. Very sensitive to bright lights. Difficulty seeing during the day. Does not work in total blackness.


Able to pick up very subtle sounds and bits of conversation above ambient noise. In very quiet situations, able to hear movement from quite far off and able to locate the direction of sound. You cannot hear normal conversation through buildings. Research the (pretty awesome) limitations of owl hearing.


These mutants produce two substances, each from a gland on either side of their mouths. When these two substances mix, an exothermic reaction occurs and the concoction is vaporized and can be spat in a toxic cloud of superheated gas.


The ability for the mutant to use their hair as an extra "limb". The mutant can increase their hair to double the length of their body. They can manipulate locks of it to grasp objects or push buttons. The hair's strength can support objects up to half of the mutant's body weight. When the hair is entirely shaved off, it needs to grow back for at least 3 days before the power can take effect again.


Increased speed of reflexes (not actual movement), on par with other supernatural creatures.


Ability to regrow body parts that have been injured or completely cut off. Coagulation begins immediately and within minutes new cells start forming at the site. Mild amputations such as a fingertip may take only a week or so to regenerate. However, full limb amputations will take a month to regrow, as bone, sinew, and flesh all has to be regenerated one cell at a time.


Ability on par with a bloodhound.


These mutants have incredible jaw strength, on par with that of a crocodile. They may have actual fangs or just the jaw strength.


Ability to produce high-pitched sound waves that can be focused in order to shatter glass or other friable objects, or unfocused to just give everyone in range a giant frigging headache.


The mutant can run startlingly fast in comparison to a regular person, up to speeds of 45 miles per hour (Fastest human speed recorded around 27 mph for a sprint). This is very tiring and can only be sustained for short periods of time.


Boing! These mutants have supercoiled muscle fibers in their legs, and are able to leap almost 5 times their body length in a single bound.


The mutant is very strong. They can even match a minotaur for strength, but in order to do so, must also have the bulk of such a creature.


These mutants are able to feign death on command, slowing their metabolism and heart rates to nearly undetectable levels. It also can aid in slowing the effect of poisons and toxins, though is not an immunity per se.


The mutant produces a toxic secretion from skin or salivary glands that may cause dysphoria, difficulty breathing, dizziness, or mucous membrane irritation. The venom can be spat at the normal distance of human ability. Topical exposure may be halted by washing the skin, while injection through a bite wound may require medical assistance.


Ability to scale vertical surfaces using microscopic "suckers" on fingertips, also known as lamellae (similar to geckos). The surface must be smooth, and the height they can climb is limited by their physical prowess.


Whiskers, or vibrissae, allow these mutants to feel their way around their environment just by touch sensitivity alone. They can also sense changes in the air, such as storm fronts and other pressure changes.

They can be insect wings, bird wings, or bat wings. They can be hideable, or not! There is a broad spectrum of wing types that show up as mutations, with varying degrees of flight ability. 

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