Player Ranks

We've instituted a ranking system for players who remain dedicated to Ascension City. The titles are all OOC, merely a recognition of your committment to the sim!


This is the default title one gets when first entering our fair city.


An AC citizen is one who has spent a considerable amount of time in the city, and is actively involved in storylines. The general rule is that this title may be conferred after about 2 weeks of active play in Ascension. Applications are available here.


AC locals are the "regulars", the familiars, the ones who spend a good deal of time here and are actively involved in running businesses, factions, events, and the like. They contribute something extra to the sim, and are generally well recognized as dedicated players in the city. This title is conferred through nomination by other players, but you may also nominate yourself. Nomination forms are available here.


These players are Ascension. They have gone above and beyond what is generally expected in the game, contributing a good deal of time and effort to making the city a richer experience for all involved. They lead groups, work tirelessly on staff, run events, or just have spent such a long time on the sim that they are the players people think of as being the heart of the city. Anyone nominated for this role must be active and engaged on the sim. The staff will vote on adding new Ascendants. Nomination forms are available here.

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