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Primals have no separate headquarters. The Lycans and other Shifters make their home in rundown building in the Wastelands behind Oldtown.


When two congenital weres of the same species mate, the interaction of the pure lycanthropy genes means that in some cases (approximately in 1% of the births), the cub is born not as an infected human - but actually in the were’s feral form.

These creatures are generally referred to as primal weres or wolfweres and are shunned by most, including other weres. Born in their feral form, they learn some unique skills that allow them to find a place in the world. Primals sometimes have a genetic mishap, where they have no true human form, they simply shift between a true dire wolf, and their primal form.

Unlike other weres, a primal can speak a human language, wield tools and hold a job in their feral form. The genetic flaws that make them primal however, also limit their average intelligence. Most primals therefore never rise any higher than doing menial jobs involving heavy physical labour - for which they often compete with trolls and minotaurs in locations heavy with supernatural activity.

The transformation to human and back is very painful for a primal, and their wolf spirit is so strong that most primals find themselves growing quickly depressed when they spend too long as a human. Once every month, on those nights of the Full Moon, the primal is at their weakest and is forced to become human. The forced transformation makes them berserk just like other weres do, and when not stopped or kept away from others, they at least try to go on a killing spree. Often these primals go so berserk they revert to attacking people with their human hands and teeth, but it's not entirely unknown for a berserking primal to pick up weapons either.


Few see the primals as a positive force in the world, least of all other weres. The exact treatment of primal cubs changes from Pack to Pack, but it ranges from begrudging acceptance to open discrimination or in some packs even to ritual killings of the newborn. Some larger, older packs have been known to chain up their primals and treat them as little better than living weapons.

Most packs however never have to deal with primals, and as weres generally lack the written culture of vampires, there are even many packs who don’t know the primals exist until one is born amongst them.

Primals are usually kept as a dirty secret from other species; few know they exist. Some human nations like the former USSR knew of their existence though and the Soviets used to capture these beasts and meant to train them as super-soldiers. The experiments have officially stopped since the fall of the Iron Curtain, however, and no current nation acknowledges similar experiments.

In rare cases, small packs of primals have gathered and organised into wandering packs or tribes of their own, moving with the wind across the continent. These packs tend to very close-knit and wary of any outsiders, as they are aware of what their status would be if they rejoin the greater were community or out themselves to any other races.


Both among weres and humans who are aware of the existance of these rare wolfweres, there have been some who have discovered ways to control the primals through judicious use of metal collars, wolfsbane and mental conditioning. Often these subservient wolfweres are then forced into breeding programs, as when two of them mate, their cubs always suffer the primal genetic defect. Some few Alphas and the rare human criminal lords have control of one or more of these subservient primals and they are often seen as prized possessions.

If these breeding programmes have been organised for multiple generations, there have been reports of primals actually being able to be domesticated in a manner not that dissimilar from dogs. Even though they still keep their near-human sentience, they are said to obey and follow their Masters with an undying loyalty.


In places where enough primals have gathered to form packs or tribes of their own, they tend to become nomadic, travelling the lands to wherever the hunt and the moon takes them. They are more in touch with nature than regular weres, as with the primals their human and animal natures have truly blended into one single persona.

The tribes often worship the wild spirits of nature and their members are rarely if ever acquainted to living in civilization. As such when one of the wild primals is removed from his pack it usually causes severe anxieties and behavioural issues. Often, they even become physically ill from being removed from their pack for too long. When they lose contact with their pack for more than a year it is enough to change their personal scent to an extent where they are no longer recognised by their own kin.

In Ascension, tribal outcasts often find a refuge in the Enchanted Garden. The protective natural magics surrounding that place seem to keep the bewildering at bay and put theirs minds at ease.


They have sentience in their feral form unlike other weres. Unlike werewolves they can wear (specially tailored) clothing, wield tools and weapons, or even speak a human language in feral form. Physically their natural feral form means they have all the physical advantages of a shifted werewolf, all the time. They get some additional weaknesses however.


Primals have all the physical abilities of a shifted were. And like a were they can pick up to 5 shifter powers. Alternatively you can choose one of the special primal powers listed below, these are counted together with ther regular shifter powers for your 5 power limit.


These primals are just as intelligent as the average human or 'civilised' were.

Genetic oops

These primals don’t have a human form, they shift between their primal form, to a more natural wolf form. This includes the forced transformation during the Full Moon.


All primals are forced to have the following weaknesses:


Like all werecreatures, the power of a primal comes from a big part from the moon. Unlike other shifters who are basically infected humans, the primals are wolves first of all, though still susceptible to the full moon’s power to force them into their other form (human or direwolf). That night they are forced to endure a night of being out of their true form, berserking with the desire to kill and destroy. They lose most of the physical advantages of their feral form, but keep their basic human abilities like using weapons, speaking, etc. However, even if they can talk, the berserker rage takes their mind over so strongly they cannot be reasoned with.


Weres are allergic to silver. If you injure a werecreature, its swift-clotting ability will remain in play, unless you use a silver tipped weapon or bullet. Silver suppresses these abilities increasing the chance the lycan will succumb to its injuries. Also doubles healing time. Having silver exposed to the skin briefly will do no damage. However, if a wolf wears silver over a period of time (a few days), their skin will break out into an uncomfortable rash.


If burnt and breathed in causes dizziness, nausea and lack of energy. If ingested the victim suffers stomach cramps and disorientation, on top of the other symptoms. The higher the dose, the worse the wolf's condition and deterioration of body and mind. Luckily, wolfsbane is rare and only found in small measurements for a hefty price.

They must have at least one further weakness. You may choose more if you like. You can choose from the following suggestions or craft one of your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as racial weaknesses.


Can be taken advantage of. Potent smells revolting to humans are the same to wolves, and wards them off even on full moon. Same applies to hearing. Very loud or high-pitched sounds can damage the wolf's ears or cause pain and discomfort- wolves that tote guns should carry earmuffs to help protect from noise. Can even be rendered unconscious with the right frequency, or cause extreme disorientation.


Because of their abundant use of energy wolves need to eat well. Due to their physiology they burn calories quickly, therefore have a ravenous appetite. Like a vampire without blood, they're at their weakest when hungry and if starved, everything is slowed, mentally and physica

These primals have a very limited free will. They have been bred and trained to be used like domesticated dogs and will follow orders like any other trained dog when they are with their Master or Trainer.


A primal that belonged to a primal tribe, however who has been cast out or in another way separated from their tribe. They are constantly troubled by mental and even physical agony over the loss of their only family.

The primal’s biology is closer to an animal’s than it is to humans, as such they have a hard time digesting processed foods. Some human foods like chocolate in larger doses can even make them seriously ill. They are stlill omnivorous though, and are able to combine the consumption of raw meat with some plants and fruits.


Primals are always bipedal monstrous beasts. As per general sim rules; these avatars still need to fit in our sim theme however.

Some recommendations:

- Niramyth’s Wolfkin

- 1st Act Werewolf

Avoid cartoony avatars; unnatural colours (bright blue, pastel pink, ...), glowing tattoos (can have natural looking tattoos but nothing magical), etc. Primals like all weres are NOT your home & garden variety furries.

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