Pump & Munch Garage

----------Pump&Munch Garage  General Info-----------------

"Prove reliability. Earn trust."

Pump&Munch is the city's single-source leader of maintenance and technology products for all industrial and personal sectors. Our best-in-class technology products are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support.

As trendsetter in our field of expertise we supply products and solutions today that help to solve the challenges of the future.

((Translation: We are the handy men of Ascension.))

---------------Offered services----------------------------

Our services include the following and more:

- Maintenance and repair:

Our ambition is to provide first-class service around the clock and all over the city. Excellent service adds value. That's what our customers expect from us, and to meet that expectation, our service offerings are consistently expanded. Preventive maintenance provides valuable service. Before they actually occur, it avoids failures while meeting the legal requirements at the same time.

((Translation: You break your shit, no matter what, we fix it.))

- Urban Traffic:

We offer services in the areas of maintenance and repair services, provide constant support in operation of personal mobility. We offer responsibility for modernizing the vehicles and systems to correspond the latest technology and fashion.

((Translation: We fix your car but also pimp your ride.))

- Home and building technology and services:

Pump&Munch provides a comprehensive service portfolio for your building's infrastructure covering security, fire and building automation. These services are designed to enhance performance, create a real value over the life cycle of your facility, deliver protection, and thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

((Translation: Got the toilet clogged or enjoy smoking in bed? We'll care for it.))

- Energy services:

Electricity will become the pathway to a sustainable energy system. It takes new technologies and approaches to meet this challenge. Pump&Munch answers this throughout the entire energy system with innovative solutions, products, and services. Our portfolio includes scheduled inspections, remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and replacement parts programms. 

((Translation: We even change a burnt-out lightbulb for you.))

Customer support:

Phone:  AC+800-50913

Fax: AC+800-50913-58

Email: [email protected]

------Working for Pump&Munch---------

Jobs & Careers:

- Trainees:

Trainees will earn a skilled worker degree after a certain amount of time and a passed practical test, which will be performed under the supervision of the responsible skilled worker. Duration of the job training depends on the quality of the acquired skills. 

Payment: 200$ per week

((Minimum duration: 1 week))

- Skilled workers

Trained mechanics/electricians/plumbers ect. with a skilled workers degree for in-house and field operations. Skilled workers are expected to sometimes take a trainee with them, and increase the trainees knowledge and skills. Tools, working attire and materials are provided by the Garage.

Payment: 400$ per week

((If you claim to have a degree, you can start as skilled worker, otherwise please apply as Trainee for the fun and sake of roleplay))

- Executive Secretary

You are the second in charge to represent the business, will support the owner and head engineer with all tasks, act in place of the owner and head engineer, write official statements, deputize at court, hand out the wages and much more. The executive secretary must be fully trusted by the management. Only long-term workers can become the executive secretary.

Payment: 550$ per week

((This position will be given away only once at a time.))

- Customer Service 

You take phone calls, schedule the operations, order all parts and materials, you are in charge of shipping of spare parts, deliver smaller stuff yourself, visit the customers and supervise the progress of the installments. You do minor paper work, too. No special job training needed.

Payment: 300$ per week

All applications are to be made by email.

((Write down your application in a notecard and send it to Schdeuph Rosca))

------------------NPCs and OOC info---------------------

Kirsty - Secretary and general dogsbody, will write down your requests and issue them to the person in charge 

((Write down your requests in a notecard and send it to Schdeuph Rosca))

Old Jenkins - mechanic and handyman for all and everything, instant processing of emergency requests granted


Current owner of the garage is Schdeuph Rosca (Stoif Rosca).

All races welcome! 

We will not employ powergamers and godmodders. 

Basic knowledge of technology required.

Realistic roleplay preferred.

Roleplay must stay as much fun and possible at all times!

We offer free coveralls in 3 colors to meet our dress code at work: 

- coverall

- boiler suit

- jeans and t-shirt (wifebeaters preferred)

- bib overall

- etc.

We try to engage as many businesses and roleplayers as possible, therefore we offer maintenance contracts for businesses.

The garage also hosts the first moonshine distill of Ascension.


Pump&Munch Garage

Stoif Rosca

1 Elm Street

Ascension City


at the corner of Norris St and Craven Ct

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