Any witch can spend up to 6 hours per day crafting salves before their concentration starts to fail and their salves end up without effect or even worse with negative effects compared to what they are meant to do. Crafting one salve requires a two hour ritual if they have all the ingredients available already. One such ritual provides enough ointment to apply the salve four times.

A witch's salves is a mixture of active ingredients, binding agents (oil, fat, soap, ...) and magic. This makes their salves differ from homeopathic herbalism and means a witch's salves are more magical than mere medicinal. The recipes listed below only mention a general notion of the active ingredients. As witchery is used in many different traditions and known around the world, every witch has their own personal style, which might change the exact application and secondary effects (smell, taste, viscosity, ...) of a salve; though its magical power remains equal.

Any salve once applied generally has an in character one hour duration, unless  specified differently in the recipe.

Salves can be kept in any container the witch prefers to use, ranging from pottery to glassware to Tupperware pots for more urban witches. A salve kept in a mundane container expires approximately one week after it was crafted. Alternatively, a salve can be kept inside a crystal flask enchanted especially for this purpose. In that case the salve expires only after one month. These empty flasks alone cost on average 25 dollars each; and the enchantment is a basic skill most witches learn during their apprenticeship.




Eden’s Charm

Active ingredients: a mixture of minimal 4 native tree barks

This ointment is said to protect against evil intent. Those who mean to commit evil acts tend to ignore the user of this salve as a possible victim. The exact response of those affected is of course up to their own supernatural skill and is consent-based.


Active ingredients: equal parts thorns and bark of 4 different plants

This salve toughens up the skin of the user over their entire body, turning it into a thorny bark. It gives good resistance to blunt force, and some resistance to piercing and slashing damage (though by far not enough to stop a bullet or a sword). The thorn cause some piercing damage to anyone trying to hold, grapple or otherwise be in close contact with the person affected.

Blessed’s Tears

Active ingredients: Tears of a Aman Aurat and minimal 100 $ worth in dust of precious stones

This ointment can be applied as a form of makeup and will make the person much more desired and attractive to either the opposite or the same gender, depending on the incantations used by the witch in making the ointment. This functions like an illusion, thus anyone with the power to pierce the veil or similar will be unaffected.

Succubus / Incubus

Active ingredients: Bodily fluids of a lust demon, passion fruit and two other tropical fruits

This salve is named directly after the source of its main active ingredient. Depending on the kind of lust demon that is harvested, the salve functions either on men or on women. It causes the user’s libido and arousal to grow nearly unbearable, and allows them to climax multiple times without any exhaustion until the salve’s effect dissipates.

Theriaca Andromachi

Active ingredients: A mixture of half a dozen roots, fruits and flowers; plus unadulterated opium

This salve gives the user a strong resistance (not total immunity though) to poison, or as an antidote against nearly any poison if already afflicted by it.


Active ingredients: Spores of 4 kinds of parasitic fungi

This salve can be applied to a person or to an object. When a plant or plant-like creature touches the affected surface, it can become infected with leafrot, a disease that if not treated can cause plants to die within the week and plant-like creatures to become severely ill to the point they go into a near-coma. This counts as a disease, not a poison.


Active ingredients: half a dozen native herbs

This salve was traditionally used for the treatment of severe constipation. However, these days Bladderwrack is usually sold by witches under a false name and description to those who have offended them. When applied to an otherwise healthy victim, it causes severe diarrhea and vomiting, often both at the same time.


Active ingredients: liquid mercury, spring water, feathers of three different birds

When applied doubles the user’s movement speed. As it only increases their movement speed and not their balance or reflexes, this is often experienced as disorienting and discomforting by those who don’t apply it regularly. For this reason, it also tends to be one of the more addictive salves.

Cat’s paw

Active ingredients: catnip plus three native herbs

The user of this salve loses their unique smell. In fact, anyone smelling the user from up close or trying to track the user by scent has a large chance of losing their sense of smell entirely for about an hour. This effect does not function against feline creatures. In fact this ointment functions as an attractant to them.

White Rose

Active ingredients: Petals of a white rose plus leaves of three evergreen plants

The user gains a strong resistance to cold. They can tolerate freezer temperatures (around -20°C / -4 F) wearing only light summer clothing, without any ill effects. As a side-effect for this entire duration they are extremely sensitive to heat and will find it very difficult to tolerate clothing at normal room temperatures.

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