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⊱〠⊰---------The Sanguine Seas Shipping Company----------⊱〠⊰

Logistics, imports.



The small dockside shop looks unremarkable on the outside. In fact, if you didn't know what you were looking for you'd probably miss it. However, that is part of its charm. The inside is the same, an assortment of knick knacks and items of various size and ranging in quality and price from refuse to rarities. The smell of the sea air hits your lungs before you even walk in but seems to dissipate the second you walk through the door. A sign above reads "Sanguine Seas Shipping Company: There's nothing we cant get." You were told that standard logistics and imports are the game of this fine establishment. Need a new supplier for your bar's alcohol? Perhaps a rare item for a collection? Anything and everything is within reach (To a point, of course) of S3, the company's unofficial name. However, beneath the surface, that adage holds true even more so. Need to get your drugs onto the island? Perhaps a gun or two? Maybe that rare item you need for your collection recently went missing from an art gallery and customs can't know about it? Look no further than the Sanguine Seas.

 ⊱〠⊰---------OOC INFO----------⊱〠⊰


The Sanguine Seas Shipping company is a logistics and shipping company that is a front for the smuggling ring run by Jac Destiny. They are willing to smuggle in any good allowed on the sim (nothing that goes against weapon rules or otherwise, ask if unsure), with prices depending on legal or illegal, quantity, and size. They are a fully operational shipping company and can take legal orders as well. They will deal with anybody for the right price, and do not care about the race, sex, or species of their client.



★Clerk★: Entry level position. Anyone may apply for this. You take orders at the store itself, usually legal ones. You must be ok with the illegal side of the company to work here, but other than that it is open to anyone.

★Worker★: This is the loading and unloading position. They work at the docks and unload and load the ships that come in. This is a position for anyone, though those that are alright with criminal activity will be preferred as the shipments may sometimes come at odd hours and not have proper customs checks.

★Security★: At both the store and on the docks there will be security. This will be to handle any nosy individuals or rival smugglers. This is an open job but the person must be a criminal as it is an enforcer for the company.

★Secretary★:This is the person who organizes the day to day. Times of shipments, manifests, invoices, etc. This is an illegal position and must be criminally inclined, as they will often be called on to forge or change documents.


Pricing is totally dependent on what will be shipped. It is also dependent on whether or not the item is illegal, any risks or special preparations that must be made for the item including accommodations, and whether or not the item needs air holes. This does not require that the Sanguine Seas company knows what they are carrying, but if all parameters necessary are not disclosed or the company feels they have been cheated, further business will not happen. 

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