Conjuration consists of calling, creation, healing, and summoning spells.

Unless otherwise noted, each spell can be used twice per day during combat. Outside of combat, reasonable use applies. In cases of friendly roleplay where a certain effect is agreed upon as exerting a positive effect on the story, magic limitations in combat can be exceeded if both parties agree.

Any material components listed must be in your possession before casting a spell. Additional material components may be required based on your class of character.




Acid Splash

A small orb of acid springs from the caster’s hand. Does not have the distance or power of an acid arrow, but does not require a material component or ritual.

Acid Arrow

A magical arrow of acid springs from the caster’s hand. It travels with the power and distance of an arrow shot from a regular bow. 

Material Component: Common.

Delay Poison

The subject becomes temporarily immune to poison. Any poison in its system or any poison to which it is exposed during the spell’s duration does not affect the subject until the spell’s duration has expired. Delay poison does not cure any damage that poison may have already done. Material component: Common.

Energy Healing

As described in the healing info.

Fog Cloud / Obscuring Mist

A bank of fog billows out from the caster. The fog obscures all sight beyond 5 feet. The misty fog can be removed by wind or fire. The spell does not function underwater. 

Material Component: Common.


A grease spell covers a solid surface with a layer of slippery grease. The spell can also be used to create a greasy coating on an item. 

Material Component: Common.

Remove Blindness/Deafness

Remove blindness/deafness cures blindness or deafness (your choice), whether the effect is normal or magical in nature. The spell does not restore ears or eyes that have been lost, but it repairs them if they are damaged. 

Material component: Ritual.


A cloud of golden particles covers everyone and everything in the area, causing creatures to become blinded and visibly outlining shrouded things for the duration of the spell. All within the area are covered by the dust, which cannot be removed and continues to sparkle until it fades. Sometimes used as a prank on vampires.
Material Component: Rare.

Unseen Servant

An unseen servant is an invisible, mindless, shapeless force that performs simple tasks at the caster’s command. It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend. The servant can perform only one activity at a time, but it repeats the same activity over and over again if told to do so as long as the caster remains within range. It can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, and the like. The servant cannot attack in any way and is undone when combat starts. 

Material Component: Rare AND ritual.




Create Food

The food that this spell creates is simple fare of the caster’s choice—highly nourishing, if rather bland. Food so created decays and becomes inedible within 24 hours. 

Component: Ritual.

Create Water

This spell generates wholesome, drinkable water, just like clean rain water. Water can be created in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area three times as large—possibly creating a downpour or filling many small receptacles.

Component: Ritual.

Black Tentacles

This spell conjues a field of rubbery black tentacles, each 10 feet long. These waving members seem to spring forth from the earth, floor, or whatever surface is underfoot—including water. Any creature that enters the area of the spell is immediately attacked by the tentacles. Even creatures who aren’t grappling with the tentacles may move through the arrea at only half normal speed. 

Material Component: Rare.

Neutralize Poison

The caster detoxifies any sort of venom in the creature or object touched. The creature is immune to any poison it is exposed to during the duration of the spell. This spell can instead neutralize the poison in a poisonous creature or object for the duration of the spell, at the caster’s option. 

Material Component: Rare.

Sepia Snake Sigil

A small symbol appears in the text of one written work such as a book, scroll, or map. The text containing the symbol must be at least twenty-five words long. When anyone reads the text containing the symbol, the sepia snake springs into being and strikes the reader, provided there is line of effect between the symbol and the reader. While trapped in the amber field of force, the subject does not age, breathe, grow hungry, sleep. It is preserved in a state of suspended animation, unaware of its surroundings. 

Material Component: Rare.

Solid Fog

This spell functions like fog cloud, but in addition to obscuring sight, the solid fog is so thick that any creature attempting to move through it is slowed down. The vapors prevent effective ranged weapon attacks (except for magic rays and the like). Heavy wind can disperse it. Material Component: Rare.

Sleet Storm

Driving sleet blocks all sight within it and causes the ground in the area to be icy. A creature can walk within or through the area of sleet at half normal speed. The sleet extinguishes torches and small fires. 

Material Component: Rare.

Stinking Cloud

Stinking cloud creates a bank of fog like that created by fog cloud, except that the vapors are nauseating. Living creatures in the cloud become nauseated. Undead except for vampires are immune. 

Material Component: Rare.


Web creates a many-layered mass of strong, sticky strands. These strands trap those caught in them. The strands are similar to spider webs but far larger and tougher. These masses must be anchored to two or more solid and diametrically opposed points or else the web collapses upon itself and disappears. The strands of a web spell are flammable. 

Material Component: Rare.

Close Wounds

The caster can cast this spell with an instant utterance to stabilise a wounded person without delay. It only closes wounds and clots blood, it does not actually heal any damage already done to the body or internal organs.The spell deals damage to the undead, rather than healing them. 

Material component: Rare AND Ritual.

Raise Dead

The caster restores life to a deceased creature. It can raise a creature that has been dead for no longer than one day. Coming back from the dead is an ordeal. Magical diseases and curses are not undone. While the spell closes mortal wounds and repairs lethal damage of most kinds, the body of the creature to be raised must be whole. Otherwise, missing parts are still missing when the creature is brought back to life. A creature who has been turned into an undead creature can’t be raised by this spell. The spell cannot bring back a creature that has died of old age. 

Material Component: Occult AND Ritual.


The subject’s severed body members (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, tails, or even heads of multiheaded creatures), broken bones, and ruined organs grow back. It has no effect on nonliving creatures (including undead). The regrowth takes several days and is physically draining for the subject, leaving them exhausted until the job is finished.

Material Component: Occult AND Ritual. 

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