Enchantment spells affect the minds of others, influencing or controlling their behavior. All enchantments are mind-affecting spells. As such, paying attention to consent rules is especially important when focusing on this school.

Unless otherwise noted, each spell can be used twice per day during combat. Outside of combat, reasonable use applies. In cases of friendly roleplay where a certain effect is agreed upon as exerting a positive effect on the story, magic limitations in combat can be exceeded if both parties agree.

Any material components listed must be in your possession before casting a spell. Additional material components may be required based on your class of character.





The target's morale is magically boosted, making them slightly more successful in resisting hostile spells and temporarily giving them a small boost to their health.

Material Component: Common.


The target's morale is magically harmed, making them slightly less likely to resist further spells and temporarily making them feel weaker.
Material Component: Common

Animal Messenger

You compel a small wild animal (no bigger than a housecat) to go to a location of your choice, usually to deliver a message or small item. The animal cannot be tamed or trained by anyone else, nor be of supernatural origin such as a familiar. You bring the animal to you with a piece of food the animal likes, and as it eats, you can imprint knowledge of the location in the animal's mind.

You can attach some small item or note to the messenger. The animal then goes to the designated location and waits there until the duration of the spell expires, whereupon it resumes its normal activities.

During this period of waiting, the messenger allows others to approach it and remove any scroll or token it carries. The intended recipient gains no special ability to communicate with the animal.

Material Component: Ritual

Animal Trance

By using swaying motions and a form of music you compel animals to stop their current course of action and do nothing but watch you. Multiple animals can be affected by this spell at the same time. Animals will follow you if you move around while continuing this spell. This spell can affect magical animals, though they find it easier to resist. Animals trained to guard or attack are also more likely to resist the effect.

Material Component: Ritual.

Calm Emotions

The spell calms down the target creature. It calms down both positive and negative feelings. Affected creatures can't perform any violent actions unless in self-defense - as soon as they receive damage or are subject to any hostile actions the spell is broken. This spell also suppresses for its duration any other spells that have an effect on a person's emotions or morale.
Arcane focus: Common.

Charm Person
This spell is used to turn the subject temporarily friendly. If the target is currently in combat with the caster or his allies, the spell has a 75% chance of failure. The person affected does not automatically obey you, but will treat you like they would a close friend and are likely to follow commands as long as they don't go against their existing morals. They won't follow suicidal or obviously harmful orders. If you or your allies take any violent action towards the subject, the spell is broken. You must be able to communicate with the subject if you want to give them an order.

This spell only functions against sentient humanoids (Humans, Vampires, Mutants, Aquatics excl Deep Ones,  Enchanted races excl. Familiars ).
Material Component: Common

Charm Monster
Functions like Charm Person. This spell however only functions against 'monsters' (Monster races, Lycans and other weres, Demons, Undead, Deep Ones).
Material Component: Common

Charm Animal
Functions like Charm Person, This spell however only functions against mundane animals and familiars.
Material Component: Common

You can use this spell to hold a group of people spellbound if you already have their attention. It takes a full minute of non-interrupted speaking or singing for the spell to take effect. As long as the effect remains active, those affected give you their undivided attention and are considered friendly towards you. Anyone who is hostile or unfriendly towards you before the effect takes hole is more likely to resist the spell. Any spellcasters affected by the spell remain their awareness of the surroundings. Anyone entering the area while the effect is already in place can be affected as well.

The spell ends without penalties when the caster does anything other than continue their performance. When any member of the audience is attacked or subject to overtly hostile actions however, the spell is also broken on the entire audience, and they become immediately hostile or unfriendly towards the caster.
Material Component: Common

You give the subject a single, simple command that they are compelled to immediately follow. If they are unable to complete your command the spell fails. You can choose any of the following commands:

Approach (the subject moves closer towards you, and can do nothing else), Fall (the subject falls to the floor), Flee (the subject moves as far away from you as possible and does nothing else), Halt (the subject stops whatever they are currently doing), Drop (the subject drops whatever it is holding and needs to wait for its next turn to pick it back up).
Arcane focus: Rare.

This spell affects one person, dazing them so they don't take any actions for a short period of time. They are not stunned and can still attempt to evade or resist incoming attacks in defense.
Arcane focus: Common.

Hideous Laughter
A single target is overcome with laughter to such an extent they fall prone onto the floor. They can take no other actions while laughing. Creatures without any humanoid intelligence are unaffected by the spell.
Arcane focus: Common.

Hold Animal
One targeted animal or familiar is completely paralysed and unable to keep moving. Flying animals can no longer flap their wings and might fall. Swimming animals can no longer swim and might sink or even drown. The animal remains completely aware of their surroundings but can't undertake any actions including making noise.
Arcane focus: Common.




The subjects of this spell becomes confused, it can affect multiple creatures within a 5 m radius from the caster. Every round as long as the spell lasts the subject has a 1 in 10 chance to do what they originally wanted to do. In their confusion they will otherwise randomly perform any of the following: blindly attack the caster; babble incoherently without making a move; run away as fast as they can; attack the nearest creature regardless if it is friendly or not.
Arcane focus: Rare.

Crushing Despair
This spell crushes a subject's mind with overpowering despair. They become increasingly saddened and lethargic and any action they attempt to take has a lowered chance of success.
Arcane focus: Rare.

Good Hope
The spell rises the subject's mind with overpowering hope. They become increasingly happy and ecstatic and any action they attempt to take has an increased chance of success.
Arcane focus: Rare.

Deep Slumber
Creatures within 5 m of the caster are overcome by a magical sleep. While sleeping they are helpless. They cannot be awakened by normal noise, but the spell does break once the creature is wounded or slapped. Spell does not affect undead or unconscious creatures.
Arcane focus: Rare.

Dominate Animal
This spell establishes a mental link between the caster and a single, targeted animal. The caster can give the animal mental commands, even if they do not have a direct line of sight to the animal. You are aware of what the animal is experiencing, but do not receive direct sensory input (you can't see/hear what the animal sees/hears). You can't give it any suicidal or obviously harmful commands. As you dominate the animal with your own intelligence, you can make it perform actions that its intelligence normally does not allow (though it still needs to be physically able).
Arcane focus: Rare AND Ritual.

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