Evocation is focused on damaging energy-based spells. Evocation spells manipulate energy or tap an unseen source of power to produce a desired end. In effect, they create something out of nothing. Many of these spells produce spectacular effects. If the spell is a targeted spell like fireball...you can't destroy/damage buildings/businesses.

Unless otherwise noted, each spell can be used twice per day during combat. Outside of combat, reasonable use applies. In cases of friendly roleplay where a certain effect is agreed upon as exerting a positive effect on the story, magic limitations in combat can be exceeded if both parties agree.

Any material components listed must be in your possession before casting a spell. Additional material components may be required based on your class of character.




Burning Hands

A cone of searing flame shoots from your fingertips for a distance of up to 5 m. Flammable materials may burn if the flames touch them.
Material Component: Common.

Consecrate OR Desecrate

This spell blesses an area with either positive OR negative energy. Undead cannot be created within or summoned into a consecrated area. If the consecrated area contains an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture dedicated to your deity, pantheon, or higher power, the effect is doubled. If the area does contain an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture of a deity, pantheon, or higher power that is opposed to your deity, the consecrate spell instead curses the area.
Material Component: Ritual.

Dancing Lights

Depending on the version selected, you create up to four lights that resemble lanterns or torches (and cast that amount of light), or up to four glowing spheres of light (which look like will-o’-wisps), or one faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape. The dancing lights must stay within a 10-foot-radius area in relation to each other but otherwise move as you desire (no concentration required): forward or back, up or down, straight or turning corners, or the like. A light winks out if the distance between you and it exceeds the spell’s range.
Material component: Common.


This spell causes an object to radiate shadowy darkness out to a 10 m radius. Normal lights (torches, candles, lanterns, and so forth) are incapable of brightening the area.
Material Component: Rare.


This spell imbues an area with negative energy. If the desecrated area contains an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture dedicated to your deity or aligned higher power, the effect is doubled. If the area contains an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture of a deity, pantheon, or higher power opposed to your patron, the desecrate spell instead curses the area.
Material Component: A vial of unholy water and silver dust, all of which must be sprinkled around the area.

Faerie Fire

A pale glow surrounds and outlines the subjects. Outlined subjects shed light as candles. The light is too dim to have any special effect on undead or dark-dwelling creatures vulnerable to light. The faerie fire can be blue, green, or violet, according to your choice at the time of casting. The faerie fire does not cause any harm to the objects or creatures thus outlined.
Material component: a lock of earthborn hair

Flaming Sphere

A burning globe of fire rolls in whichever direction you point and may burn those it strikes. It ignites flammable substances it touches and illuminates the same area as a torch would. The sphere moves as long as you actively direct it; otherwise, it merely stays at rest and burns. It can be extinguished by any means that would put out a normal fire of its size. The surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency and so does not cause damage except by its flame. It cannot push aside unwilling creatures or batter down large obstacles.
Material Component: A bit of tallow, a pinch of brimstone, and a dusting of powdered iron.


This cantrip creates a strong burst of light. The burst right in front of someone may dazzle them but is not strong enough to blind someone longer than a few moments.
No component.

Floating Disk

You create a slightly concave, circular plane of force that follows you about and carries loads for you. The disk is no more than 3 feet in diameter and 1 inch deep at its center. It can hold 100 pounds of weight. The disk floats approximately 3 feet above the ground at all times and remains level. It floats along horizontally within spell range and will accompany you at a rate of no more than your normal speed. The disk immediately winks out of existence when the spell duration expires. The disk also winks out if you move beyond range of five feet. When the disk winks out, whatever it was supporting falls to the surface beneath it.
Material Component: A drop of mercury.


You utter shrieks of nonsense and gibberish that thinking creatures find distracting and confusing.
Material component: A set of false teeth.

Gust of Wind

This spell creates a severe blast of air (approximately 50 mph). The force of the gust may extinguish candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames. It causes protected flames, such as those of lanterns, to dance wildly. In addition to the effects noted, a gust of wind can do anything that a sudden blast of wind would be expected to do. It can create a stinging spray of sand or dust, fan a large fire, overturn delicate awnings or hangings, heel over a small boat, and blow gases or vapors to the edge of its range.

Material component: a chicken wing.


This spell causes an object to glow like a torch, shedding bright light in a 10-foot radius from the point you touch. The effect is immobile, but it can be cast on a movable object. Light taken into an area of magical darkness does not function.
Material Component: A firefly or a piece of phosphorescent moss.

Produce Flame

Flames as bright as a torch appear in your open hand. The flames do not harm you, but glow green and are clearly magical. In addition to providing illumination, the flames can be hurled or used to touch enemies. This spell does not function underwater.
Material component: a match

Ray of Frost

A ray of freezing air and ice projects from your pointing finger. It can freeze objects as well as harm creatures.
Material components: An ice cube


Shatter creates a loud, ringing noise that breaks brittle, nonmagical objects; sunders a single solid, nonmagical object; or damages a crystalline creature. Used as an area attack, shatter destroys nonmagical objects of crystal, glass, ceramic, or porcelain. All such objects within a 5-foot radius of the point of origin are smashed into dozens of pieces by the spell. Objects weighing more than 1 pound are not affected, but all other objects of the appropriate composition are shattered.
Material Component: A chip of mica.

Sound Burst

You blast an area with a tremendous cacophony. It can stun, deafen or daze hearing creatures. Creatures that cannot hear sounds are not affected by the spell.
Arcane Focus: A musical instrument.





The caster creates an area of total darkness, up to 10 feet around. The caster can see normally while he is within the black area. Creatures outside the spell’s area, even the caster, cannot see through it.
Arcane focus: three drops of black ink

Call Lightning

Call down a vertical bolt of lightning. The bolt of lightning flashes down in a vertical stroke at whatever target point you choose with a margin of error. This spell functions indoors or underground but not underwater.
Arcane focus: a pieece of copper wire

Continual Flame

A flame, equivalent in brightness to a torch, springs forth from an object that you touch. The effect looks like a regular flame, but it creates no heat and doesn’t use oxygen. A continual flame can be covered and hidden but not smothered or quenched by non-magical means.
Material Component: You sprinkle ruby dust on the item that is to carry the flame.


The object touched sheds light as bright as full daylight. Despite its name, this spell is not the equivalent of daylight for the purposes of creatures that are damaged or destroyed by bright light. It would still hurt their eyes however.
Material component: a prismatic piece of glass

Fire Shield

This spell wreaths you in flame. The flames also protect you from either cold-based or fire-based attacks. When casting this spell, you appear to immolate yourself though the flames cause you no harm. The flames appear thin and wispy, giving off faint light. The color of the flames is blue or green if the chill shield is cast, violet or blue if the warm shield is employed.
Material Component: A bit of phosphorus for the warm shield; a live firefly or glowworm or the tail portions of four dead ones for the chill shield.


A fireball spell is an explosion of flame that detonates with a low roar. A glowing, pea-sized bead streaks from the pointing digit and blossoms into the fireball when it strikes a solid, non-living surface. The fireball sets fire to combustibles. It can melt metals with low melting points, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, and bronze.
Material Component: A tiny ball of bat guano and sulphur.

Flame Blade

A 3-foot-long, blazing beam of red-hot fire springs forth from your hand. You can wield this bladelike beam as if it were a scimitar. A flame blade can ignite combustible materials such as parchment, straw, dry sticks, and cloth. It can be doused with water. The spell does not function underwater.
Material component: a wooden twig and sulphur

Helping Hand

When the spell is cast, the hand appears in front of you. You then specify a person (or any creature) by physical description, which can include race, gender, and appearance. The hand streaks off in search of a subject that fits the description, up to distances of a half mile. Once the hand locates the subject, it beckons the creature to follow it and points in your direction, indicating the most direct feasible route. Once the hand leads the subject back to you, it disappears. The subject is not compelled to follow the hand or act in any particular way toward you. If the subject chooses not to follow, the hand continues to beckon for the duration of the spell, then disappears. The ghostly hand has no physical form. It is invisible to anyone except you and a potential subject. It cannot engage in combat or execute any other task aside from locating a subject and leading it back to you. The hand can’t pass through solid objects but can ooze through small cracks and slits.
Material component: a rubber or silk glove

Holy Smite

You draw down holy power. Only evil creatures are harmed by the spell; good creatures are unaffected.

Material component: holy water

Holy Sword

This spell allows you to channel holy power into your sword, or more likely these days, a gun. It also emits a magic circle against evil effect. You cannot have more than one holy weapon at a time. This spell is not cumulative with bless weapon or any other spell that might modify the weapon in any way.
Material component: holy symbol appropriate to your beliefs

Ice Storm

Great magical hailstones the size of pigeon eggs pound down in an area in the caster's line of sight.
Material Component: A pinch of dust and a few drops of water.

Lightning Bolt

You release a powerful stroke of electrical energy. The lightning bolt may set fire to combustibles. It can melt metals with a low melting point, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, or bronze. It could stun or cause burns to creatures.
Material Component: A bit of fur and an amber, crystal, or glass rod.

Resilient Sphere

A globe of shimmering force encloses a creature, provided the creature is small enough to fit within the diameter of the sphere. The sphere contains its subject for the spell’s duration. Nothing can pass through the sphere, inside or out, though the subject can breathe normally. The subject may struggle, but the sphere cannot be physically moved either by people outside it or by the struggles of those within.
Material Component: A hemispherical piece of clear crystal and a matching hemispherical piece of gum arabic.

Scorching Ray

You blast your enemies with several fiery rays one after another. Only one fiery ray exists at the same time.
Material component: A lighter or match

Searing Light

Focusing divine power like a ray of the sun, you project a blast of light from your open palm. Can cause damage to creatures hurt by bright light, but one ray is generally not enough to permanently destroy them.
Material component: a handheld mirror.


You emit an ear-splitting yell that deafens and damages creatures in its path for an appropriate period of time.

Material component: a hollow horn


Unhallow makes a particular site, building, or structure an unholy site. The site or structure is guarded by a magic circle against good effect.
Material Component: Herbs, oils, and incense.

Unholy Blight

You call up unholy power to smite your enemies. The power takes the form of a cold, cloying miasma of greasy darkness. Only good creatures are harmed by the spell.
Material component: appropriate symbol of your beliefs

Wall of Fire

An immobile, blazing curtain of shimmering violet fire springs into existence. It can set combustible objects on fire and will harm any creatures like any regular fire.
Material Component: A small piece of phosphorus.

Wall of Ice

This spell creates an anchored plane of ice or a hemisphere of ice. A wall of ice cannot form in an area occupied by physical objects or creatures. Its surface must be smooth and unbroken when created. Fire can melt a wall of ice. Suddenly melting a wall of ice creates a great cloud of steamy fog that lasts for 10 minutes.

Material component: A small rock crystal

Wind wall

An invisible vertical curtain of wind appears. It is a roaring blast sufficient to blow away any bird smaller than an eagle, or tear papers and similar materials from unsuspecting hands. Loose materials and cloth garments fly upward when caught in a wind wall. While the wall must be vertical, you can shape it in any continuous path along the ground that you like.
Material Component: A tiny fan and a feather of exotic origin.

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