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Selkies are supernatural beings formed from the souls of drowned humans. It is unknown what causes some drowned spirits to become selkies and some to move on, though unfinished business is purported to be a common theme, and selkies are most commonly sighted in areas around an axis mundi such as the Ascension Stone. They make their home in large underwater caverns and grottoes, often near sunken ships. They may explore wrecks and bring pearls and other lost treasures to the surface to trade with humans. 

Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land.  The skin itself holds the power that allows a selkie to transform. Each skin is unique, and only the selkie it belongs to can use it to change. Without the skin, a selkie must remain humn, which more often than not makes them yearn for the ocean.  They typically hide their sealskin in a very secure, secret location. If someone finds or steals their sealskin, they will be unable to transform back into a seal to return to the ocean. If a skin is taken from a selkie, they will search for it continually until it is found, and do whatever it takes to get the skin back. If they are unable to get their skin, they are doomed to live a miserable life trapped as human, unable to heed the call of their beloved sea. After a year's time, it is said they will waste away and die of a broken heart.

Selkies are inherently curious, and enjoy visiting the surface or "Otherworld." They will sometimes walk among humans pursuing a particular quest or seeking supplies for the colony. They are omnivores, and prefer to eat fish, shellfish, and seaweed, though selkies that frequently visit the Otherworld tend to acquire a taste for human fare. In particular they seem to have a weakness for wine. Though they are a simple people in their true form, selkies that frequent the Otherworld seem to acquire an affinity for fine clothing and jewelry. 

One common thread in selkie lore is their particular affinity in taking mortal mates. However, these tales are often bittersweet, as no matter how strong a selkie loves a mortal the pull of the sea is always stronger. They always end up leaving their mortal lover behind, and often any children that resulted from the pairing. Half-selkies will always appear human, and do not have a sealskin of their own. On occasion, selkies that leave their young behind at birth return for them on the full moon of their seventh year and invite them to become a part of the colony. 

You may play a selkie as a "reincarnation" of another character that has drowned, though the character must have been human or mutant, and upon becoming a selkie, their old memories are essentially lost. Recall of a past life may be spotty at best, though they may look identical to someone who has recently drowned and may be recognized by previous contacts. However, they will not recognize any previous friends, family, or lovers from before their time as a selkie. The transformation from seal to human is at will, though dependent on possession of their sealskin. 




Appear human when on land, seal in the water. 

Seal avatar:




If their sealskin is taken and they are forced to stay on land indefinitely, they can only exist for a year without transforming before they become weaker and weaker and eventually waste away. If they are in possession of their sealskin and able to transform at will back into a seal, their lifespan has been described as potentially indefinite. For the purposes of player characters, the age limit is 500 years. 




You can choose FIVE abilities total. Note that some (Mental Gifts and Mage Class) may take up more than one "slot" each. 

⊱✦§ Mental Gifts §✦⊰

Choose from the psychic/supernatural abilities listed for mutants. You can choose up to TWO of the abilities listed, but each one you choose takes up a slot. 

⊱✦§ Mage Class §✦⊰

The magicians, mages, warlocks, and wizards of their kind. Taking this power consumes THREE of your FIVE choices for powers and confers the ability of a trained Magus to the character. 

⊱✦§ Energy Healing §✦⊰

Able to manipulate life energy to engage in healing. Read the healing guidelines

⊱✦§ Augury §✦⊰

The selkie may act as an oracle, using the winds and the sea in order to predict a future event for another person or place. The augury is not an exact science, as the threads of fate can be changed through certain actions/inactions. If you want to use this power during a simwide event, contact staff running the event to decide what info you'll learn. Consent based when the augury involves other players.

⊱✦§ Wave Dancing §✦⊰
The ability to engage in hypnotic dance, like waves lapping at the shore. Can cause diversion or total entrancement. Requires two posts, and characters able to see through illusions may be resistant. 

⊱✦§ Stormy Skies §✦⊰

A dark storm-cloud whirls from above. Again, it can either hover above the caster as protection, or above one specific target. Sparks of lightning strike down from the cloud, either swirling around the caster, or to strike its target. Can only focus on one target, can only release a single lightning bolt, and only lasts for one post when used offensively. 

⊱✦§Deep Song§✦⊰

Influence the emotional state of listeners with a song/poetry. Limitations: Again, general. Make the listeners feel happy/sad/calm/angry. No specific commands, and dependent on the state of mind of the other character (relaxed, open to suggestion, not blocking) and their relative supernatural level.

⊱✦§Inner Self §✦⊰
The selkie can sense when someone is being untruthful with them. It's just an impression, not full telepathy. They may sense deception or general malice masked by kindness. Consent based, and may be unable to distinguish where the bad vibes are coming from when multiple persons are in an area. 

⊱✦§ Slippery §✦⊰
The selkie becomes suddenly slippery like a seal's coat, making it difficult to be held and able to slide out of tight holds. Useful for escapes when cornered or held. 




Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses. 

-Sealskin: If someone finds and steals their sealskin, they are unable to transform back into a seal. They must beg for it to be returned or perform tasks given by the finder in order to get it returned within the span of one year. 

-Physical Weakness: Selkies are generally fairly physically weak when compared with other supernatural races. 

-Pearl Dust: Makes a selkie unable to utilize mental gifts or magic when ingested. 

-Shiny Objects: Selkies often become obsessed with jewelry or shiny objects from the Otherworld, often obscuring their goals or common sense. 

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