Shangri-La Theater

Current Owner: Skyler Alexander 


Shangri La, originally known as the Forrest Theatre, has sat in disrepair for some time. Still bearing the marks of the great Schism that remains, to this day, one of the few ways to truly grasp its structural age. Long avoided, few have attempted to transform it into the beacon of beauty and artistry that appears in age old photographs, though over time they have all taken their leave of this grand structure, leaving few signs of their trials in its wake as the structure itself seemed to reject any attempt at repair.

 The theatre had much to behold, there was beauty to be found in the destruction of the once stunning structure. Though many walls lay in ruin, rubble and debris lay scattered across empty floors. The many rooms housed only by the cobwebs and dust that had collected over the years, left empty and unmaintained. Within the grand walls, the dark corridors hid many secrets that had yet to be discovered. A part of the city’s history that many still remembered from before the great Schism, a shining star within the darkness that only needed someone to take the time to bring life and love back to the ancient building. The time had come to bring glory back to the ruined establishment, to fill the torn seats with bodies once again, to bring entertainment to the stage and fill the halls with the laughter that had long left the Theater.

Within the halls of the old Theater one could swear they seen a figure or a shape, the figure of a ghost that haunted the corridors and rooms. Cassandra, once a beautiful Opera singer that took the stage at Shangri’la only to die in a horrible accident on that same stage was cursed, trapped within the ruined walls for an eternity. Many will see her, but was that really something one would be surprised to see with the way the city was growing with supernaturals? Do not be afraid of our sweet Cassandra for she only seeks to find the love she lost in her mortal life.

⊱✦§~~~OOC INFO~~~§✦⊰

The Theater does not have to be a full time role, it can be an event you want to throw, a performance you want to put on, or you can create an even longer lasting story line with the establishment! Ideas are always welcome, small ones or big ones! It is my desire to see the Theater come to life, for the creativity to flow to create wonderful stories that others will enjoy.


⊱Usher⊰ - An entry level position favored by those with few talents in the entertainment industry. Ushers are in charge of everything from clean up and maintenance, to making sure everyone arrives in their assigned seat and the production is not halted by lollygaggers. To be promoted to Caretaker, the player must RP actively within the theatre for a minimum of two weeks, and take part in at least one production (as Usher). To be promoted to Entertainer, an Usher would be required to exhibit some small amount of imagination and ability in the art of entertainment.

⊱Entertainer⊰ - Actors, Magicians, Musicians, Dancers, poets, playwrites, and more! This position is a catch-all for the entertainers of the Shangri La, those individual blossoms that make up the bouquet of wonder and fantasy that is the Shangri La itself. Promotions are on a case by case basis though it is highly suggested Entertainers RP actively for a minimum of 2 weeks, participate in at least 2 productions and exhibit the ability to suggest imaginative scenarios for future productions.

⊱Caretaker⊰ - Backstage, front stage, with a little security thrown in. The Caretakers are the overseers of Ushers as the Directors are overseers of Entertainers. They are in charge of making sure everyone is where they need to be and doing what they should be doing as well as keeping up appearances and maintaining enough technical knowledge to keep the stage area safe and productions running smoothly. This is a management role meant for those that wish to have a hand in the daily life of the Theatre even if they prefer not to take part on stage as an entertainer (though, of course, the possibility is always available).

⊱Director⊰ - A reasonable history in entertainment and firm dedication to the well-being and progression of the theatre itself is required for those heading up this role. They are the ones keeping everything on stage in place, on beat, and running as smoothly as possible. Focus for this role is based on the wellbeing of the Entertainers and they report directly to the Producer.

⊱Producer⊰ - Head Director, Manager, Public face, Proprietor, Wearer of Many Hats, and Owner of the Shangri La Theatre.

⊱✦§~~~Special Events~~~§✦⊰



⊱✦§~~~Regular Events~~~§✦⊰

At least once a month the Shangri La theatre will be lighting up the stage to keep the citizens of Ascension entertained. The actual performances will be decided via employee meetings and things of that nature. Below is a list of ideas regarding what these events may contain:

Select Scenes from a play

Magic, Illusion, or Hypnotist show

Poetry readings

Interpretive dance

Musical Concert

Comedy act (Comedian Performance)


(Submitted by the populace, performed by entertainers)

Open Mic Night

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