Shifter Abilities


Shifters can choose up to FIVE abilities (Moon Magic counts for 3 of these). The powers are broken down into physical, mental, animalistic, and Moon Magic categories for organization purposes, but you can choose any combination from the categories.  

If you have any questions about creating your character, please contact Kyra Umbra, OOC Lycan Lead.



These wolves are lighter than the average wolf. Much lighter than the average human in fact. They can jump noticeably higher than a human could in their prime condition, but will not be scaling buildings in one leap or any such thing. Still, they are the acrobatics and rooftop-running enthusiasts of the wolf community. They generally have a leaner build than most Lycans.

Lycans with this ability are especially in touch with their hunter. Ideal for stalking prey or shadowing other creatures. These lycans are naturally able to walk in near-total silence and have learned how best to use shadows to their advantage. Anyone wanting to follow a player for an extended period of time or to a secret location will be required to check with them first. Also able to avoid pressure-activated traps.

This power is usable in Human Form only.
When threatened or cornered, the instinct of the beast takes over, lending the Lycan a surge of adrenaline and energy. Reflexes, strength and endurance are pushed to their limit, matching the Lycan's Monstrous form. Though this makes them a formidable enemy, it can only be used in short bursts, hence is primarily for running away from a battle or to strike a disorientating blow before retreating. The effect lasts no longer than 3 posts.

Lycans with this ability are notoriously difficult to knock over, though it depends on environment and the health of the lycan at the time. Well-balanced to the point where losing their footing is very uncharacteristic. They tend to have a stockier build than the average Lycan.

This power is usable in Monstrous or Animal Form only.
These lycan have stronger vocal chords and larger lung capacity than the typical Lycan, to the point that a roar in their shifted form will disorientate, or even inflict pain on someone's ear drums and head if the target is close enough. The roar tends to cause an instinctual fear in most creatures who can hear though this effect is consent-based.

A heightened immune system, able to fend off disease, illness or small doses of poison (excluding silver or wolfsbane) more efficiently. They also have stronger stomachs, capable of eating outdated or rotten food without becoming ill. Though trying to sustain oneself on a diet of solely inedible foods will have negative effects as they would to anyone else.



Shifters with this ability can force themselves into a meditative state where painful stimuli will not fully register. Only usable once per combat for up to two posts. Any injuries sustained during the trance will hurt doubly much throughout the healing process. Can not -entirely- blot out pain. Moderate wounds will still be felt, though dulled, and severe ones will still be felt as normal. If attacked with silver, the injury will hurt as much as it usually would. Can also be used to briefly dull pain of wounds already sustained (two posts).


Shifters with this ability retained enough of their humanity to fight their beast for a limited time during unintentional shifts, whether they be during full moon or simply a random emotional shift. For five posts, the shifter can summon their inner human to take control of the situation. But after those five posts, they'll be swallowed by their beast again.  This only affects the psyche of the wolf, not their physical form, they will still find themselves unable to talk.


A learned behavioural trait passed down from older generations of wolves to the younger. Tame is less about control and more about communication. When the shifter with this ability is confronted with an infuriated or near-shifted kin, they may try to release a serene ripple of energy through some form of physical contact- brushing passed them, holding a shoulder, so on. Consent applies.


Lycans with this ability are more in touch with their predator instinct. This ability grants the player an aura of power and confidence. The aura appeals to the inner animal in everyone, making them sense the danger and intimidation of facing down a Lycan. However, some people may be oblivious to this. Whether someone will feel threatened by the aura, comforted by it, drawn to it or simply not care, would again be down to the character perceiving it.

The opposite-ability to Wolfish Demeanour. These lycans emit a disarming, harmless aura that may make them appear to be trustworthy or attractive to other characters. However, this aura isn't always honest, some lycans use this ability to manipulate. Like the Wolfish Demeanour, there's no telling how characters will perceive the aura- perhaps seeing it as a sign of weakness, for instance.

Characters with this ability have, you guessed it, an uncanny intuition. Though lycans' heightened sense of smell may detect obvious emotion such as fear or lust, this ability takes it a step further. Unable to read thoughts, or specific intentions of course. But if someone is considering something potentially violent or threatening, the lycan may sense it. The problem with this ability is that of course, the lycan will have no idea where the tense thoughts are directed.


These shifters are able to interoperate the various sounds animals make. Of course no one will be having full-fledged conversation with an animal, but they can understand their body language, and the meaning behind their expressions and sounds. This also extends to being able to understand what any shape shifter is trying to communicate in their animal form, on a more sophisticated level than other lycans will.


When in, yes, distress, the shifter with this ability releases a mournful cry that unleashes all its turmoil into its surroundings. Though the desired effect is for someone to feel obliged to help the beast, reactions can range from terrified to annoyed. Ideally, the effected person will find they want to focus all their energies on aiding the troubled shifter, sometimes to their detriment. Consent applies, and the outcome can be unpredictable.


When the wolf with this ability is angered to the point of near-shifting frustration, they release a feral, authoritative roar that beseeches their kin to support them or fight alongside them. It's strongest when used between friends, pack-mates or family and is based on consent. It is not a form of mind control but a naturally-learned call, often forgotten by wolves over the centuries, that speaks to the pack animal in all lycan. When at it's best, another lycan will find themselves wanting to help a complete stranger.

A translucent, protective lid over the eyes that keeps grit, dust or so on from effecting their vision or damaging their eyes. Lycans with this power usually have strangely coloured eyes.

Ability only usable in human form.
Though their teeth are still of regular size and shape, their jaws in human form are more powerful, almost comparable to their shifted forms, making them capable of tearing out chunks of flesh through force alone.

Naturally drawn to movement, these lycan are able to detect even the most subtle, gradual of movements, like someone discretely and/or silently reaching for a weapon- even through such minor indications as a ruffle of clothing, for instance. The movement needs to happen at least within their peripheral vision to be detected however.

This power takes 3 of your 5 powers, allowing only two others to be picked. You can only cast in human form.

Even though their race is unable to control the magic tapped by humans and some supernaturals, a very trace amount of werewolves have succeeded in deepening their connection to the power of the moon, allowing them to wield the concentrated moonlight as magical power. These wolves typically take on shamanistic or druidic roles within their pack.

This form of magic requires a reflection from the moon, so it can't be cast on the day of the new moon, nor indoors/underground. It can only be used while in human form. This form of magic follows all other Ascension City Magic Rules: casting a spell takes more than 1 post, and you will need material or ritual components to successfully complete your spell.

The wolf can learn up to 3 low level spells and 2 high level spells. They can learn spells from all schools except Necromancy, as the Power of the Moon is not compatible with Undeath. Once chosen, you cannot change your spells.

Recommended to RP a Lunar effect to your spells. For example: A fireball will still burn, but instead of being made of blazing yellow flame, it could appear as if made of bright white light.

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