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See the Enchanted group for any leadership information. You are free to make your own unofficial Tribe (Skinwalker group), according to the unofficial grouping rules.


Skinwalkers are shamanistic humans, usually of Native American descent, who utilize the skins of their totem animals in order to transform into them. In the Navajo language, they are known as yee naaldlooshii, which means "with it, he goes on all fours." It is said that a person can become a skinwalker after initiation into the Witchery Way. The most frequent forms used by skinwalkers are coyote, wolf, owl, fox, or crow, though the totem animal can be almost any local/native creature. Each skinwalker can only have one totem animal, one that is usually discovered during a Spirit Quest as the individual explores their gift of divine magic.

Among Native Americans, skinwalkers are considered dangerous outcasts, and often their use of magic to walk with the animals can result in expulsion from their tribe. They say that to make eye contact with a skinwalker makes one's body freeze with fear, which the skinwalker may use to gain power. Legends tell of strange, animal-like figures seen standing outside windows, peering in. The skinwalkers are described as being fast, agile, and nearly impossible to catch. However, if the true full name of the skinwalker is discovered, one can speak it aloud and cause illness to the witch.

Skinwalkers may use charms such as human bone beads or human bone dust to instill fear in their victims, along with using personal belongings in ceremonial rituals to do their victims harm. Skinwalkers may do evil towards people they do not like for any kind of reason, though jealousy tends to be a common theme in their vendettas. Though a good majority of the skinwalkers use their abilities for pure evil, a few appear to act almost as medicine men, and are either neutral or on the 'good' spectrum. On occasion, a skinwalker takes a non-Native American 'apprentice' under their wing, and guides them on a Spirit Quest to find their totem animal and become a skinwalker themselves. These apprentices must, of course, have pre-existing magical ability that is honed by the teacher.

Shifting to the totem animal form requires the skin of the animal, hence their colloquial name. The transformation is at-will, using the animal skin, so it must always be protected. Skinwalkers may only have a single totem animal at one time, hence only one shifted form. If their skin is lost or destroyed, the totem animal is insulted and refuses to grant them transformation to that form again. In this situation, the skinwalker may seek out a new totem animal of a different species through a Spirit Quest, but they can never become the animal that has shunned them again. If their skin is stolen, skinwalkers are unable to change until they retrieve it, and most will go to great lengths to have it returned.

Skinwalkers generally regard lycans and other werecreatures as being inferior, as being simple animals rather than the powerful shamans that skinwalkers are. Werecreatures generally consider skinwalkers to be posers, and less than the majestic creatures to which they shift.

Transformation between forms is not limited, but you should realistically get exhausted if numerous transformations occur. It is not painful, but it requires considerable amounts of energy to shift into either form.


Normal human. Some appear in traditional shamanistic garb, some don just a hint of their cultural origin, while others are fully integrated in modern society. The animal appearance of the skinwalker must be a normal, native wild animal (wolf, fox, crow, owl, coyote, etc), and not anthropomorphized in any way.


These are human shamans, though their connection to the spirit world and their magical abilities allows them to enjoy a lifespan of up to 150 years.


These are race attributes carried by all skinwalkers.


All Skinwalkers have divine magic, since they are shamans, with most of their ability dealing with nature-based spells and witchcraft. Please make sure you read magic usage rules. 


The skinwalker can enter the dreams of a subject and may appear as themselves or their totem animal, in order to manipulate the target. This can also be induced when the subject is in a susceptible state, such as drunk, high, or unconscious.


Make no sound when moving, even while in human form. Limited by the footwear they're wearing and the surface they're moving over. If they're walking down a metal grated staircase wearing heavy combat boots, it doesn't matter how quiet their feet are, they would logically still be making noise.

⊱✦§ NIMBLE§✦⊰

Extremely agile, able to maneuver through dense or difficult terrain with little trouble.


When in animal form, the skinwalker -can- speak, though they rarely do this as it would reveal them for what they are.


Skinwalkers move very quickly.


In animal form, they have the abilities of their totem animal (i.e. keen hearing for owls, vision for wolves, etc). The animal abilities are still present, but reduced by 50% when in human form.


Obviously, transformation using animal skins is a racial attribute. Specifics are outlined above.


The following powers refer to abilities while in human form. You may choose TWO powers from the following list that work in addition to your racial attributes:


The skinwalker heals at twice the rate of a normal human, with non-vital wounds or illnesses only. No regeneration or resurrection.


Manipulation of living energy to heal. See healing guidelines.


The skinwalker may increase the effectiveness of ONE other power for a brief time (one use) after absorbing the energy given off by a fearful victim. The absorption is passive. The resulting boost to an ability must be used in that same day.


The skinwalker possesses the ability to make almost any human or animal noise they have heard at least once before. They may use the voice of a relative or the cry of an infant to lure victims out. You MUST have the consent of a player if you want to try to mimic their character's voice.


Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them. This power is limited by the general limits for telepathy on sim, outlined in the mutant powers card under telepathy.


The skinwalker leaves no footprints when fleeing, making it difficult to track through earthen terrain.


Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list, with one of those being the universal weakness to white ash; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.

White Ash

Bullets dipped in white ash will cause a shifted skinwalker to revert back to a (now wounded) human, as well as decrease their healing ability.  


Light refracted through a prism will burn the skinwalker in any form, and make it difficult for them to concentrate on their magic.

Witchery Dolls

Small dolls crafted of twisted willow branches that can be used to ward off skinwalkers and their evil intent.

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