Starting Out In AC

Starting out on a new sim can sometimes be a daunting task. It seems everyone has their groups, their stories, and you're afraid to say or do the wrong thing. But fear no more! This guide will help you along to get you integrated and roleplaying in our dark city in no time! The players and staff of Ascension pride themselves on being open and friendly, so never hesitate to ask a question you think might be "dumb."

1.) Read everything. Make sure you are familiar with the rules, stories, races, etc before you decide to roleplay here. All the rules are clearly laid out on the website and in the notecards available in-world.

2.) Become a city dweller by joining the official group, Ascension City Roleplay Community. It's required to be a member of this group to play here, since important updates and announcements will be sent by notice or through group chat.

The direct link to join the main group: secondlife:///app/group/f03fae2c-3e50-cc68-7e41-7fc99ddb1fe5/about

3.) Meet people OOCly, goof around, and hang out in the Ascension City OOC Chat group. This group is where we let it all hang out. Sometimes it does get very dirty in here, so you may not want to join if you are easily offended by crude humor, swearing, and adult chat.

The direct link to join the OOC group: secondlife:///app/group/cee76075-577b-1f53-9ca7-20acbdcc85ca/about

4.) Explore the city. An OOC observer tag is available in the main rule notecard. You can take your time and wander around, explore all the cool spots we have available, and listen in on some roleplay to get an idea of how people play here.

5.) Create your character. There are no applications, so refer to the race page for info about each one. 

6.) Join a race group! The best way to meet and interact with players of your character's type is to join the appropriate race group. All race groups are open join, with links listed in the information cards.

7.) Join a business! There are tons of businesses in and around the city that are always looking to hire. The background information on locations is available on the website or in the info boxes at a location in-world. If you can't get in touch with a group leader for some reason, always feel free to contact Alika Luminos in-world with your question.

8.) Attend an event. Check out the calendar and stay tuned to notices in-world for upcoming events and story arcs that you can take part in. Events are a great way to hang back and observe if you are still hesitant about joining, and post when you feel comfortable.

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