Pre-Approved Supernatural Mutations


Mental abilities in general can be very difficult to control in roleplay to keep things fair, and keep things fun. Some of the 'powers' we are not allowing are, indeed, really really cool. We get that. However, we have attempted to draft a list that will minimize the potential for godmoding by those who don't understand fair play, while keeping some neat abilities intact with limitations.

We don't want characters to be defined by a race or a 'power', we want them to live and breathe and be a complex mixture of all those things that make real people so darn interesting. So keep that in mind when creating your character.


Please understand that these are the general definitions that we have adopted for our sim. We realize that psionics, parapsychology, and general paranormal phenomena may have different overall definitions depending on the source and school of thought. But for our purposes, the following definitions are the definitions to use for the Ascension sim.

PSYCHIC - Umbrella term to indicate supernatural mental abilities. This does not refer to a single, specific gift. You can refer to your -character- as a psychic if he/she has a mutation that taps the spiritual world, but your -mutation- cannot be listed as generic 'psychic'.

ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) - Umbrella term that includes individual skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition. Therefore, a -psychic- can have -ESP- but neither term should be listed as your 'mutation' ability.


Please note that this may change at any time. The limitations applied here are meant to protect all players from grossly overpowered characters, keep an air of uncertainty on the sim, and in general make things as fair as possible. It's inevitable that someone will try to find ways around limitations in order to advance their character or to 'win' at any cost. We will make every effort never to take -away- a skill that would necessitate a player completely changing their character, but the wording applied to a specific skill may change if needed.  Ideas for interesting, fair skills are always welcome.

In abilities that have "levels" listed, you may assign any level to your character. If your character is just discovering their abilities, we recommend starting at a beginner level and increasing your skill through roleplay.

Remember, you get to choose EIGHT total mutations for your character, in any combination of supernatural/physical.



Auras are manifestations of the spiritual energy of a being as a visible output, with different colors indicating different facets. They are not seen in complete darkness and cannot be seen unless some portion of the person or object emitting the aura can also be seen. Aura reading means the ability to see the aura of a person, or the general disposition of the subject. You cannot perceive intents, thoughts, or past actions from the aura. Only vague generalizations about a person can be made. It's probably best to contact the player OOCly and ask what their aura would indicate.

Website for aura color hints for roleplay:


Also known as psychography, the writer states the written words to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. It is often used by mutants to help the living contact deceased relatives or pick up on the general attitude of the spiritual plane. Psychographers do not have a conscious 'sense' of the message like telepathists; the writing is -automatic-, hence the name. Only when the 'message' is finished may a meaning emerge.

  • Beginner - Receive messages, but usually unable to decipher. May result in scrawling of disturbing pictures or symbols in a frantic attempt to write the message.
  • Intermediate - Receive messages, but writing may come out gibberish. Often slightly unbalanced.
  • Advanced- Single words deciphered. May be able to get a general idea of the message.
  • Expert- Several words, but usually fragmented sentences. The message is usually clear, but needs to be pieced together and interpreted from the received information.


See Mediumship.


The mutant can interface their brain directly with electronic equipment. The extent of this power is limited by the functionality of the electronics in question of course. They can't make a wrist watch browse the web; but when using a computer, they can do any tasks possible with it without requiring input devices. This has no effect on purely mechanical technology such as guns and older cars.


No one is too sure what these mutants do...When threatened, this mutant can let out a burst of energy that warps the perceptions of those around them. At its mildest, there is blurred vision and nausea lasting either a very short or long time. At its most severe, extreme vertigo, hallucinations and total mental displacement can occur. The effects of course rely on the victims playing, and on consent.


The use of objects or signs to answer specific questions a querent (seeker) might have, usually with some sort of spiritual intermediary or by tapping into the spiritual plane. Divination/scrying objects cannot be used to view distant scenes or spy on factions without asking OOCly. It is mostly a gift used to answer simple life questions by querents. Any divination involving another player (who is not the querent) requires consent. Divination differs from psychometry in that the objects used to make a spiritual connection belong to the diviner.

Divination can take many forms: Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leave readings, casting the bones, Ouija board, palmistry, astrology, etc. You may choose two forms of divination for your character. IF you want more, you can apply TWO power slots to divination and then choose four forms. Clear as mud?  


The mutant with this ability can divide themselves into two people for a limited time. Outside of combat, for dramatic effect and so on, it may be used sparingly and remain active throughout the scene, but if the duplicate will be affecting another person in some way, it will rely on consent. In combat, only ONE double can perform an action that will affect others.


A form of ESP where general feelings are transferred through Psi. No specific thoughts or images can be read. This just includes being able to read a person's state of mind, emotions, etc. Unlike aura reading, in which only a visual observation is made, empathy affects the empath. They may -feel- sad or angry, depending on their target's state of mind.

  • Beginner - Undeveloped empathy. Quick flashes of feelings, but often hard to distinguish source or exact emotion. May confuse subtle emotions.
  • Intermediate - More developed. Able to pinpoint general emotion. i.e. the target is happy, sad, angry, etc.
  • Advanced - Truly empathic. Feeling what the target does, sometimes intensely.


Please see the full page on energy healing. Some other races are also capable of this skill, so there can be cooperation. It counts as one power. (Herbal/natural healing is a separate entity that can be learned by anyone and does not count as a power, but can be used with the energy healing power to enhance healing ability.)


Can charge small objects with kinetic energy so they explode on impact. Nothing larger than a marble can be charged, and the attack itself is less like a bullet and more like a fire cracker. The further away, the less effective.


The power to strengthen existing light in the area, at its maximum to the point that it's briefly blinding and disorienting. If there is only a dim amount of light, such as at night time or in a dark room, they can only brighten it enough to make it clearer to see. During the day or in a bright room, they can create a blinding flash of light, but it requires a source and you can only light up one source at a time.


Mutants that take this power are the magicians, mages, warlocks, and wizards of their kind. Taking this power consumes THREE of your EIGHT choices for powers and confers the ability of a trained Magus to the character.


Ability of a person to communicate with spirits or other entities, using their connection to the spiritual world to gain information. Classically, mediums can also communicate with demons who are in Valdalus. For the purposes of this sim, mediumship is considered synonymous with clairvoyance and players who choose this skill can refer to their characters as a medium or clairvoyant. Mediums may be engaged by a sitter to speak to dead relatives or other spirits to gain insight into specific questions they might have. This differs from divination in that the -medium- is the link to the spirit world, rather than an object. This differs from psychometry in that the medium does not handle a particular object of unknown history to get a 'reading'.  


With this ability a mutant can encase one object or limb in a strong sheet of metal. They can only affect one object or limb at a time, and can't summon the energy to make the metal stick to other living beings- no turning others into metal. The metal is not indestructible and can be dented and damaged with supernatural force, magic, bullets and so on. All objects coated will return to their prior state once thrown.


A form of extrasensory perception in which the psychometrist can make associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. Often 'psychic detectives', using items to help track down clues in cases. Information can be anything from a strong emotion that lingers to flashes of imagery from that person's memory like fuzzy photographs. Rarely a phrase or a word may be felt—and perhaps an emotion associated with it.

The practitioner will have to actually focus on the object, and be free from distraction to gain any information from it. If OOC permission was not given for psychometry to be used, the player could simply state that there was not enough residual energy within the object for there to be a clear reading. Psychometry is not a security camera. It cannot play back an entire sequence of events. Images are always very brief and -always- from a first person perspective. A reading cannot occur during combat (such as reaching out to grab the killer's knife as it comes at you and realizing it had been used to kill someone else) as it requires complete focus.

  • Beginner - Very weak in this skill. Can usually only tell male/female and maybe the race of the object's owner.
  • Intermediate - Still hazy readings. Sex, race easily readable. Vague impressions of an emotion associated with the object.
  • Advanced - Clearer pictures of owner. Clearer impression of emotions associated with an object. Flashes of imagery. Possibly a word associated with the object might flash into the psychometrist's conscious.
  • Expert- Same as Advanced, but much clearer impressions. Still fuzzy - may include 2-3 second inaudible 'playback' of an event.


A form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) or anomalous cognition in which information is transferred through Psi. No one should be having full conversations through thought transference. Think of telepathy like trying to get reception in a crappy cell area or when the cable goes wonky during a storm. It requires intense concentration, things are not always clear, and sometimes you just get disconnected if there is massive interference.

  • Beginner - Undeveloped telepathy. Can get flashes of thoughts.
  • Intermediate - Single words and fuzzy images can often slip through.
  • Advanced - Several disjointed words may come through, along with clearer single, static images. Images and general thought 'impressions' can be transferred back to the other person.


Telekinesis, cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, translocation, levitation, and phase walking all fall under psychokinetics. Each is considered a separate power, but only ONE power may be chosen from the following:


The ability to lift and move things with the mind. Unable to lift anything that is heavier than self, and flight impossible with its use. Smaller objects can be lifted for longer, cannot lift anything that is not solid. No liquid or gas can be lifted.


The mutant can affect instantaneous changes to their density such that they may levitate for short periods. The levitation is limited to a few feet off the ground, and any movement during levitation is no faster than the individual can run.


The ability to increase thermal energy by increasing atomic vibration such that spontaneous combustion is achieved. This is an incredibly taxing ability, with the cost of use directly related to the energy output. Therefore, larger fires and energy expenditure will severely affect an individual. An intrinsic flame may be lit on the fingertips by vibrating one’s own atoms to increase thermal energy. However, this can only be held for mere moments after lighting, or the mutant will be badly burned by literally holding a flame. Destructive fires cannot be set in businesses without approval. A blast of heat can be used instead of actual flames, by simply heating the molecules in the air.


The ability to decrease the temperature of water molecules in the air or a body of water such that ice or frost forms. A frosty gust can be thrown by affecting aerosolized water. This chilly fog when blown can be cold enough to startle someone, but not enough to do any damage even to humans. In order to actually cause ice or frost formation, this power requires digital contact with the substance. Damp surfaces can easily be frosted over without expending too much energy. The maximum amount of water that can be frozen is the amount that would fit in a small bucket. Ponds, swamps, etc cannot be iced over by an individual. In very humid/wet air, there may be enough water present to crystallize into small ice spears that can be thrown at a distance limited by normal human ability. As with pyrokinesis, constructs cannot be “held” for long periods of time. Attempts at freezing too large an object can result in frostbite.


Ability to teleport short distances. Must be within sight to be able to teleport to it. It is an incredible drain on the body to shift matter in a way that allows for translocation. Multiple translocations would leave them unconscious somewhere between their current location and the destination of their attempted translocation. Rentals, shops, and bases are not allowed to be translocated into without express permission first.


Players not following the explicit limitations of this skill will be asked to change their skill. Walls built from cinder-block and brick are difficult, but possible, though this is reserved for powerful supernaturals who have honed this skill. But, metal is a no-go. Any reinforced walls, such as prisons, bank vaults, cell walls and bars to name a few are entirely impossible to get through.

  • Nothing living can be brought with the user.
  • The user cannot carry any object other than their clothing/jewelry items. No containers, bags, weapons or the like. This could be seen as a weight-limit as to what the user can carry with them, or what will simply fall through their hands.
  • This power requires planning, and preparation of at least a minute. So, no dodging bullets, no evading blows in combat, no getting out of the way of an oncoming bus.

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