The Blood Baths

Current Owner: Cyril Thackary (Hevlaska Composer)

If it weren't for the scent of blood in the air and the dark clientele of the spa, one might think the blood baths were like any other day spa. Well, and the fact that it operates out of the Undercity.

Boasting a Vitality-filled pool for supernaturals to relax in, along with massage therapy and libations ranging from Vitality to fresh vitae from the blood dolls, the spa is an excellent place for Undercity-dwellers of all races to recharge in a neutral environment.

Tinctures of morphine, opium, and laudanum are also available on request, depending on stock.

Similar to the baths of ancient times (with which some clients are quite familiar), it's a place to mix business with pleasure, and many powerful supernaturals can be found here daily....or nightly.


The baths serve artificial blood products along with much more expensive fresh vitae from blood dolls (some who also work for the nearby Hellfire club). The dress code for patrons is bathing suit, robes, silks, or nude. The dress code for blood dolls/spa workers is silks or togas.

Workers do not have to be human, unless they are a blood doll/spa server. Reception, masseuses, and other roles that may come up can be any race.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, though humans/non-blood-drinkers might obviously be uncomfortable. :)


Currently available positions in the Blood Baths.

-Spa Specialist
-All positions hiring

⊱✦§~~~~~~~~~ The Blood Bath Services ~~~~~~~~~~~§✦⊰

All services include up to three free drinks and a light snack of the patron's choice.(Unless otherwise stated)


Breast Massage -  
Breast massage involves kneading, rubbing and light pressing of the tissue to help increase circulation as well as benefit the breast that has had surgery and contains scar tissue. | The price set is [ $120 ]

Deep Tissue - This type of massage goes beyond the surface of the skin and underlying  soft tissue to deep areas of the muscle and right to the “belly” of the muscle. | The set price is [ $50 ]

Swedish Massage - 
This technique combines several techniques including kneading, rolling, effleurage, petrissage, friction, percussive and taping strokes to aid in  stress and tension reduction, improve circulation and blood flow, remove toxic wastes, tone muscles and more. | The set price is [ $30 ]

Appendage Massage -
Got a certain body part that's aching more than the rest? Schedule yourself a massage for that achy spot. No appendage is off limits(Yes this includes a "happy ending") | The set price is [$50] "happy ending" will cost an extra $50

Full Body Massage - An extensive, relaxing, all over massage. This package includes free drinks and a dish of chocolate covered fruits.(Fruit tray can be substituted to fit patron's taste) | Set price is [$200]

~Other Services~

Aromatherapy - The bath itself will be sweetened with refreshing and vitalizing Aroma's but to purchase oils and extracts to rub on ones self for extra comfort and relaxation they will come at a base cost of about [ $45 per selected bottle/ointment ]

Reflexology -  pressure applied in certain areas send signals to the corresponding location, gland or organ through the nervous system helping to provide balance to the desired area. Stimulating these areas can be used to reduce pain, ease addiction, relieve stress and tension and improve nerve and blood circulation to name a few. | The set price is [ $100 ]

Manicure and Pedicure - Your nails will be cleaned, shaped, and painted in your choice of style. More complex designs will cost more. | [Base price is $20 for manicure or pedicure, $35 for both, and up to $60 dollars for complex designs]

Waxing - Any sort of waxing you may need, eyebrow, mustache, chin, armpits, legs etc. [Price will vary based on amount being waxed. Base price starts at $30]

                                                                                 ⊱✦§~~~~~~~~~ Specials ~~~~~~~~~~~§✦⊰

The Blood Baths is now offering half off days*!(We are also hiring for all positions!)

Monday is mutant day. Any non squeamish mutant is welcome to take a soak. Any non mutant can stop by still and receive half off of any massage. 

Tuesday is reserved for the demons to come and play, bring your thralled ones if you wish. Non demons will receive half off of all drinks.

Wednesday is for the lycans to come take a dip. All others can come in for half off of mani/pedi treatments.

Thursday is for the humans to try out the spa.(Blood is good for your skin!) Any one else can receive half off of an aromatherapy treatment.

Friday is for the vampires, please no biting the staff unless they're blood dolls. You may bring your ghouls if you desire. All other citizens can come by and receive half off of facial treatments.

Saturday and Sunday are social days were all races can receive half off at the spa.

*Half off includes all services and up to three drinks per person. Tips are not included in the final price of visits. Specific treatments that are half off for all races on any day include two free drinks.

⊱✦§~~~~~~~~The Blood Bath Doll Service~~~~~~~~§✦⊰

B L O O D | D O L L | S E R V I C E

Nocturnal Nourishment: Approximate price is put at $100 varying upon requested amount.
- The Blood Dolls provide blood/energy for the supernatural
- All Blood Dolls cannot be harmed. Once the requested amount has been put forth you may not feed anymore than what has been paid for. If you do absorb more than what has been said the patron should pay the Blood Doll a considerable tip because the Blood Doll will no longer be able to provide for the evening.
- If a Blood Doll is harmed in anyway whether physical, mentally, emotionally or even sexually harassed you will be removed from the Blood Baths for the act of 'Potential Threat and Disturbance of Peace'.


Mary-Receptionist-Pale raven haired blue eyed vampire
Christoph-Attendant- light skinned, blond hair green eyed mutant
Marissa-Spa Specialist- black skin raven haired red eyed demoness



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