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See the Beasts & Monsters group for any leadership information. You are free to make your own unofficial Terror (Bogeyman clan), according to the unofficial grouping rules.


No one knows exactly where the Bogeymen came from, and they will speak nothing of it. They used to be just a story. Parents would tell their misbehaving children that the "boogeyman" would get them if they didn't go to sleep. Only now, the threat holds a distinct possibility behind it. Because they have come, to Ascension...

They are intrinsically evil, lurking creatures who seem to relish stalking their prey for the sake of frightening them. The reality is much more sinister: Bogeymen feed off the fear of their victims just as vampires feed off blood. The more fear they sow, the more powerful they become. Despite the name, Bogeymen can be male, female, or androgynous entities. Their general purpose for being here is unclear. Their victims generally feel refreshed after being fed upon, rather than drained, as the Bogeys siphon off all the fearful feelings. It's a strange euphoria, and some victims are even known to become addicted to the feedings in order to rid themselves of their fear.

When feeding, the Bogeymen manifest an ethereal scythe that literally cleaves the fibers of fear circling in the air around their victims. Hence why some colloquially refer to them as Reapers or Grimmies. The scythe itself does NOT cause any physical harm, and it disintegrates back into the ether when feeding is finished. They generally seek out positions as security or guardians for different locations, earning their keep and getting well fed at the same time. They feed upon any and all races, though each one generally has a preference for the "taste" of fear from a particular race.


When Bogeymen are actively stalking or feeding, they generally hide their identities with black hooded cloaks. All that victims can usually see is a pair of glowing eyes set within the darkness, and perhaps the suggestion of a fanged maw. Some of them wear masks that obscure their features except for the gleaming eyes. Their scythe tends to be heavily individualized, appearing only when they are actively feeding.

When Bogeymen are not stalking or feeding, they are able to blend in with the rest of the supernaturals without getting a second glance. Their skin is black, silver/gray, or dusky blue, though a few carry a rare mutation that shows as pure white. When not in their active stalking form, they can appear similar to Aman Elak (The Cursed), Djinn, and some Elementals.

Some ideas for the stalking Bogeyman (to give an idea for appearance):

Grotesque, frightening masks can also be worn during active stalking.


Bogeyman seem to have a maximum length of existence of 1000 years. Where they come from or where they go before and after is a mystery...


These are race attributes shared by all Bogeymen. 

⊱✦§Dark Dreams§✦⊰

Able to enter the dreams of a victim to instill more fear that can be fed upon later. This active effect may only be used on one target at a time.

⊱✦§ Fear, Delicious Fear §✦⊰

The Bogeyman is able to boost ONE of his other powers for a short time after feeding. The boost must be used in the same (real) day that the feeding occurred.

⊱✦§Gaze of the Bogey§✦⊰

An unbroken gaze may make the subject feel uncontrollably drawn towards the Bogeyman, even if they are utterly besides themselves with fear. The gaze must remain unbroken for the effect to work, and it is consent based.


The Bogeyman can toss or blow a special powder in the face of a victim that makes them fall into a deep slumber or trance-like state. They cannot be moved or else the enchantment is broken. Anyone else speaking besides the Bogeyman breaks the enchantment. Rather than an offensive power, it should be considered as a 'feeding aid.' During the deep slumber, Dark Dreams can be used. 


The Bogeyman can walk within shadows almost invisibly. Of course, it requires available shadow. Is best used at night. During the day, the likelihood of being seen is high.


Choose THREE of the following in addition to the race attributes.

⊱✦§Deceptive Aura§✦⊰

Aura is hidden or appears as something other than what it truly is.

⊱✦§ The Deepest Fear §✦⊰

The Bogeyman briefly probes the victim's mind and is able to read the subject's greatest fears. Works together with Fearful Vision. (Each counts as one power)

⊱✦§ Fearful Vision §✦⊰

The Bogeyman can manifest an illusion of something truly frightening. It is -only- an illusion and cannot interact with anyone or cause any physical damage of any sort. If the character also has The Deepest Fear power, they can tailor the manifestation to something specific to the victim. (Each counts as one power).

⊱✦§Terrifying Appearance§✦⊰

The Bogeyman dons a glamour that makes them appear particularly terrifying. If using The Deepest Fear power, it can be something specific to a victim. Limitation: Only the specified target sees your altered form, everyone else sees you for who you really are. This does not change your clothes nor voice. You cannot mimic another established character.

⊱✦§Towering Form§✦⊰

The Bogeyman can make themselves appear to tower over their victim, no matter how tall, and cast them into dark shadow.


Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.


The sweet sound of a lullaby will deter them from their prey. The lullaby or chant must rhyme to be effective.


Pure granulated sugar burns their skin and can serve as a barrier to keep them out of a location.


The braver a person, the less effective their powers are. It must be -true- bravery, as they can feel underlying fear.


Anything inscribed with a pentacle or a pentacle drawn in the earth will hold them back and sap their powers.

Malachite stones, necklaces, or powder can keep a Bogey at bay.

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