The Clinic


For nearly a hundred years the clinic of Ascension near the theater of Ascension City.  It has been remodeled many times over the years but its wall are still standing.  Though it was built in the 1920's, it is sturdy.  But at times it seems like an old man ready to lay down and go to sleep forever.  And for a long time it did...

The Clinic of Ascension City over hangs the entrance to the underworld with a Neon sign. One of the lights that brings those creatures above ground and offering peace where there is none.  Mending flesh where it is needed.  The Clinic has seen everything from the easiest scratches to the most gruesome deaths in Ascension City.  It could be considered when identifying the most grisly of murders. But either the case they always get the job done;  whether it is sewing a zombies jaw back together or sewing a jaw shut in death.  

Upon offering a variety of services, they never turn anyone away and there is not a person that the head physician will not hire. They go upon a Hippocratic Oath that is taken when the individual is hired.  Zombie, ghost, or even the occasional vampire or even an ice elemental - they are all welcome to join with the proper interview measures.

Though supplies are hard to come by, the support of those with wealth that have been aided behind its doors, as well as kinder members of the community, have kept its shelves stocked and its ability to treat emergency injuries strong. 


Originally founded in 1914 by a woman named Maria Lacusta, a woman from Sicily, Italy that studied in anatomy and served as a nurse and her husband Renzo Lacusta who served as its doctor.  They served the city for one year until they died from a plague of sorts.  Before their death however, they provided the people with a great legacy of research and medicine.  A plaque on the clinic wall states how Maria and Renzo Lacusta first founded the clinic in 1914 and died doing what they do best: Healing the ill.  Every patron who has owned and provided for the clinic and the town of Ascension has not survived past five years.  Whether this is due to some dark force or the cases of sicknesses remains to be seen.

In the 1950's, the clinic under one Theodor Russel experienced a drastic change.  A second story was added to the building, complete with a small laboratory as well as a morgue/surgery room.  Doctor Russel was a very religious man who attended a church regularly.  He hung crucifixes up on all of the walls because of his superstitious means.  After serving the clinic for four years, some say that Doctor Russel began going crazy and doing strange experiments on people whom he would put under in surgery, such as attaching animals parts to people, or transfusing himself with the blood of the patients to see if he gained their memories.  After he was finished, he would dispose of their bodies under the floorboards or in the morgue. While the Clinic has a dark history of death and plague, as well as the gruesome research of Doctor Russel, it still remained even after the doctor's death by electric chair.  In the 1970's, the clinic was refurnished and repainted under the supervision of Doctor Fredericka Smith.   

Some say that the clinic is heavily haunted and has a large amount of spiritual energy due to the large amount of deaths in the place.  An aura of anguish, fear, and pain reverberate from the clinic from all the emotions of the long forgotten dead.  But also, a sense of healing remains in the clinic.  But its dark past shall forever be burned into the minds of the older citizens of the city of Ascension.


The current senior staff member of the Clinic is Fu Myong-hui (vuthara.eizenhart). Please let her know if you have any questions or need any information regarding the clinic and its practices!

Positions at the clinic are open to all races. We prefer authentic medical roleplay. You don't have to be super detailed, but we do ask that you try to remain somewhat accurate as to your character's level of skill and the ability to treat a given wound or sickness. 

A job at the clinic is a dynamic one, fast paced, always changing, and should keep your character on their toes. Please remember that no matter how serious a situation, mistakes can be made and most of the time, lead to a greater overall scene. We don't expect any expert doctors to cure cancer while at the clinic, all we do ask that every character attempt to dress appropriately either in scrubs or other appropriate attire. Always remember that what your character does at the clinic will have consequences for the patients they treat, as well as to their standing as a staff member.


This is the highest level one can attain at the clinic. full time doctors do all of the above. They treat patients as well as give the final say on any treatments or medications administered to their patients. They can admit patients and are the only ones who can officially diagnose a patient with a given ailment, otherwise the wound/sickness is unidentified on file, even in emergency situations where someone may be treated without a doctor present.

«Head Nurse»
Head nurses are in control of all the medical professional's under the doctors that run the clinic.  This is useful in fact because there are so few doctors hired at the Clinic.  So to help out - they place everyone on a schedule as well as designate designed duties to the nurses as well as others that work at the clinic when the doctor is not around.  They also can serve as the doctor and do everything from administer medicine.  However when surgery is required they will be given direct contact to the doctor or on call doctor.

The step down from a registered doctor, Nurses specialties range from registered teachers to emergency room specialists. At the clinic they are much more generalized as to their role in the smooth workings of day to day activities. Nurses interpret the information given to them from the Medical Assistants and can administer prescribed drugs to a patient, as well as perform medical techniques that they are skilled enough to perform on patients, as long as they are directed from the patients full time doctor to do as such.

«Medical Assistant»
The lifeblood of the clinic are the Medical Assistants, they care for the patients and maintain medical logs on those who are admitted to the clinic for any number of reasons. They work the front desk, admit patients and relay information from the patient to the doctors or nurses on staff, and check a patient's vitals. However they are not permitted to administer prescription drugs or perform any medical techniques on a patient.

Clinician's are much like a modern pharmacy tech's. They keep track of inventory and prescribe the proper drugs to the people that require them. With times as tough as they are in the city, Clinician's can also admit patients and act as an anesthesiologist when doctors aren't available or require them for such tasks. 

Perhaps the most unique position to the clinic. What sets us apart here on the island from the hospitals back on the mainland is the semi-constant supply of goods and tools needed to perform heavy surgery, trauma, heavy burns and sickness on a regular full time basis. Suppliers are usually part time or one time workers who either offer or barter medical supplies for treatment and/or credit towards future assistance in exchange for what assets they can acquire and offer. Few give straight out of the kindness of their heart, many more use it as a form of leverage or health insurance in case they or someone they hold dear will desperately need medical attention. 


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